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The saying “There’s no place like home” often conjures up pleasant memories of days gone by, thoughts of family and cherished friends.  However, the saying takes on another truth when applied to the use of homegrown foods and local herbs. People derive a greater benefit when they use herbs and foods common to the earth, air and water the local area where the people live. In addition to the change in temperature and energy, there seems to be an increase of coughs, sore throats, colds, and other maladies  during the winter season. Garlic – has the ability to stimulate the lymphatic system to rid the body of waste, also has strong antibiotic effects. Red  Clover – is rich in vitamins and minerals, considered to be a good blood cleanser and fighter of viral infections. Our goal here is to provide information to help our readers maintain natural homeostasis (balance), and as best they can master the vibration of healing. However, in recent years we have witnessed the larger pharmaceutical houses manufacturing so-called herbal compounds as well as buying up small organic farms to monopolize the growing herbal market.
Some of the newer compounds using herb names do not actually have any herbs in them, while others may have substandard amounts making the herbal product or remedy ineffective. Contact your master herbalist or one of the expert Wholistic health practitioners at AWC for proper usage and natural safe resources. See and feel how still, deep, and quiet you can make your breathing while adequately supplying your body with enough air. Enjoy the increase in calmness and decrease in agitation.  This exercise simply works well! I am genuinely pleased to glance at this weblog posts which carries lots of helpful facts, thanks for providing such statistics.
In addition to the medication your health care provider will prescribe for high blood pressure there are many natural treatments you can follow to help lower your blood pressure. Hawthorn berries, leaves and flowers can be used to help lower high blood pressure when consumed on a regular basis.
Fish oil is available as a dietary supplement in gel caps or capsules and should be consumed daily after you eat a normal meal. The sound of cancer can in itself be daunting and drains the individual of all the positive thoughts. At the initial stages and also somewhere farther into the condition, the natural therapies are known to have noted positive effects on the health and the concerned prognosis. Carrot juice is an excellent supplement which needs to be taken around thrice a day to boost up the defense mechanism related to the body. This is a natural concoction which has noted positive effects on the body in treating the issues related to cancerous cells effectively.
Few tablespoons of tequila need to be added along to give stability and render effectiveness to the formed concoction. This is a highly used natural therapy having noted effects in curing cancer and killing the cells associated. The herbal supplement can be grafted in the form of pills or can be taken in solitary forms. Another noted inclusion are the green tea extracts which have advantageous effects related to cancer.
This happens to a noted protocol which is highly natural yet beneficial in treating cancer and related symptoms. There is an answer in nature for every challenge that humans and our animal companions face. Cancer is not this big, bad type of blue meanie, rather is a big warning light, that is alerting you that some things in your life (or pet’s life) is not in healthy balance. Choosing natural remedies for cancer can not only get rid of the symptoms and tumors, but remove the cause of them (usually excess acidity and exposure to environmental toxins), so they don’t come back (unlike traditional treatments where the cancer almost always returns within a few years!) Holistic healing herbs safely bring your body back into balance and rid your body of the toxins (or hormonal imbalances) that the root cause of your tumors being formed in the first place.
You just are supposed to do endless treatments, and when the cancer inevitably comes back go through the pain, suffering and bankrupting costs again.
Using safe and highly effective cancer treatments, therapies and holistic remedies not only address these issues; they actually help your body get rid of the symptoms of cancer which showed up as malignant tumors. You will want to check with your doctor, health care provider or holistic health practitioner if you are taking any standard medications because of their potential side-effects.
PectaClear – Gets rid of environmental toxins (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides like Glyphosates in Roundup that is showing up in all our foods and drinks causing antibiotic resistance. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that make your digestive and immune system function at a peak levels. Royal Raymond Rife, Robert Becker and Hulda Clark, amongst other holistic health pioneers have discovered this and used it to successfully heal others of cancer, nasty viruses and other harmful pathogens and diseases.
