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High temperatures can impact your monthly electric bill because your air conditioning system must work harder to keep your home comfortable. My concern with the above chart is that I was convinced I spent more money cooling my home in the summer than I did heating it in the winter.
You can see that cooling definitely makes up the most of my energy spend.  What I like most about the report that was generated is that it relies heavily on charts and graphs, which really help users visualize where their money is going.
Please select a temperature that is the effective average temperature in your home during a 24-hour period. While I'm missing August in the real world comparison, if you compare the image above to the one at the top of the post (which was taken from the report), you can see that they are very close to each other!  Once I update the graph with the August bills, I expect them to be much lower than July because August was not nearly as hot.
If you live in a hot climate where your air conditioning system makes up the bulk of your home's energy load, you may want to dig a little deeper and check out our post on Air Conditioner Power Consumption. Tags: air conditioner energy consumptionannual electric historycalculate home energy consumptionenergy noobhome energy toolways to saveenjoyed our post?
All you need is your postcode and a copy of your most recent energy bill and the My Home Energy Switch team will do the rest! Step 2 - Select the best  deal for you and complete the switch with the help of their team.
We are a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor.  We can complete your entire project, managing all the details of the system, including the connection to your home electrical system and the utility’s grid, allowing you to sell your excess energy back to the utility. An off-grid solar system, is a solar energy system that creates and stores its own electricity.
A Community Solar Garden is a shared solar array with both residential and commercial subscribers. Contact Cedar Creek Energy today to learn how Cedar Creek Energy can help you reduce your energy bills.

Review your estimated energy costs of living and your home energy improvement plan of actions based on your responses to our interactive tour from Step 1. Find helpful support from our extensive home energy education library and read advice on how to select a good contractor, when to apply for financing, and where to search for incentives. This is a blog about the people, technologies, utilities, and thoughts that make up Autodesk Labs. In a previous blog posting I covered my home energy audit and how Recurve worked with me to create a plan to remedy problems at a modest cost. Seal electrical and plumbing penetrations in attic and crawlspace to reduce leakage by using materials such as foam board, expanding foam, caulk, and fire rated material.
Even small wiring holes in the closet ceiling (from the previous homeowner) were sealed with foam. Seal existing return air pathway with sheet metal and duct mastic to prevent return air leakage to increase heating system efficiency because the system will not be bringing in cold air from outside.
Not only was the intake sealed properly, but the duct from the heater to the attic is shiny, new, and air-tight. Insulate attic kneewalls where insulation is missing, install blown in cellulose insulation R-30 throughout attic over top of fiberglass batts, and install insulation wind damns on eave vents to maintain installation quality and performance over time.
Conduct BPI safety compliance testing (required by PG&E in order to qualify for Energy Upgrade California rebates). To help manage this potential impact, I invite you to use our free online tool to find personalized ways to save. For example, if you keep your thermostat at 70 degrees during the day and at 64 degrees for 8 hours each night, your effective average temperature would be 68 degrees. Since then Recurve has joined forces with Advanced Home Energy (AHE) located in Richmond, California.

In all rooms, it's nice to be able to put your hand next to a light switch or wall outlet and not feel cold air pouring out. Install air flow dampers on all duct runs in attic to meet design air flow specifications and to guide more air to the master bedroom. When I receive the check in the mail, it will bring this project to its conclusion, but the benefits will be enjoyed for as long as our house still stands. You’ll also find out where you use the most electricity in your home and why your bill changes from month to month. You can also ?solve PDF issues by reconfiguring your browser to work with Acrobat or Reader plug-in.
They had worked with Advanced Home Energy over the last five years, and the change allowed their construction operations to continue upgrading Bay Area homes, while allowing Recurve to focus on delivering energy auditing software to contractors throughout California and across the country.
It will be fun to compare this year's energy bills with past years on a month by month basis.
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In other words, 30% of the air should be fresh air that normally enters around the windows.
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