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Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a non-contagious chronic skin disorder that shows symptoms like dry skin, red patches, swelling, blistering, and cracking of the skin and constant itching that is often unbearable. To avoid flare ups, avoid all kinds of irritants, particularly skin irritants like soaps, shampoos, perfumes that are laden with chemicals. Olive oil is highly beneficial for treating eczema flare ups and prevention of future outbreaks. Vitamin rich almond oil contains ursolic acid and oleic acid which have anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Vanish Eczema developed by Lee Garder is a new program that delivers effective natural remedies for eczema and healthy nutrition plans to help sufferers stop their skin problem quickly and easily. Vanish Eczema is a breakthrough program that contains natural remedies for eczema to help sufferers eliminate eczema permanently with ease. Vanish Eczema, created by Lee Garder, is a brand new program giving natural remedies for eczema that help people get this skin disease under control.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Eczema—an inflammatory skin condition characterized by redness, dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, or bleeding—affects more than 30 million people in the US alone. Calendula ointment, made from the flower of the marigold plant, is used to heal chapped hands, minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. Assuming that you can physically tolerate being submerged in water during a flare-up, there are a couple of herbs and minerals that you can add to your bath to help clear up and reduce the irritation of eczema rashes.
Chamomile tea is not only relaxing to drink, it is also a wonderful bath additive for soothing irritated skin.  Try these recipes for adults and infants.
Another great herb for treating eczema is Horsetail.  This ancient herb has anti-inflammatory properties that can ease the pain and itching of eczema rash.
1Side-effects of these natural remedies may include relaxation, improved quality of life, frequent smiling, laughing, increased vitality, and a pleasant aroma. Whether you’re adding decadent-yet-mild flavor to your favorite recipes, reducing inflammation, or moisturizing your hair and skin, coconut oil is the ultimate culinary and beauty multitasker. Can We Send You A Free Jar Of Coconut Oil?Today we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Thrive Market to offer readers of Natural Living Ideas a free jar of organic virgin … [read more]10 Tomato Companion Plants To Get The Most Delicious Tomatoes This YearCompanion planting has been practiced for a very long time.
In fact, when NSF International, the public … [read more]9 Natural Flea Remedies For Dogs That Really WorkAnyone who loves dogs puts a great deal of effort into keeping them happy and healthy. SAY GOODBYE TO BAD BREATH, PLAQUE, TARTAR AND KILL HARMFUL BACTERIA IN YOUR MOUTH WITH ONLY ONE INGREDIENT! Eczema covers a wide spectrum of skin disease that result in skin irritation and inflammation.
Not only do corticosteroids and immunosuppressants fail to solve the skin issues, but they also create dependence in patients who use them. When it comes to this, most doctors will tell you that they cannot track the exact cause of your eczema, which is true as eczema can be triggered by many different factors. Allowing your body to heal itself with the help of dietary plans and natural health remedies is the best thing to do when battling against these skin issues. Some efficient natural remedies that are highly beneficial for severe skin conditions are recommended in this article. Coconut oil has proved extremely efficient in many people in treatment of their eczema or even their baby’s eczema without any additional medication.
However, bear in mind that your coconut oil must be obtained from sources which are organic and virgin, not refined, bleached or deodorized. The application of virgin coconut oil is very simply and is done with very little touching or rubbing. Also known as seaweed, kelp grows in ocean kelp forests and is used as food and medicine in many cultures. In contrast, the traditional production of cod liver oil offers a more nutritious and medicinal oil since the process includes fermentation rather than cooking.
Colloidal oatmeal has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-itch and protective effects which make it an excellent cleanser and moisturizer that calms and protects damaged skin. The great thing about colloidal oatmeal bath is that the oatmeal particles don’t all sink to the bottom of the tub. What enables the grain to readily absorb liquid is the fact that for the production of colloidal oatmeal, the oats are very finely ground, actually, pulverized. In 2003 the Food and Drug Administration decided that all products claiming to relieve the irritation and itching of eczema must contain colloidal oatmeal.
Burdock root has proved highly successful in reducing inflammations and destruction of inulin, linked to eczema outbreaks.