If you or someone you care about has received (or is currently receiving) traditional cancer treatments like Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgeries or other invasive treatments, you will undoubtedly be in a whole lot of pain and sick from the cancer treatments themselves. There are some things you can do to ease the pain and feel much better if you’ve doing those treatments.
Also be sure to enjoy time with those that you love and those people that will actively support your new healthy lifestyle.

If you prefer a juicer,  get at least a 1,000 watt juicer (either a Cuisinart or Breville) because they can juice Kale and most of the hard leafy greens that have the cancer fighting, muscle, bone, and tendon building, and nutrition. Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it.
Homeopathy for Kids!By Priyanka ParabAsk any parent, what is the biggest joy in their lives? Due to advances in science, we now have different methods of treatments to choose from; however every positive is inevitably followed by a negative. The substances used in Homeopathic treatment are natural, thereby eliminating the risk of toxic side effects, making it an ideal choice of treatment for children. And as most of its medicines and the substances used in the preparations of its medicines are natural, they are mostly ‘side effect free’ and can accurately target the disease or the infection, curing it very quickly! Cold and cough are two of the most recurrent conditions in young children, and if not treated or treated superficially can lead to complications later on.
While the above three are just examples of the use of homeopathy for treating children, there are many other conditions for which homeopathy can be used to treat children.
Homeopathy is a great alternative method of treatment when it comes to your kids as it seeks to cure them from the inside, this combined with the no side effects promise of homeopathy make it an ideal and safe choice of treatment for your children!
If you are writing such wonderful articles on Homeopathy, why don't you cover the medical expense incurred on it in your mediclaim policy. TestimonialsI would like to appreciate the timely support and care by Medi manage personnel MR Ganesh for extending the support late night on 15th june to clear the medical insurance. There is a communal vibrational energy shared by the people and the plants found in the same area. As a demulcent and astringent, it is soothing to the stomach and great for coughs, sore throats, asthma, and bronchitis. John’s Wort – all three of these herbs are known for their relaxant and anti-anxiety abilities.
Herbal remedies have little to no side effects when compared to over the counter drugs and other pharmacological products. Partly in response to this market growth, new large commercial drugstore chains daily erect sizable stores primarily in our communities.
Natural herbs do not have fillers, coloring, artificial flavoring, stabilizers, or synthetic compounds. Consult your local Naturopathy or contact our office for suggestions and biologically effective herbs.
If you are able to get your blood pressure under control, you might be able to come off the medication and no longer need it. Garlic is available in many different forms, including fresh garlic cloves, minced garlic, garlic powder and dietary supplements.Garlic can be added to your favorite foods to add flavor instead of adding salt. These fatty acids are good for the body and actually help with many benefits, including lowering high blood pressure. Folic acid is found mainly in wheat products, citrus fruits, spinach and asparagus.If you do not consume enough of these products each day, then a dietary supplement might work better for you.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Some issues resulting in this disease can be quite grave and proper medication becomes imperative.
Getting the correct food combination alongside the best dietary supplements can help rectify some conditions associated with this disease.
Fat intake gradually worsens the situation by interacting with the malignant cells quite readily. Vitamin A has noted benefits on the positive effects related to curbing the growth of the cancer cells.
The application process remains simple and can be made by adding a pound of raw honey alongside few leaves of aloe-vera.
This remedy needs to be taken in the oral form for ten days at a stretch to notice the slightest of improvements.
This can be made out of the oleander leaves and constitutes the properties related to immune building. This also has noted positive effects in curbing the side effects associated with the treatment of cancer.
Aloe arborescence is one such noted herbal strain which deftly deals with several issues related to this life threatening disease. Tincture formed out of these is natural form of curing cancer and can be availed as protandim. They also don’t cause you to feel worse, or give you more cancer, bankrupt you or just make you sicker than a dog. You can get a Colloidal Silver Generator (Silver molecules kill viruses, bacteria, and aggressive cancer cells.) I highly recommend you get this as you can make gallons and protect your whole family including pets.
