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Imagine a substance that was strong and light enough to armour soldiers, flexible and conductive enough to be turned into the next generation of flexible smartphone screens - and even absorbent enough to make tampons more effective. Now imagine the process for making this wonder material was cheap, fast and involved nothing else than water, sunshine and time. What you have imagined is nanocellulose which scientists say is just around the corner - and could be the material of the future. Nanocellulose is plant matter that has been broken down into microscopic pieces, purified and then reconstructed. Now scientists have developed a way to manufacture nanocellulose using the same bacteria that produce vinegar. The Acetobacter xylinum bacteria is already known for its ability to synthesise nanocellulose but until now it hasn't been possible to produce it cheaply enough to make it commercially viable.
New research focuses on engineering Nobles' blue-green algae with the bacteria, in an effort to make an organic nanocellulose 'factory'.

The team behind the research say it could be the key final step to producing the material in volumes great enough to change the world.
Professor Malcom Brown of the University of Texas said: "If we can complete the final steps, we will have accomplished one of the most important potential agricultural transformations ever.
There are many potential uses of nanocellulose - because it is an organic vegetable compound, it could be used as a low calorie food bulker or a wound dressing.
You could also find it being used to make the speakers in your hi-fi, computer components or cigarette filters. The bloon, a helium-filled balloon, will take a capsule with as many as six people to 118,000 feet -- not quite outer space, but near space.
Whether you’re a Twitter novice or a master with a Klout score through the roof, YPG’s Twitter Hackathon will give you the tools to tweet with the best of them. WelcomeThe Young to Publishing Group (YPG) strives to give junior employees a chance to build a community outside of their own publishing houses and to educate themselves about the industry as a whole.

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The practical result would be an algae that - given water, sunlight and time - could produce nanocellulose on its own. It can become the raw material for sustainable production of biofuels and many other products. Speaking of the best of them, Associate Marketing Director of Atavist Books Ryan Chapman will be on hand to answer questions and give feedback about how to use Twitter to meet your needs.
An early session dedicated to total beginners who want to learn the basics will be followed by a more in-depth session exploring tips and tools to broadcast your (or your publisher’s) message and generate discussion.

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