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But most medical doctors are not schooled in nutrition, long term weight management or even the underlying causes of obesity, such as emotional eating, poor eating habits and the US’ processed and chemically-infused food supply.  As more physicians find that they do not have the time or training to address each patient’s specific needs, they will rely more on Holistic Health Coaches who can work one-on-one with their clients, coaching them to make proactive changes in their eating and lifestyle habits. Wellness coaching — now the fastest fitness trend and a profession that has grown exponentially in the past few years – may provide one of the strongest solutions to this pervasive problem.
Author, therapist, raw foods chef, natural wellness expert, and creator of Worksite Wellness and Heart Healthy Living, Dr.
Green space in towns and cities could lead to significant and sustained improvements in mental health, finds a new study published in the journal of Environmental Science & Technology. Analysing data that followed people over a five year period, the research has found that moving to a greener area not only improves people’s mental health, but that the effect continues long after they have moved.
The research is one of the first studies to consider the effects of green space over time and has used data from the British Household Panel Survey, a repository of information gathered from questionnaires filled in by households across Great Britain.
Using data from over 1,000 participants, the research team at the University of Exeter Medical School focused on two groups of people: those who moved to greener urban areas, and those who relocated to less green urban areas. They found that, on average, movers to greener areas experienced an immediate improvement in mental health that was sustained for at least 3 years after they moved.
The authors adjusted their data to remove effects from other factors likely to affect mental health over time – such as income, employment and education – as well as factors related to personality.

In 2012 the World Health Organisation cited depression as the leading cause of disability worldwide, and this study builds on research that has found natural environments could act as vital resources to improve health and wellbeing. In this 18-page special report, we share common and not-so-common uses for this amazing tonic.
Hi, I’m Doctor Lorenzo Diana, and today, I would like to speak my fellow residents of Markham about the connection between these two conditions.
When the body has more weight to carry around, especially if the individual has a serious case of distention in that they have a very protruded abdomen, it forces the heart to work harder.
LindaJoy “LJ” Rose, a self-help author, therapist and healthy living educator,  has created a Natural Wellness Online Coaching Certification program to help fill the huge need for qualified professionals in this high-demand, high-paying field. Rose explains.  “Natural Wellness is a rapid-growth industry with all sorts of exciting, lucrative opportunities in a wide variety of fields.
It is intended solely as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. The study also showed that people relocating to a more built up area suffered a drop in mental health.
And it’s a tremendously rewarding profession where you can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Interestingly this fall occurred before they moved; returning to normal once the move was complete. Adopting even the simplest of healthy habits can make a dramatic difference in your energy levels. We encourage you to make your own healthcare decisions based upon your research and in partnership with your health care provider. Whether you're into yoga, pilates, meditation or need a little healing from a natural remedy -- it's all here. Always consult your health care provider before beginning any nutritional or exercise program.

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