They are naturally present in Yogurt and Kefir, and are these “healthy bacteria” crowd out harmful ones and help your body fight off infections and tumor growth.

Cancer has a frequency (as does everything in our physical universe) and has been defeated successfully by using specific frequencies that cause cancerous tumor cell apoptosis (death).
Unfortunately most traditional cancer treatments actually cause cancer (radiation is a known carcinogen as is chemotherapy) and enormous pain. Do get out in nature and get some natural sunlight on your skin (at least 20 minutes early morning or late afternoon).
I recommended the Nutribullet (1700 watt that can make juice from everything including whole carrots and even liquifies seeds (which is highly healthy) called the: Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001. The way I personally do this is go to my local farmer’s market (there are plenty around) and look for organic produce, or Certified Organic. The negatives here being side effects that normal medication and antibiotics cause or can cause, especially in young children!
Its unique approach to treatment follows the ‘Law of Similars’, first suggested by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796! Since children are mostly affected with recurring conditions such as cough, cold, tonsils, infantile eczema, dysentery etc. Homeopathy boosts your child’s immune system, making him or her stronger from the inside and more resistant to diseases on the outside. Homeopathy seeks to understand why your child is recurrently falling prey to these two common ailments, and after thorough understanding of his symptoms and triggers will treat him accordingly with various medicines or substances such as Belladonna, Baryta carbonica, Aconite napellus etc! As their body is experiencing rapid growth during this time (3-12 years) with bones developing, muscles and tendons stretching etc.
Although he is fit & fine & has no problem with his diet, but very often he suffers from loose motion with mucous in his stools.Kindly suggest any homeopathy therapy or medicines for the cure. Chewing parsley helps to reduce odor, or odorless capsules can be purchased at area health food stores. The combination works well for calming, as an antidepressant and relief from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
She is the executive director of the Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC), and founder of the Amadi Universal Light Mission (AULM).
If you are using the extract, you should use a few drops in hot teas, beverages and in recipes to add flavoring. Consuming more fish can also help increase omega-3 in the body, but farm raised fish do not contain as much of this acid as fish caught directly from the ocean. Folic acid helps reduce high blood pressure by improving the flow of blood through the body.All of these items are available either at your local grocery store, health food store or pharmacy.
Being the most imperative aspect related to the well being, proper diet can go a long way in providing the body with an enhanced protection system. The food products which are advisable to take are dairy products and whole grains coupled with vegetable and fruits.
Anti Cancer Herbs can help you prevent cancer in the first place or heal you from it if you already have cancer in some form or type. It walls of toxins that would be lethal to us, and gives us time to do something to remedy the problem. Just like the tortoise that beats the hare every time, slow and steady will get you to the line of peak health and optimum wellness for the long term. This works on the same principle as when you hit the same frequency as a wine glass, it is over-amplified and causes it to explode. Organic means no pesticides and no genetically engineered viruses (yup, they cause cancer) inside of them.  Get Your best price on the NutriBullet 1700 Watt Blender Here. Children have always been the proverbial stars of their parent’s eyes, and when these stars even so much as catch a cold or cough, the parents are bound to go through some very tense moments worrying about their child’s health!
This is where; Homeopathy steps in, saving the day for parents worried about the side effects of medicines.
Homeopathic treatment is used to boost their immune system; the use of homeopathy not only ensures a speedy cure but also curbs re-occurrence of the condition ailing the child. These medicines work on the nervous and immune system of the child and cure him from within ensuring a quick and accurate treatment, ridding your child completely of the cold and cough causing virus.
There is a natural answer to cancer and you can rest assurred that you can be protected and healed from cancer causing tumors in a safe and effective way. Other methods of treatment seek to treat the pain by administering anti-inflammatory medicines or pain killers putting the child at risk due to side effects.
It’s a huge gamble, for little potential gain, as their combined success rate is very slim. Homeopathy uses Calcarea phosphoricum to treat growth pains in children without any side effect, and eases the child’s pain too!

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