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The following Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) logos are intended for internal use only on the Web, PowerPoint, or other low-resolution uses. The .eps (Encapsulated Postscript) file format is preferred by most print and product vendors.
The .jpg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file format is commonly used on the web for images that are photographic in nature. Emory University and Morehouse School of Medicine internal medicine residents are participating in a study looking at how residents working longer hours affect patient care and death rates. External use of any of the following logos for publication must first receive permission from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Citizen, are concerned by a federally funded study that includes medical residents from Emory University and the Morehouse School of Medicine. There are two types of logo files you can download for use in publications (no other versions of the logo are permitted - please do not manipulate any of the following logos). The iCOMPARE study, led by Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School looks at how internal medicine residents working longer shifts of 28 hours or more, affect patient care.
Michael Carome, director of health research at the Public Citizen, said it needs to stop immediately. Work Hour Limits But Susan Phillips at the University of Pennsylvania said the purpose of the study, which doesn’t involve consent because it’s considered to be “minimal” risk, is to see if medical restrictions on work hours should be lifted so that medical residents get better training.

He said that's why a first-year medical student can only work 16 consecutive hours and other residents are limited to 28 hours. Emory University general surgery residents also participated in the Flexibility in Duty Hour Requirements for Surgical Trainees trial, led by Northwestern University.

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