Plus, burdock root has small quantities of many vital vitamins, including folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, vitamin-E, and vitamin-C, which is crucial for optimum health. Olive leaf traditional remedies are famous for their antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects as well as their ability to improve the immune system. This plant is an excellent antiseptic which means it can help ward off infection and bacteria.
Moreover, olive leaf has its contribution in the prevention of damage to the gut caused by harmful free radicals, ensuring that foreign substances such as pathogens and toxins that trigger inflammatory reactions never get into the bloodstream. They are commercially used to make lotions which may be applied on the eczema affected regions.
Fumitory is a remarkable herb that is used even to this day to treat severe skin problems including eczema and psoriasis. The presence of strong alkaloids like protopine, fumarine and other bitter chemicals lends this herb the ability to cure eczema and treat skin eruptions.
Bottom line, when you eat the above listed foods, you increase your chances of gut permeability.
Studies have shown that both stress and gut inflammation can impair the integrity and protective function of the epidermal barrier.
If you have low omega-3, you have high levels of prostaglandins and that equates to inflammation. What to do?Eat seafood, as seafood is loaded with Omega 3 and is one of the best natural remedies for Eczema .
Scientists have found that vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses and that without sufficient intake of this vitamin, the killer cells of the immune system (T cells) will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body.
To tie this all together, when you have low levels of Vitamin D, that equals big trouble for you (low T-cell count, leaky gut, immune deregulation and finally eczema). Heavy Metals and Immune CellsCadmium interacts with cells of the immune system (neutrophils and macrophages) and promotes the release of free radicals such as reactive oxygen species. Because if you follow Steps 1-7, it will help you rebalance your gut microbes and finally put an end to your eczema. Unfortunately, most of us live in the advanced world, and 95% of first-time eczema incidents, the patients choose Western doctors because drugs are fast. What you get from the Western approach is a prescription of topical steroidal treatments, or better known as cortisone creams. Once you apply these steroids to your skin, they affect your body’s internal hormones that are responsible for inflammatory responses, the steroids help stop them from activating the unwanted results. In other words, the creams interrupt the normal functioning of your hormones so you will never get the itches. Simply put, the steroids temporarily stop your body’s natural processes, and will continue to contribute to your build-up of toxins within the body. Usage for more than 2 weeks will be harmful (the Western limit; using it any one day should be harmful anyway if you think about it).
The longer you use the more tolerant you will be, the more doses and the stronger doses you will need. The only problem you should be concerned of, is that steroidal creams only temporarily suppress the symptoms, not fully addressing the root cause. Other than giving you fast-acting temporary creams, the doctors can also give you professional advice on eczema, from the university degree they earned. Just want to quickly pop it in here, I recently read a true story of a mother who had experienced problems with her son, Logan, who was showing obvious signs of eczema. As you can see, the mom went with numerous of Western doctors for help, only to face disappointment.
The belief is to stick away from the scientific approach that requires rock-solid back-and-forth studies and evidence and instead, switch to natural healing. The method that I used to cure my eczema involved combining multiple changes together, and it took serious time to make gradual healing improvements. This page will not have enough room for me to explain in details how the natural approach works and everything else that go along. This essentially means stress, depression, pain and all kinds of negative emotions can impact your ability to heal.
While emotions are involuntary, it is possible to learn to control how much your feelings can affect your mind. Which means you should eat breakfast sometime in the middle of your elimination period, lunch in the beginning of appropriation and dinner in the beginning of assimilation. The message of this post is to let you know that Western doctors who know nothing but the general textbook advice are useless for eczema.
The simple message, if convention tells you no, it doesn’t always mean no, there are always solutions that exist if you keep on searching. A common misconception most people have is that they think of their body as separate pieces functioning independently of each other.
Has anyone ever taken a medication for heart issues and later found out that the medication damaged their liver? The skin, sometimes called the third kidney, is the body’s largest eliminative organ after the liver. Under our current medical system, autoimmune diseases are not recognized as diseases of the immune system as a whole. In conventional medicine, the belief is that once you have an autoimmune condition, there’s nothing you can do to reverse it, only ways to manage the symptoms. In contrast, functional medicine sees the body as a whole and works on the principle that the health of one system impacts the health and function of the others. We are exposed to heavy metals like mercury in different ways: mercury amalgam fillings in teeth, fish consumption, and the environment. Scientists have long suspected that infections from bacteria, viruses, and other toxins were likely to blame for the development of autoimmunity.

