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I have tried from year to year to set a health goal of not getting an upper respiratory infection. Colds and the flu are not serious illnesses (for most people), but they certainly impact quality of life for a period of time.
There are a few basic things that can be done to exponentially help a body to heal and clear a virus more efficiently.
One source says that Americans are now consuming over  140 pounds of sugar per person per year.(2) This is simply outrageous. In my family, my kids know that sugar consumption stops the minute that signs of a cold start. In my experience, the more sugar is eliminated or strictly limited during the duration of a cold, the better the body is able to clear a virus from its system. IngredientsHoney and Lemon Tea 1 tbs of raw honey The juice of one fresh-squeezed lemon 6 oz.

I'm a professional classical singer who is interested in a more holistic and natural approach to living. And, to complicate matters, once the cold and flu season ends we head into spring when many suffer with allergies and colds can often reappear during this time. I’d heard of people not having a cold for many years in a row, and I thought it was impossible!
When sugar was first introduced, the colonists in America were consuming approximately 4 pounds of sugar per person per year.
While this information is very US-centric, the rates of sugar consumption around the world continue to climb and are truly staggering.
We are able to spend better quality time with our families, engage more fully in our work, and serve others.
The more I learned about health and wellness, the more I realized that this actually was possible, and I wanted to try and make it a reality in my family.

And, while not terribly serious, having a cold or the flu just feels plain awful. Wouldn’t it be nice to just avoid it altogether?
The only sweetness they are allowed are fruits (which contain natural sugar, of course, but fiber, as well) and raw honey while they are trying to clear a cold. I do, however, suffer from seasonal allergies and when the springtime comes around, I find it difficult to not catch a cold. While many consumers may be working hard to limit additional sugar, food manufacturers are working just as hard to find even more innovative ways to include it in food.
He drinks the tonic and whatever sniffles or sneezes he comes home with are gone by the next day.

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