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But usually it has been seen that majority of the people only knows one or two uses of chocolate. To help you out of this dilemma, this list below gives you top 20 uses of chocolate that you can adhere to. Keeps Skin Healthy And Glowing Nowadays, chocolate spas are one of the very common ideas that you must have heard of. As Fuel There are scientists around the globe that has made it possible to use chocolate for conversion into fuel and be used in automobiles. Medicinal Use Over the years, it has been seen that dark chocolate has been used in various medicinal properties.
Acts As An Aphrodisiac For those who want to increase their desire for sex, there is nothing better than indulging in a piece of dark chocolate. De-Stress Dark chocolate is directly related to lowering blood pressure levels and thus one of the uses that truly deserve to be in this list is that of de-stressing. As a Fragrance Chocolate flavored perfumes are available all around the market and the ones that are manufactured by some of the known brands. For the Heart There is a high level of magnesium in chocolate which is one of the essential minerals required by the body and the heart to function properly.
Subsides Cravings The low glycemic index of chocolate is what helps in subsiding cravings in people this is one simple use that can be sorted out with a small piece of dark chocolate.
Prevents Cancer There are various antioxidants in chocolate that helps in flushing out the free radicals from the body known to be one of the strong causes of cancer.

Body Paint This is one of the kinky uses of chocolate that might be weird for some and sensual for others. Kidney Health Kidney diseases are known to be prevented in an effective way with use of chocolate.
As A Perfect Gift To add some humor to the uses of chocolate, do you know that there is no better gift than a box of delicious chocolates.
It is true that a piece of chocolate can give a lot of benefits to not only the body but also to the mental state of a person.
This does not help at all and no one is able to make the maximum use of this beneficial natural product. The best part is that it can be prepared at home as well apart from the expensive treatments available at the salons.
The only thing to consider here is to pick only dark chocolate with less or no sugar for best benefits.
The smell of chocolate is loved by many and therefore creating a perfume came into limelight. Proanthocyanidins are nutrients in chocolate that fights off the toxins in the body and the nervous system. Chocolate body paints are available that can be used in wrapping the body parts as spreads for all kinds of fun that you are looking for. In fact, according to a lot of professionals, dark chocolate helps in relieving stress from the body.

The fact that eating a lot of chocolate has repercussions like cavities is not denied at all.
According to some famous researchers, the extract of cocoa powder is an ideal substitute for fluoride put in toothpaste. Chocolate helps in exfoliating the skin and gently cleanse it to leave a refreshed, rejuvenated and glowing look.
Helping in boosting the circulatory system to helping in prevention of coughs as well as stimulation to the brain are some of the top ones. Those who take small quantities of high quality dark chocolate can expect 30 percent less chances of heart diseases and failure. Research have been done for the same and it is a proven fact that it can help in keeping kidneys healthy.
Whether it is to apologize to your girlfriend or to propose her, chocolates are the best gift for any occasion or situation.

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