For my patients with autoimmune diseases, I highly recommend removing not only gluten but all grains and legumesfrom their diet. If your diet is high in tuna, Atlantic salmon, swordfish or other mercury-containing fish, consider reducing your intake or avoiding them altogether.
There are a number of bacterial and viral infections that have been associated with autoimmune conditions. My approach is based on getting to the root of the problem: removing the elements that derailed your immune system in the first place and strengthening your immune system rather than suppressing it. Bad research, wrong research, twisted research – again funded by drug companies and others with special business interests. Patent Medicine is the problem – the good news is that NONE of the patent medicines are of any use to eczema and psoriasis sufferers. The doctors themselves – need to experience true health by being practitioners themselves. The conventional treatments for eczema include: steroid creams, non-steroid petroleum based lotions, antihistamines, and anti-itch medicines. These treatments fail because stopping the rash does not resolve the reason why the rash is happening in the first place. Using cortisone cream to fix eczema is a bit like painting a rickety house that’s about to fall down. Eczema does not manifest itself because the body is short on corticosteroid creams or oral steroids. Traditional medicine typically does not address the root cause of eczema and other autoimmune issues; functional medicine practitioners, like chiropractors, do. Healing from eczema and minimizing flare-ups requires identifying irritants and taking care of the gut first. You did not get sick overnight, and it’s going to take longer than overnight to heal. It refers to an allergic-reaction that manifests as skin inflammation and can be mild to severe. Detergents, solvents and chlorine in water and many other environmental factors can cause eczema. Polyphenols contained in olive oil are rich source of antioxidants like catechins and flavonoids. These compounds are also effective in repairing the skin cells.Applying and massaging it all over the body will help to prevent dryness of the skin and help to stop recurrent eczema attacks. Using this natural oil, especially after bath, will help to lock the skin’s own moisture and reduce itching.A recent study conducted reveals that eczema sufferers develop gaps between their skin cells that allow allergens to get in.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The program uncovers three proven steps on how to clear eczema naturally that users can easily put into action in just a few minutes to eradicate the root causes of this skin condition. The e-guide takes learners step-by-step through an interesting process of discovering a cheap ingredient to instantly reduce eczema up to 75%, and two remarkable supplements to boost their immune system rapidly. Furthermore, people will receive 2 free bonuses containing “Aromatherapy For Cynics” manual and “Easing Your Stress With Yoga” which can help people slow down the aging process of their skin. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, fitness, entertainment, and lifestyle. Eczema is common in infants and children, with as many as 1 in 4 school-aged children suffering from the disease. You can make your own by grinding up oatmeal (the non-instant kind) into a very fine powder; use a blender, food processor, or coffee grinder. The herb can be applied topically—in the form of a lotion, cream, gel, or even shampoo—or ingested via pill or juice. This versatile product is great to keep in your medicine cabinet, and it’s also an effective eczema treatment. Despite all our best efforts, pests and diseases have a way of … [read more]18 Plants That Give You Bang For Your BuckWondering which plants are worth buying? But, there’s a huge drawback in relation to topical creams or immunomodulators, which only relieve the symptoms without eliminating the root cause.
Some of them include fragrances in cosmetic products, laundry detergents, dust, processed foods and diet, and last, but not least, environmental pollutants. The following recommendations are highly beneficial for stimulating your immune system into self-healing. Virgin Coconut Oil, for example, contains lauric acid, which accounts for 50% of the fatty acids and also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. These brown algae have a therapeutic effect on your skin and body and they significantly improve the skin condition.
The modern preparation of cod liver oil includes extracting the oil from the fatty tissues of cod fish while cooked, and this cooking and the subsequent refining remove some of its bioactive components. Omega-3 fatty acids can lessen certain symptoms of eczema such as red and inflamed skin by contributing to the reduction of inflammation in tissues.
So when the colloidal oatmeal is added to bath water, it almost immediately gives a milky, slimy consistency to the water, which then coats your skin, providing protection, moisture and softness.
