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Horrific warning that smoking causes lung cancer, oral cancer, cancer of the tongue, vocal cords, must be located on each box of cigarettes which are on sale. Nicotine – Addictive like heroin and cocaine, 60 milligrams of that placed directly on the tongue will kill the person on the spot. Smoking is an addictive and it`s very hard to stop it even you try to do it a lot of times. The ingredients used in this natural recipe are very simple and easy to find and they will help you to quit smoking.
The mixture needs to be applied on the skin under the nose or put a few drops on a piece of cotton to inhale deeply whenever you feel a need to smoke.
Home Remedies - The Best Home Remedies and Natural Cures Home Remedies and Natural Cures Heal yourself naturally at home! We might take it for granted until problems become apparent, but the health of our bones is something to which we should pay attention throughout our whole lives.
For all that to go without a glitch, and to prevent future bone-related conditions, we need to consume foods that will supply our bodies with the raw materials with which to make new bone. Calcium and phosphorus are minerals that give bones their hardness and structure, while collagen is a protein that gives tissues, including bone tissue, elasticity. Calcium is naturally found in dairy products, salmon, sardines, egg whites, dark green vegetables and fortified cereals. Phosphorus is found in foods that are high in protein, including dairy products, meats, salmon, eggs, nuts and seeds.
Collagen is made from amino acids found in meats, dairy products, eggs, fruits (including citrus and berries), red or orange vegetables (including tomatoes, chilies, carrots and sweet potatoes), dark greens and legumes (especially peanuts).
As you can see, many of the same foods that are rich in calcium are also good sources of phosphorus and collagen. Two additional things to keep in mind are that the body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium from foods, and that vitamin C is necessary for the body to convert the amino acids lysine and proline into protein to make collagen fibers. Vitamin D can be found in salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna, eggs, enriched products and mushrooms like shiitake and portobello. As little as a 10- or 15-minute exposure to the Sun by a fair-complected person, between 10 a.m. People with darker skin need much longer Sun exposure, to make the same amount of vitamin D.
As for Vitamin C, it is found in citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons, etc.), broccoli, bell peppers, green or red hot peppers, dark leafy greens, fresh herbs and strawberries.
One of several important reasons to limit our salt (or sodium) intake is that the more salt we consume, the more calcium gets eliminated in the urine and sweat; excessive salt consumption can cause bone loss over time, especially when not enough calcium is consumed in the diet to make up for the calcium lost. Start by avoiding processed foods and fast foods, which typically have high sodium contents. Stay away from soft drinks, as they contain salt (in differing amounts, depending on the brand and type). Sodas also contain empty calories from the sugar (or non-nutritive artificial sweeteners that are foreign to our bodies). Limit your consumption of caffeinated beverages, as caffeine drains calcium from bones (though not as much as salt). One of many reasons why cigarettes should be avoided: research has found an association between smoking and decreased bone density.
Medical professionals and researchers are standing firm on their recent pronouncement that light alcohol consumption is beneficial for our cardiovascular systems, and it also seems to improve bone strength. At the root of the hair, a pigment known as melanin which is responsible for giving color to the hair is present in the follicles. The first and foremost step to stop your hair from turning gray is to manage the stress and worries in a healthy way. If you have much gray hair which is easily visible, then you should choose to apply henna to restore the dark color of your hair.
You can also apply one teaspoon each of lemon juice, Indian gooseberry juice and almond oil to prevent your hair from premature graying. A series of news articles written by Josephine Clegg and other practitioners at Sleaford Natural Health Centre. The bones perform some of the most important functions in your body, including keeping you standing upright, carrying your body weight and acting as the largest reservoir of calcium.

We all know that regular exercise can help ward off a variety of health issues, but it also helps to keep bones healthy and strong. The Surgeon General recommends at least 30 minutes a day of weight bearing or strengthening physical activity for adults.
The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for calcium is 1,000 milligrams (mg) a day for adults ages 19 to 50 and men ages 51 to 70.
Research suggests that smoking contributes to weak bones by reducing the body’s ability to absorb calcium and therefore reducing bone mass. By TAP Integrative Muscle damage can occur after exercise, especially when the exercise involves muscles that aren’t accustomed to being exercised. Tar – Deposited in the lungs, each year, the average smoker has settled one coffee cup in the lungs.
If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! While humans usually stop growing in their late teens, new bone tissue continues to be formed, and old bone tissue is broken down, replaced and recycled by our bodies. Just as important, we need to avoid substances that will deplete bone-making materials in our bodies or prevent their absorption. If you want healthy bones, eating foods rich in these three nutrients is the first place you want to start. Collagen makes bones less apt to break and gives elasticity to supporting structures like tendons and cartilage. Also, people living in cities with high pollution, and the elderly, don’t absorb as much Sun radiation as others. Research in fact has shown that most Americans get 75 percent of their daily salt intake from processed foods, and not from table salt. They also often contain phosphoric acid (as in the case of colas), which causes more calcium to be eliminated through the urine.
Most sodas also have other chemicals that do no good and might only do harm, including artificial colors and artificial preservatives. Also, women who smoke produce less estrogen — this hormone is necessary for good bone health.
But the experts define light consumption as one daily alcoholic beverage for women and two for men. In addition, heavier alcohol consumption disrupts the work of osteoblasts, which are bone-building cells, so that if a fracture occurs, the bone will take longer to heal. These include steroids, and some cholesterol-lowering, blood-thinning and weight loss medications. Find fun and easy ways to combat stress, such as exercise, hobbies, pets, friendly get-togethers, participation in community events … whatever helps stress dissipate for you.
You should apply pure coconut oil on the scalp and hair and massage it gently before going to bed. Calcium is a critical mineral used in many bodily functions, including muscle contractions – yes, your bones even help keep your heart pumping.
People who are physically inactive have a higher risk of osteoporosis than people who get regular exercise.
Walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis, and dancing are all great ways to get moving and build your bones.
Radioactive polonium 210 – in the cultivation of tobacco, in order to increase yields. Scientists estimate that about 10 percent of an adult person’s bone mass is replaced each year. Use a natural sunscreen if you plan on being in the Sun much more than 15 minutes, to prevent sunburn (and skin cancer). People in these categories (or those living where there isn’t much Sun) may consider taking vitamin D supplements to increase their D stores, in addition to eating foods rich in the vitamin. Further, every glass of soda that you drink is one less glass of body-cleansing, hydrating water that you’ll consume, or nutritious milk or fruit juice. They are equally resolute in their conclusion that anything that exceeds those numbers is harmful to the body’s systems, including the heart and the skeletal system. Ask your doctor if any medicines that you are taking interfere with the calcium in your system.

