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When my daughter, Nava, was critically ill, on a ventilator in a drug-induced coma for three months, one of the ICU doctors called me in after a couple of weeks to tell me that if she survives, it will be a long road. He started writing out a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication to “help” me through this horrific ordeal.  I certainly don’t fault him here as this was an extreme acute situation and he didn’t know if I could manage without falling apart. I realized I better start doing something to keep myself strong so I can function through this and be by Navi’s side. The next day I began my walking regime around the hospital streets. I started taking 30 minutes off from sitting by Navi’s bedside listening to every beep, bleep, and gurgle, to engage in my non-medicated self-prescription program.
Truth be told, I’ve been a walker for the past 17 years, since my friend dragged to the gym the summer of my separation.  I guess I was ready because it didn’t take much coercion. Can it be okay to feel bad? Can it be okay to curl up in a ball and cry our eyes out till we melt into sheer exhaustion? Of course, there are illnesses which require medication. But the run-of-the-mill life situations that cause people dissatisfaction, sadness, and pain can be “treated” with life coping skills. The internist doesn’t have to pull out his pad because someone comes in complaining of (circumstantial) depression due to divorce.
About Harriet CabellyHarriet Cabelly is a social worker, certified positive psychology coach, and life coach emphasizing living life to its fullest and creating a good life out of (or despite) adversity.
Mahalo for sharing your story of difficult times.  It does bring me to once again today be grateful for all that I have, my health being at the top of that list. Ah, forgot to finish a sentence in there…the car accident really threw me for a loop.

I am already on many medications for anxiety and depression, among other things, but without coping skills like the ones above I wouldn’t be able to cope. I appreciate you sharing these because not only is it a welcomed reminder for me, but so many others will surely benefit from it. However, from a personal standpoint, I have recently been dealt some heavy blows of my own. DisclaimerThis site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. It’s not the (bad and painful) feelings themselves that disable us from functioning; rather it’s the expression or lack of that affects how we carry on.
I have luckily benefited from having an extremely special psychiatrist and psychologist who have taught me some extraordinary coping techniques.
I agree that the way to start is to simply give yourself permission to feel, and feel deeply.
I have been reading it several times a day to relieve the sadness in my life andit has helped so very much. I am currently on stress leave from work, my workplace stopped my benefits, I’ve been without money for over a month, am on my own with my son, they terminated me last week.
The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Nutrition, movement, spirituality, professional support and medication all have their place in the healing puzzle, but why jump to medication without learning the other skills first?

I too was described medication when I told my doctor I was depressed but I refused it and decided like yourself to exercise instead, it was so hard in the beginning, as there were days when I thought I was just wasting my time. As a medical professional I am not going to say that medication isnt good for some when it comes to dealing with catastrophic events, or stress.
With all of this going on and I can say this, life became so unbearable, I questioned my purpose on earth, whether I could make it because I felt like my soul was dying and felt like saying goodbye. I wanted to be sure I had exhausted every possible option before going there, so I could feel at peace with the decision. Talking to my God did help and bring me some peace, but again, I still didnt feel at peace. I’ve been in the valley, have prayed, learned to start journalling and listing what I am grateful for.
I’m now trying to figure out what my calling or passion is because I feel like a different person, there has been a shift in me and it is significant.
I’m grateful for my life for it is precious, my son, the support of my son, who has seen me at my lowest and still showed and showered me with love. Im very thankful to come across this site, I’ve decided to stop the mess tomorrow and go back to walking in the beautiful park and exercising on my elliptical.

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