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Often there is a fever followed by chills and excessive fatigue.  It becomes necessary to remove the stones either surgically or by natural methods which help to dissolve them and flush them out of the body. This weed that grows wild has innumerable medicinal values which are very beneficial in curing a vast number of diseases and ailments. It is also rich in phytochemicals which enhance the production of the bile and keep the liver as well as the gallbladder in excellent health.
Beetroot also reduces the cholesterol level and prevents its being deposited as stones in the gallbladder. Olive oil and lemon juice together with the cleansing properties of beetroot and apples will effectively flush out the impurities from the gallbladder. The gall bladder is a leaf like organ which plays a vital role in the digestive system of the human body. Even though there are surgeries and medications available to remove gall stones, herbal remedy is considered as the best treatment.
Turmeric is handy at home and helps to stimulate the easy flow of bile fluid and hence prevents the formation of gall stones. Ginger root that is easily available at home helps to absorb considerable amount of cholesterol in the body and hence effectively fights against gall stones. Parsley is a medical herb which effectively increases the flow of bile and thus emptying it. Milk Thistle is an herb which helps to remove chemicals completely from the bile that is stored in the gall bladder.Intake food that is rich in vitamins E and C.
This cleansing or flushing process removes bad fats, toxins, impurities, cholesterol and pollutants from your body completely. Consume fruits and vegetable that is rich in vitamin C. vitamin c has the property to get rid of the gall stones completely. Stones can form anywhere in the body where there is a liquid containing mineral salts that can be crystallized and where the fluid is held for a while in a hollow organ, such as the gall bladder. There are some optional ingredients: Prior to the treatment, apple, carrot, orange or grapefruit juice for a brief fast.
Following the treatment he strongly recommends vitamin c, methionine, choline, inositol and lecithin be added to your daily supplements. A colon irrigation to clean out the system for easier elimination of the stones is recommended prior to the treatment.
Pick a day when you have nothing much to do the next day, and preferably even the day after. DO NOT HAVE ANY FLUIDS after 6.30 pm (or 30 minutes before the start of your treatment) on the day of treatment. If you should experience extreme nausea or vomiting, try chasing it with a small amount of V8 juice or pineapple juice. Using a measuring device, pour ¼ cup (four tablespoonfuls) of olive oil and drink it.
Repeat the exact dosage every 15 minutes until you have swallowed all of the pint of olive oil.
Remember, if you have terrible nausea or vomiting sensations, use the peppermint oil in the olive oil, or chase the olive oil with a small amount of V8 or pineapple juice, until you can resume taking the plain olive oil and lemon juice. While you are taking the olive oil and lemon juice, if it gets hard to swallow, take a little more time between doses. Remember, optimum efficiency in the human body can only occur if all our God-given parts are working properly. Some people (including doctors) will say that your gall stones are not gall stones but faecal matter. His analysis of the stone sample I sent was 91% cholesterol and the rest was bile salts, water and inert ingredients. If you would like to keep a sample of gall stones for this or any other purpose, please see below for some guidelines on how to do it.
WARNING: although most people have no problems with this cleanse, one person said that after 24 hours after doing the cleanse she ended up in surgery to remove her gall bladder. Place the pitcher of water and the paint stirring stick next to the toilet ready for when you need them. When you have the first bowel movement after the treatment, you’ll use the pitcher of water and the paint stirring stick to wash the faecal material through the net.
I have had an ultrasound which showed enlargement and several mobile calculi and biliary sludge. The sphincter of Oddi is a valve that prevents material in the duodenum from flowing back to the gall bladder and bile ducts. I know that many people are using apple juice than lemon or pineapple juice, whichever, I think that natural cleansing can still be doing good to the patient. I have discovered and perfected a safe and natural home remedy that has helped thousands of other gallstone sufferers rid their gallstones by using my home remedy and passing their gallstones in their stool.

