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December 11, 2013 By neva Leave a Comment I have to say that I only know MERALCO as the harbinger of electricity bills.
Us consumers pay the highest per kilowatt hour because most costs from producing, to distribution and taxes are all passed on to us.
The biggest and most volatile component of our monthly electric bill is the Generation Charge. Power Tip: To know the right kind of aircon for you, get the size of the room in square meters then divide by 2 then look for the equivalent capacity.
Filed Under: List, SoMoms, sponsor, sponsored posts, Tips, What I've Learned So Far Tagged With: meralco, somoms, Tipsshare away! When in Manila and there’s only a few weeks before Christmas, the need to tighten your belt becomes even more important now that there’s a looming power hike.
The power hike is caused by the shutting down of Malampaya and other power plants that supply electricity to Metro Manila.
While we can’t do anything about the power hike, we can practice these energy saving tips to keep bills low. Switch off appliances not in use - Those appliances which have standby modes, unplug them because energy is still running. Switch off lights when not in use - Whenever we don't have any use for the lights, we all turn them off to save energy.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting - We already changed our light bulbs to CFL bulbs from the instant I learned that we could save a lot on energy when CFL bulbs are used. Refrigerators - purchase those with energy efficient models those with highest Energy Efficient Factor (EEF) are better and more efficient. Call a qualified electrician - It's electricity we're talking about and admit it, mahirap makuryente! Schedule Aircon cleaning and maintenance - Cleaning the filter of the aircon may be done regularly. Refrigerators - for manual defrosting, schedule defrost before frost builds and avoid unnecessary opening of the door.
What's more, Meralco also has a new mobile app which is both available for Android and iOS phones.
That orange and white bill tacked on our refrigerator door has unfortunately reflected increasing power hikes. Energy efficiency is using energy wisely, which means that you use less energy but maximing the usage.
The best bulb would be the one with the lowest wattage but gives out the same brightness as the bulb with the highest wattage.
Also make sure that the gasket of your ref is tight by slipping in a piece of paper in between the door and the gasket.

This is where I share my fun finds, reviews, super easy recipes and my musings on parenthood in general. Because of that, Meralco has too use liquid fuel, which is more expensive, instead of natural gas to produce power. It not only saves energy but Dan and I realized that the kids do not get the sniffles that often when we stopped using the aircon.
If the piece of paper doesn’t fall off then it means the gasket is tight and the ref door seals in the cold effectively! I was with other SoMoms and we all wanted to know why there is a power hike and what we can do to conserve energy or at least be efficient in our usage. However, our parents love keeping their room cold but the things is their split-type aircon is too expensive to run and maintain.

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