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CoQ10 is an oil-soluble substance similar to a vitamin.  Found in every cell of your body, primarily in the mitochondria, it is an important part of generating 95% of the bodies’ energy in the form of ATP.
Because of this capacity to help generate energy, CoQ10 can be helpful for many kinds of medical conditions, including fibromyalgia, congestive heart failure and hypertension.  People who take statin drugs such as Zocor or Lipitor can benefit from taking CoQ10 also, to help alleviate the muscle damage caused by statin drugs. It’s also helpful for people taking medications to lower blood sugar, as these medications can cause a decrease in the bodies’ natural amount of CoQ10.
In my case, I tried taking CoQ10 for energy, and within an hour or so of taking it would find I had to take a nap.  I just could not keep my eyes open!  I was fatigued around the clock, and was distressed with the way I kept getting more and more tired.
It took me a little while to put two and two together, do some reaserach, and discover that instead of helping, the CoQ10 I was taking was actually causing the problem. You see among the side effects CoQ10 can have, one is fatigue.  That’s right, instead of improving your energy, it can make it worse.

CoQ10 can also interact with prescription and nonprescription medicines or other supplements you might be taking.  Even with Natural Healing Remedies you need to be aware there can be side effects.
According to University of Minnesota researchers that during the dark, cold, winter months   a whopping 75% of women struggle with blah moods. Eating a banana plus 1 cup of milk daily   and toss in vanilla and honey for a delicious smoothie!
Drinking 2 cups daily soothes irritability in as little as 48 hours, researchers say, by boosting electrical activity in the left side of the brain — which is responsible for happy upbeat feelings.
Simply smelling the scent of an apple is enough to quell edginess and anxiety for almost 9 in 10 folks within minutes!
Studies have shown — that spending 20 minutes daily listening to the sounds of nature — whether it’s birds chirping, wind blowing or branches crackling — erases blue moods within 1 week.

Find natural food cures and activities to beat winter blues and SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
And 25 million of us develop full-blown seasonal affective disorder (or SAD) —   a type of depression triggered by lack of sun exposure. A new study found that people who used prescription antidepressants were almost twice as likely to suffer a major relapse compared to folks who stuck with drug-free strategies.
Seeing clearly calms the brain’s anxiety center, reducing tension in as little as five minutes.

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