You should also remember to include vitamin B, iodine, iron and copper as a part of your food. However, as you age, your bones become thinner and you are more susceptible to diseases such as osteoporosis. Ammonia – Some scientists have a theory that is added to cigarettes to enhance the addiction of them. Home remedies and natural cures offer us powerful and often inexpensive ways to heal our bodies, or fix any embarrassing or annoying problems and can ensure that we are healthy and happy.  Home treatments are a great alternative to western medicine, which although can be very useful, usually fails to treat our sicknesses holistically, giving us relief from symptoms, but failing to tackle the root cause of our ailments.
Before you start supplementation, have your health care provider measure D levels in your blood to see how much more you need.
In addition, exercise makes our muscles stronger and improves our balance and coordination; these three things will help prevent falls which could lead to bone fractures. Curry leaves, Indian gooseberry, coconut oil, amaranth vegetable and application of henna with coconut oil are some of the most successful remedies for preventing hair graying. But if more than 50 percent of the hair turns gray before the age of 40 years then it is known as premature hair graying. Your food should have fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk, fish and dairy products. You can also add calcium to your diet through a variety of foods such as milk, yogurt, spinach, almonds, canned salmon, sardines, broccoli, kale and soy products. Additionally, much of western medicine can cause unwanted and nasty side effects, and even end up making us worse. Also, wearing a wide-brimmed hat is recommended at all times when you’re in the Sun, to avoid burning your scalp or damaging hair follicles and delicate facial skin.
This premature hair graying problem can happen due to certain health reasons like anemia, stress and thyroid, lack of vitamin B12, vitiligo and low bone mineral density. Avoiding oily and spicy food, soft drinks and refined flour would also help in preventing premature hair graying. However, many of us are deprived of our sun time during the winter months so taking a vitamin D supplement may be in order.
Not only can you cure your conditions with my home remedies, but you can also help to prevent future illness. Below mentioned are some of the remedies which can help you in slowing down the premature hair graying process. By home remedies I mean things that you can take at home, without having to go to the doctor, frequently using ingredients that either come from nature or perhaps that you can find in your cupboard!  (Apple Cider Vinegar and honey are two key ingredients!) They can consist of dietary changes and detoxing, making use of herbs and natural ingredients, stimulating your immune systems through exercise or other lifestyle changes.
A wide variety of illnesses and annoying conditions can be cured or relieved by using home treatments.  I will be initially adding the most popular remedies and sought after cures, but eventually this site will become a large resource for anyone looking to heal themselves in their homes.
Common ailments and problems that can be effectively treated or cured include coughs, colds, sinus infections, cold sores and sore throats. I will also explain how to relieve pains associated with irregular periods, tooth ache and headaches, as well as some great preventative tips for those suffering from migraines and asthma. Other home remedies on this site provide help with embarrassing conditions such as relief from excessive gas, zits and pimples, head lice, piles and hemorrhoids, wart removal, sweaty armpits and dandruff. As well as treating existing ailments and illnesses, home remedies can also be used to improve our wellbeing, and make us generally more healthy and happy, and I will tell you some brilliant tips and tricks for getting glowing skin, how to get rid of razor bumps, some excellent info on teeth whitening, natural cures for depression, and tips to improve your digestion which can help those suffering from gout and heartburn. But in particular if you are embarrassed to go to the doctor about your problem, or don’t have the money to go, or you just want to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home. Despite what I’ve said about western medicine If you have a persistent illness or symptom, I highly recommend you do visit your local physician, as sometimes it may be a symptom of a larger problem, and certain aspects of western medicine are very useful.  That said, for many smaller ailments and illnesses you may find that you need to visit your local health care provider much less after reading my handy guide to self healing!
People have been using natural treatments to cure common illnesses for centuries, and there is a good reason for this – they work!
In this site I will show you the best natural cures that I know of, and I will be drawing from folk and indigenous knowledge from around the world, as well as medicine systems such as Chinese, Ayurvedic (Indian), American Indian and African.
So take a look round the site today and get healthy and happy with my wonderful home remedies!

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