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Fresh fruit or vegetable juices are the most nutrient rich health enhancing food available. They contain an array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, chlorophyll and various co-factors that both enhance and complement individual nutrients so your body is able to get the most value from them. Heating and processing vegetables reduces many of the vital nutrients and enzymes that are only available in fresh fruits and vegetables. There are many juicing machines available on the market that make fresh juice in a matter of minutes.
Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenating Drink: Cucumbers are rich in potassium which is excellent for the skin. To benefit the hair and skin., add organic cucumber with the peel to your other vegetables. Suggestion : Read Power Juices and Super Drinks by Steve Meyerowitz or other books on juicing for additional information about the benefits of individual vegetables that can be juiced. It is worth the investment in a juice machine and the little bit of extra time and effort to include a 8 oz class of freshly made juice in your daily routine.
I used to think that juicing was time consuming and messy, but I found that if I am prepared and plan in advance, I can make fresh juice and even clean up within 6 minutes.

If you are not a morning person and stick to energy drinks or coffee, why not try a safer more natural drink? Because juices are assimilated with very little effort on the part of the digestive system, their nutrients provide a health building impact on the body without taxing the body’s energy.
In addition, commercially available juice is processed which reduces the nutrient content and  may contain added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Juice organic cucumbers with carrots, celery, and organic romaine lettuce for healthy skin. Add fresh kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, romaine lettuce, to other vegetables. This regimen helps reduce blood toxicity levels and improve immune system function within the first two weeks of use. It consists of adding fresh juices, one glass at a time, to a regular diet over several weeks or months. I like making and drinking my juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so there is no interference with absorption. In her private practice, she works with individuals to release negative emotional patterns.

This all natural morning metabolism booster drink is healthy and really helps to start your day off right. Some of the most health giving juice comes from juicing vegetables like cucumber, kale, collard greens, romaine lettuce, celery, parsley or carrots. It  consists of switching from a highly refined, low bulk diet to a natural foods diet that includes a daily supplement of three , glasses of fresh juice. Our bodies have limited capacity to store and or eliminate non-digestible or foreign matter that is ingested.
Always consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet or before trying any of the juices. You can prepare this delicious drink the night before so it is ready when you get out of bed.

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