Turmeric and its main active ingredient curcumin have gained wide recognition as among one of three herbs that can provide cure for gallstones. Turmeric gained worldwide attention around 1971, when Indian Ayurvedic medicine found it as effective cure in relieving gas pain, de-worming, relieving arthritis, regulating menstrual cycles and dissolving gallstones aside from a host of many other health benefits. Its active ingredient curcumin is said to provide the cure for gallstones because of its ability as an antioxidant and its capability to provide anti-inflammatory relief. As a rich source of Vitamin A, C and E, the health giving benefits of turmeric are also widely used to address disorders common in individuals who have entered their old age.
These are the properties of turmeric which a sufferer from gallbladder disorder may find as effective cure for gallstones.
On top of that, cholesterol levels will lessen because the bile liquid has more solubility to allow cholesterol elimination and as well as its stone formation. Discover how you can get rid of your gallstones painlessly using ingredients that can be found in any grocery store. These symptoms are mostly, a rising pain in the upper abdominal region through a time period of 30 minutes to some hours. Sometimes you may also experience severe pain in your backside (around your shoulder plate region); and in some other rare cases, the pain may grow in the abdominal region. Medication may subdue the pain and eventually bring out the stones, but it may leave behind some side effects. Natural cure, in addition to being able to relieve the pain and remove the stones, will also do all this without giving you side effects; rather, it will make you fitter and healthier than before. Start taking apple juice (4 glasses), or apples (4-5 pieces), per day, and continue doing so for 5 days. On the sixth day, of your quest to remove the stones, have a regular breakfast and lunch but then onwards, do not have any solid food (not even soups). In the evening time, at around 6 pm, warm one glass of water with the addition of one teaspoon of Epsom salt (its magnesium sulphate). At around 10 o’clock take half a cup of sesame oil (olive oil works best) with the same amount of fresh lemon squeeze. Now lie down, and fall asleep, or may just rest; just do not get all worked up with any physical activity. You can restrict the amount of cholesterol in your body, by taking to extra amount of high cholesterol amount. Normally these stones are harmless and do not cause any problems but if the duct that carries the bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine gets obstructed by these stones then there is inflammation and severe pain in the upper right part of the abdomen. Dandelion is especially very good for gallstones because it contains certain substances that not only stimulate the production of bile but also keep the liver strong, healthy and well functioning. You can eat the fresh dandelion greens with salads or you can prepare a tea by steeping the fresh flowers and stalks into a cup of water for ten minutes.
This common root vegetable is extremely rich in vitamin C which being a powerful antioxidant flushes out all the impurities from the liver and the gallbladder. Its antioxidant properties remove the harmful toxins from the liver and the gallbladder and help them to function optimally. This remedy that effectively treats from serious diseases such as cancer to trifle ailments such as the common cold is very effective for gallstones. You can incorporate garlic with the food you cook or better still, you can swallow three to four cloves every morning with some water for faster relief. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The gall bladder is the pear shaped organ located beneath the liver that is in the right hand side of the abdomen.
If the bile stored in the gall bladder is not emptied regularly then it thickens and gall stones are formed. In autopsies, examiners often find gall bladders full of gall stones although the deceased had no complaints about them. You may need to start this a week or so before the treatment, to be able to have several colonic irrigations. Lift the seat and place the net across the porcelain stool, then replace the seat so it will hold the net in place. Mostly end up successfully getting out their gall stone but I suggest that if it is at some level difficult to pass thru, immediate medical attention is needed. This tropical herb belongs to the ginger family; hence, it is widely used not only for its medicinal value but also as a tasty complement to the curry flavor. Turmeric is known to improve the solubility of bile which means it enhances the ability of bile to dissolve more easily.
As gallstones cure, a daily dosage of turmeric is said to be capable of dissolving as much as 80% of all existing gallstones found in an individual’s gallbladder in a matter of weeks.
Turmeric in any form of medication either as tea, capsules, tincture or poultice can provide relief for swelling.

Turmeric is also used as a daily tonic even in small amounts to cleanse the body particularly the liver, kidney and colon areas of toxins and unwanted substances like cholesterol. The curcumin ingredient found in turmeric is said to be effective in destroying cancel cells particularly in the liver. The increased production of soluble bile by the liver can breakdown the gallstones within the gallbladder. Though it is advised that you visit your doctor, immediately after a gallstone pain attack, it is not advised that you take the medication. It will also help to get the acidic juices out of the body and make the gallbladder more watery than viscous. It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and flushes out the fatty acids from the liver.
You can use a colon cleanse product for this purpose and it takes on or two days to complete this process. Larger ones, however, can become lodged in the ducts, causing gall stone colic, one of the most painful illnesses known.
Then the olive oil won’t float up on top of the fluid and your chances of nausea will be greatly reduced. Use one of these mixtures for a couple of doses and then go back to the olive oil and lemon juice without adding anything. In some individuals, the powerful action of the lemon juice causes the stones to dissolve before they are passed out of the body.
Thus, a person whose bile liquid possesses great solubility can prevent cholesterol stone formation.
This is why taking in turmeric during bouts of gallbladder attacks can provide relief once the swelling in the bile duct and gallbladder areas are soothed with turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties. A liver that is greatly affected by growth of cancer cells cannot function properly in bile production as well as cholesterol reduction. Mostly, they are asymptomatic as they are small; however, after reaching a certain size (bigger than 8 millimeter) its presence starts giving off signs and symptoms. Go to a doctor and check the size of the stones; if they are big, it is better to use the medication.
If there is too much cholesterol or too much bilirubin present in the bile then these substances get deposited into the gallbladder in the form of hard stones. The major function of the bile is to separate the fat from the food that we consume.The bile should be released, then and there, when required. If the gall stones are identified in the initial stage then it can be treated with these simple herbal remedies.
This position speeds up the process of the olive oil entering the gall bladder to act as a lubricant.
These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. This, along with the softening action of the lemon juice, will help to free the stones more easily and readily from the gall bladder. You certainly want to keep your stones for a while to remind yourself that it was all worth while. If the bile fluid is not emptied properly then it thickens and forms stones in the gall bladder. The stones are normally called as the gall stones since they are formed in the gall bladder. Drink 2 litres of good water a day (not distilled water – the energy has been changed).
If you want to keep them for an indefinite period, store them in your freezer with a label – GALL STONES.
The gall bladder stones must be treated in its initial stage itself to avoid any complications.
Some people may also feel pain in the right shoulder or back pain.The pain may become intense within few seconds. Women should not confuse this pain caused by the gall bladder infection with the pain they get during their periods.Usually the gall bladder pain occurs during the night time after you eat heavy meals. Other symptoms of gall bladder infection in women include lowered blood pressure, vomiting and nausea, unwanted gasses, burping, bowel problems, fever ,loss of appetite etc.

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