This beneficial herb root contains some valuable minerals such as iron, manganese, magnesium, along with small amounts of zinc, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus. Both vitamin C and E are powerful natural antioxidants that help the human body stave off infections. Actually, the fresh olive leaves liquid preparation has proved to have double antioxidant capacity than green tea and 4 times the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C.
In cases of eczema, when you tend to scratch that itch, if the skin breaks, you become susceptible to infection. The constant itching and the appearance of chapped and dry flaky skin is not something that one wants to live with. Burdock cleanses the body from inside and can cure severe skin ailments like eczema. In fact using Burdock for eczema is an age old remedy. The essential oil extracted from the herb contains active chemicals like alpha-terpineol, benzalhedyde, cajeputol and limonene. Chaparral has long-lasting antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body which makes it a potent herb to treat a number of skin problems.
Binomially, Fumitory is called Fumaria offinalis and it is a member of the family Fumariciae.
As a Biohacking Expert and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ameer has spent years as a Keynote speaker and coach empowering entrepreneurs, athletes and top performing individuals about optimal health, mindset, and nutrition. However, its most serious side effects are observed in the blood and central nervous system. Heavy metals which trigger contact allergy appearing as eczematous lesions include mercury, lead, copper, chromium, cobalt, palladium and nickel.
As soon as you stop the medications, toxins in you will begin to expunge all at once, and that means your eczema will come back and depending on the length of usage, your eczema will spread to new places and be worse than before.
Not only is moving yourself around natural and help you shed those unnecessary fat, sweating is a highly effective way to detoxify yourself. Most of us who live in the modern society are not getting enough hours, almost everyone is deprived of sleep. It is not only the skin, people fail to realise that the skin is connected to every single organ and system in the body so if there is something wrong with the skin, then it means there is something wrong somewhere else.
The ingestion of cortisone or the application of cortisone cream begins the vicious cycle of degeneration.
The human body is like a Swiss watch — with many gears all working together in harmony!
There are other gears such as the gear of proper nutrition, the gear of chiropractic care, the gear of proper mental health (such as the proper handling of stress), and the gear of proper hormone function.
Likewise, if a person takes care of proper nutrition and proper detoxification but neglects the gear of proper care of the nervous system, he or she will never achieve true health!
The skin is the largest detox organ and if the skin is being used as a detox organ it means that our real detox organs, the liver and kidneys aren’t functioning.
When it functions efficiently, it eliminates two pounds of waste acids daily, so its ability to excrete toxins is of paramount importance; when the skin ceases to function properly, an increased burden is placed on the lymphatic system and other excretory organs.
If you have multiple autoimmune conditions, as many people do, you will see several different specialists.
Managing the symptoms typically involves harsh medications that are aimed at suppressing your immune system. Instead of focusing on disease symptom management, we focus on supporting and strengthening the immune system by getting to the root of why the immune system went rogue in the first place. Mercury is toxic to our bodies and can be one piece of the puzzle for those with autoimmune diseases. And while they have not been able to identify one single culprit, they have found strong correlations between a number of bacteria and viruses. These foods contain proteins known as lectins, which act as a natural pesticide for crops and can wreak havoc on the lining of your gut. Choose fish that have lower mercury content, like Pacific-caught salmon, tilapia, trout, and flounder.
Take care of yourself by adopting some stress-relieving strategies, such as exercise, meditation and art.
That’s why using this approach enables you to reverse and prevent many different autoimmune conditions at once.
It is the system of patent medicine that is at the crux of the misery of people because any cures must be profitable and to be profitable it has to be patented for a monopoly to exist.
They have never healed one chronic illness because they think there is none when it’s been proven so many times that foods and lifestyle changes can reverse any disease. These medications work with varying degrees of success, but typically after a variable period of time, eczema flares again.
Eczema (and in fact, most skin conditions) is a reflection of a deeper, internal imbalance typically originating from poor digestion. It makes it look better, and you may feel better for a short period of time – but ultimately the underlying issues must be healed. Use 100% organic products that trigger this condition.Also avoid wearing synthetic clothes. You can derive maximum benefit by using this natural oil externally and internally as well.By restoring hydration to the cells, olive oil lessens the acidic content of the body and makes the eczema causing agents less effective and prepares the body to fight the root cause because of which eczema flares up again and again.

