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The statements made on this Web site have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, or any other government agency. The information offered through this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. In Western countries, a large percentage of women experience benign but often painful cysts and lumps in their breasts. These cysts occur when a breast duct becomes blocked, and then fills up with fluid like a balloon filled with water.
This generalized breast lumpiness is known by several names, including fibrocystic breast condition, fibrous breasts, fibrocystic breast disease, fibrocystic changes and benign breast disease.
Unfortunately, many women and even doctors think that fibrocystic breast disease is a "normal" condition for women. Many women have some lumpiness in the breasts, usually in the upper outer region of the breast, near the armpit.
The exact cause of fibrocystic breast disease is unknown, but is thought to be related to estrogen and other ovarian hormones.
Fibrocystic breast disease is a common and benign change within the breast characterized by a dense irregular and bumpy consistency in the breast tissue. As fibrocystic breasts are due to excess kapha, you will find it helpful to follow the kapha-reducing diet. Winter is coming, and people are more likely to spend a significant portion of their time indoors, meaning germs can spread much more easily. Though bacteria do cause a small number of sore throats, the majority of them are from dry air, viruses and allergies. According to Healthline, people have been using licorice root to threat sore throats for generations.
Though there aren’t any clinical studies illustrating the benefits of slippery elm, people have been using it as a sore throat remedy for hundreds of years. Honey is a powerful substance when it comes to health, and everyone should have a jar of it in the cupboard. Darker honey tends to contain more antioxidants, and people should avoid the most processed varieties as much as possible. Nobody enjoys having a sore throat or coughing incessantly, and it can really put a damper on the day. Easy Nutrition TipIf you need some extra flavor with your protein, try topping it with salsa instead of sauce. Easy Alternative Medicine TipHave you ever wondered why the Bloody Mary seems to kick in faster than any other drink? Easy Beauty & Fitness TipSometimes a new pair of running shoes is all it takes to stay motivated and focused on an exercise routine.

Excess kapha builds up, leading enlargement of the breasts, tenderness, and development of fibrocystic tissue. The area surrounding the blocked duct then has a tendency to form scar tissue, and that is the fibrous component of the fibrocystic disease. However, large, palpable cysts have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, not to mention the pain the women experience, so women need to be concerned about pain and cysts in their breasts and not let it go on thinking it is "normal". In the United States, about 30% of women have this kind of lumpiness with breast pain and breast cysts-a condition called fibrocystic breast disease.
Discomfort and pain caused by fibrocystic cysts and breast lumps often worsen just before a woman's menstrual period, and become less painful at the end of the period.
While some women report symptom relief by changing their diet to less than 25 percent fat and avoiding caffeine, reports of this treatment's success are largely anecdotal. Avoid dairy products, cold food and drink, heavy meats, wheat, and all sweets except honey.
Include the Locust, Bow, Boat, Spinal Twist, and Shoulder Stand in your "routine" of postures. While it’s important to visit a doctor when illness comes on just to make sure it’s nothing serious, more often than not, a sore throat is little more than a minor annoyance. Recent studies have demonstrated that gargling salt water is one of the most effective natural medicines when it comes to treating sore throats. This remedy is most effective when coupled with water to make a gargling solution, and researchers found it to soothe patients’ throats and ease their coughing after surgery.
If you don’t have access to the plant itself, there are slippery elm lozenges available at most natural food stores and even some pharmacies. Not only does it contain important vitamins and nutrients, but it can also help boost the immune system and ultimately fight off infection.
Adding a dash to a hot cup of tea is another great way to get the most out of this natural remedy. Luckily, these natural medicines can all help ease the pain, so you don’t have to suffer for very long.
According to Fox News, antibiotics usually aren’t even necessary when it comes to treating a sore throat. Not only can it help ease the pain, but it can fight off any bacteria that might be causing the infection in the first place. This plant is covered in a thick, wet substance, and when mixed with water, it makes a gel-like substance.
Researchers have actually found that the natural nectar in honey is more effective than most cough syrups because it can better coat the throat as patients swallow it. It’s important to keep in mind that babies should not consume honey until their doctor says it is safe, though. Women with fibrocystic disease of the breast are at greater-than-usual risk of getting breast cancer later in life.

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