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Herbs to cure grease,scratches, on horselegs.These mix of natural herbs are developed after many years of research and are very effective on these nasty scabs on horselegs.
Hoi, ik ben Heidi en heb een 5 jarige friese merrie ( schatje ) maar ik heb haar inmiddels nu 3 jaar en veel last met huid en haar problemen gehad, waaronder mok, ik ben toen op het spoor gekomen van de mokkruiden en dat werkt echt perfekt, ze was echt binnen 3 weken van de mok af, ik maak er altijd slobber van en voeg er dan extra nog wat knoflook en lijnzaadolie aan toe en sindsdien ben ik van het jeuk en schilfer probleem af waardoor ze haar manen afschuurd en het langzame ruien is ze ook vanaf, ik heb het afgelopen jaar geprobeerd zonder omdat het erg goed ging en we hoopte dat ze erover heen gegroeid was, maar niet dus, dus we starten er weer gauw mee, 3 weken iedere dag en daarna nog drie maal per week.
Ik ben heel erg over dit produkt te spreken en zal het ook zeker blijven gebruiken en andere aanraden. This root is another natural herb that can easily be classified as all-purpose health booster. If anyone in your family is suffering from cold, cough, or flue, Eucalyptus can do wonders when inhaled through steam.
Drug Resistant Tuberculosis is a form of TB that are resistant to TB drugs and to prevent this from happening, health-care provider and even the client himself should be familiar with the information about tuberculosis especially how to treat it effectively. NOTE: Compliance with the drug regimen is essential to prevent Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. Exercise during pregnancy helps in managing discomforts of labor by strengthening pelvic and abdominal muscles.
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Since Pakistan has all the seasons and a diverse terrain, almost all the different natural herbs grow here. The root is a natural antioxidant and prevents natural cell damage using its antioxidant properties. It helps healing insomnia and indigestion along with a long list of other health problems where Chamomile can help. It should be a part of your first-aid box at home since it is the first thing that you’d want to try for cuts, burns and insect bite. Poor oral hygiene can lead to bad breath including not brushing teeth properly and not flossing between teeth to remove food.
You will be surprised to know that Himalayas have perfect environment and terrain for rare herbs to grow, making their availability easy in Pakistan.
Daily consumption through food or separately will help you boost immunity, fight infections and keep your blood pressure under control. If you want your family to stay healthy and free of fatigue, Ginkgo root should be your best friend.
From stomach problems to burns and cuts, these natural herbs are perfect treatment for almost everything.

Other causes include smoking, excessive talking, sinus problems as well as more severe illnesses such as cancer and stomach disorders.
Even if you’re not planning to collect Himalayan herbs, you can still find many herbs that grow everywhere and yet prove to be magical. In some hard cases it can be wise to repeat the treatment once and a time for 2-3 days.Also some other (skin)diseases may disapear. It may also work against pain in bone joints,so the movement of your horse improves.These herbs have a bloodcleansing effect on your horse.
With some other,sometimes unexpected, positive properties,which can't always be explained,as we experienced.
Peppermint is another herb that is easy to grow and can be freshly picked and popped into the mouth.

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