Moreover, the program is ideal for most sufferers regardless of how serious their skin condition is and how their current health is. In other words, when ordering the system, people will learn which essential oils are right for their condition, which foods can make their skin problem even worse, and which foods can speed up their healing process naturally.
Additionally, the risk of developing eczema increases based on family history of allergies. The typical treatment comes in the form of creams and moisturizers, and many people today seek safer, more natural topical remedies to heal their ailments. Colloidal oatmeal also comes in premade packets and is sometimes added to creams and lotions. Pure aloe vera concentration varies from product to product, so check labels to determine how much you’re actually getting.
Adding magnesium salt to your bathwater may not only ease eczema symptoms, but also relieve stress, which in turn may help alleviate itching. Even more disturbing is the fact that these numbers are on the rise as a result of environmental and dietary factors. Even worse, this can eventually lead to a need for even stronger corticosteroids as a patient’s body becomes resistant to the ones previously used.
This miraculous oil is also rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Except for these anti-inflammatory properties, omega-3 fatty acids are also integrated into the skin cells.Thus, when the blood levels of omega-3 acids falls, the skin can be easily irritated, and it appears dry and flaky. Those who suffer from this particular skin ailment can try to approach the problem with some herbal remedies. Burdock is not ingested but the root is made into a paste and applied topically to get relief from skin conditions. Smith described his findings on April 4th at Experimental Biology 2006 held in San Francisco. Three groups of anaerobes were enumerated by fluorescent in situ hybridization followed by quantitative flow cytometry. Cortisone actually compromises skin integrity and suppresses the body’s natural ability to heal. We must have all the gears working together in harmony — this is a true example of health.
A radiant clear complexion begins with proper nutrition, efficient digestion and assimilation of nutrients by the body and regular elimination.
Unfortunately, that means that there isn’t a unified branch in conventional medicine to treat autoimmune conditions. While there is no known cure for autoimmune disease, I believe that there are five key elements that are at the root of all autoimmune conditions.
Avoid foods and, if possible, medications that damage the intestinal lining and restore the balance of your body’s bacterial flora, and your inflammation will subside.
We can sidestep the whole issue for psoriasis and eczema because patent medicine is of no use here. When a dermatologist gives you creams and medicines to make the skin clear, the internal issues are not addressed.
But there are several natural remedies that can help you to prevent future outbreaks by striking at its roots.
Since eczema is an allergic reaction of the skin, avoid food irritants to which you are allergic like milk, sugar, other dairy products, seafood, eggs, peanuts, soy products etc. Regular use of this oil will reduce inflammation, itching and dryness of the skin by hydrating the skin and strengthening the immune system.
This system focuses on addressing the underlying causes of eczema rather than masking its symptoms. Thanks to the system, users will get rid of red swollen skin, and restore their lush, normal, and blemish-free skin efficiently in about 10 days. There are also many varieties of shea butters and some are more premium in quality than others; look for the grade A, unrefined, raw variety.
It can be obtained in both pill and capsule form, as a concentrated liquid, or included in other products. Studies prove that omega-3 fatty acid deficiency also increases the keratinization of skin cells. Herbal remedies have a natural approach and have no other side effects on the body and are definitely worth a try.
The oil also contains some essential lipids that help to hydrate the skin and repair damaged skin cells.
This is blog to document my journey of overcoming my cortisone addiction and clearing my eczema naturally through the Paleo Diet (Auto Immune Protocol) for autoimmune disease and natural products. Skin, being the largest organ of the human physiology, is fundamentally linked to all systems of the body. A beautiful complexion and glorious body skin are a reflection of our personal life-style practices. With cancer for example, we have cancer specialists called oncologists who treat many different types of cancers no matter which organ system they involve. Even giving yourself five minutes to sit quietly with a fragrant cup of herbal tea can help tremendously. So I did my own research, I contacted healed sufferers and people who have actually healed eczema, all the stuff I found is a result of a years worth of research and I finally realised that the answer has been there all along, all I had to do was look and that was that a healthy body will lead to healthy skin and that foods heals, drugs don’t. These natural remedies will help to prevent outbreaks and treat eczema successfully when the flare ups occur.
