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There’s one place in the UK that has a soaring rate of sexually transmitted infections.
FROM average size to erectile dysfunction, here's everything you need to know about your manhood. Angelique Cabral on Being Typecast in Hollywood: "The Way in Is *Through* the Stereotype"?The Life in Pieces star opens up about racial diversity and gender equality.
If we learned one thing from 2015 (other than "eat less pizza"), it's that Hollywood needs to up its diversity game. Most PopularMC: The other tricky thing is finding non-stereotypical parts for women of color. MC: Speaking of having it all, it always seems really cringe-y when actresses get asked "how do you do it all?" Men are never asked this. DATING can be difficult enough, but what about if you have a sexually transmitted infection? Online dating has grown massively over the past few years and there’s a niche site to cater to pretty much every kinky fantasy under the sun. But there’s a little-known sector that’s secretly thriving – dating sites for people with STDs. The most well-known of the sites is Positive Singles, which boasts that it’s the largest dating site and app for those with herpes, HPV, HIV, AIDs and Hepatitis. It has the ease of Tinder, which is no doubt how it’s racked up more than 818,000 members across the world since its launch in 2001. Meanwhile, the site Date Positive lets users search for a partner according to which infection they have. Sexpert Brigitte Bard, founder of Sexual Health Revolution, Last Taboo and CEO of BioSure UK, said: “I believe websites which match people who are open about their STI status serve a really good purpose.
Unsurprisingly, the growth of STI-specific dating outlets goes hand-in-hand with the rising number of people getting diagnosed.
According to the American Sexual Health Association, more than half of all people will have an STD in their lifetime while the World Health Organisation says that roughly one million people catch an STI every day across the world. In fact, herpes is one of the most common diseases in the world and it’s highly likely that you have it and don’t even realise.
A massive two thirds of the world’s population – more than 3.7billion people – under the age of 50 have herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).
The virus, also known as oral herpes, usually causes cold sores around the mouth.But another 417million people aged between 15 and 49 have the second type (HSV-2) which is best known as genital herpes.
And 90% of those who have the infection aren’t aware of it because it isn’t really screened for during general sexual health check-ups. If you’re still worried about your sexual health but don’t know who to talk to, here’s all of your most embarrassing questions answered.
Jessica Rosenblum celebrated her Birthday at the Juliet Supper club in NYC with fab girls Teyana Taylor, Jessica White, Rosa Acosta and Charlie B-More! Martin Lawrence and his longtime girlfriend Shamika Gibson wed on Saturday in their Beverly Hills home backyard.
No better person to get glam tips from than the queen of the Red Carpet herself, my girl, Kim Kardashian.
The tease is over and Nick and Mariah finally reveal the names of their twins better known as "Dem Babies"!

Joy Bryant and Kim Kardashian posed naked for Harper’s Bazaar magazine nude and untouched! Women of color in particular have been marginalized for far too long, but Angelique Cabral is part of a change the industry desperately needs.
Find love, support and happiness” or “A seriously cool place to make friends with something in common”.
The more he runs, the more you chase, daydreaming and plotting of more ways to prove your love and show him that noone could possibly love him better than you.I sound real familar with this right? Well, on the other side of that coin, men have a list similar to ours that is just as superficial.My question to you single and searching ladies is, Are you wife material? We do all of this, not only for our men, but for the ladies that may be checking for him while we’re together.
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For the men, a fresh cut and shape up, some smell good and a crisp pair of footwear with the right cut and wash denim, not too baggy and definitely not too skinny…Aahhh, this is the nickname stage, the flowers, dinners and movie stage, long phone calls at night, romance overload, all leading up to that intense first encounter when both parties are pulling out all the tricks to try and whip the other into submission, lol!
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If you've been hurt before, release your pain and anger and do not make the next person pay for someone else's past mistakes!
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