After Lee Garder released “Vanish Eczema,” he received a lot of positive opinions from clients regarding their success with this new program. Kelp use can be oral, when ingested, or topical, when applied directly on the affected skin. Herbs can help cure eczema and also alleviate the other associated problems like inflammation, itching and redness. Up to date information about cause of eczema, success stories, articles, auto immune friendly recipes and discussion on modern medicine and it's inability to heal chronic inflammatory disease. The use of cortisone, whether external or internal, causes adrenal depletion and thus the domino effect begins, eventually forcing the reactions into the lungs – the internal skin of the body.
Yes, there are some subspecialties within oncology, but they typically still fall under one main oncology umbrella.
I recommend trying an elimination diet (avoiding certain foods for a period of time and then reintroducing them, one at a time, while gauging your symptoms) to find your personal food sensitivities. The problem is that the pedlers hold influence as to which doctor remains in the sweet location in the hospital.
Empower yourself just like everyone who cured their eczema before you, they did their own research, they rejected that there was no cure and didn’t trust doctors blindly.
I give advice and sometimes it is medical so don't take my word for it and inform yourself, take control of your own health!Doctors seldom explain or understand eczema or chronic disease so this blog will help you fill in the gaps and make informed decisions based on what you think is best. Western medicine focuses so predominantly on the symptoms of a disease and rarely addresses the core issues, especially in the case of a miasmic response.
Despite what doctors say, that steroids only have side effects after many years of use, there is no such thing as a safe dose.
Skin problems can also be as a result of allergies, hormone imbalances, nutrition or dehydration. If the balanced of the skin becomes disturbed especially through poor nutrition the functions associated with the skin cells cannot act in a balanced manner and can result in dryness, excessive oiliness, and inability to protect against infectious organism. Remember that doctors must be profitable and that the hospitals must find the doctor profitable as well.
It took 20 years to realise that no cream or product will ever work in the long term, Healing Starts From The Inside and long term health begins with realising you only have one body, you have to start listening to it and giving it what it needs, There are no quick fixes, no magic bullet for healing. An important step in initiating the healing process is to offer the client the opportunity to understand that their skin condition is their body’s way of expressing unresolved emotions through their skin. The most rigorously followed healthful living plan necessarily includes a nutritious diet, purewater, regular exercise in the fresh air, adequate rest and sleep, sensible stress management. There is a problem if a doctor cures patients without the hospital benefitting, so this is a business model challenge. By assisting the client to connect with and acknowledge these emotions and encouraging them to verbalize their feelings, the body can begin to heal. I started this  page like so many other cured eczema sufferers to give you up to date information that your doctor will never give you or know and I wanted to give people the info I never got and that is that steroids make eczema worse, not better. Cleansing the large intestine and then the liver and gall bladder with herbal support and dietary management to avoid the triggers, as well as implementing ways to neutralize the stress that triggers the underlying emotional response, are key strategies in the health regime. I wanted to give people the real cure and give them the choice to not go to the doctors at all because they’ll just push steroids on you and call you negligent if you refuse to take them. The practitioner’s prime focus is to first inform the client of the process involved and then to fully open the miasm with homeopathic support.
The only people you should trust on eczema are those who have cured it whether it be a cured eczema sufferer or a professional. If the life force and immune system of the client are low, then it is very important to support the blood chemistry with appropriate foods and herbals.
Applying natural creams to sooth the ailment, whilst being supportive, should not be relied on as the only source of treatment. However, using a non-mineral based aqueous cream that will not suppress the ailment, can offer great local relief for the problem.
The use of petrochemical based creams like sorbaline is definitely not recommended, as these cause even more problems in the long run. A very soothing cream can be produced by using a base of 50% purified water blended with coco butter and oils, especially those containing essential fatty acids such as flax seed, linseed, and evening primrose; plus coconut, avocado, wheat germ, and rosehip as well as vegetable glycerin with grape seed oil extract for preserving the cream.
Dry skin is an indication of general dehydration and the applications of skin preparations alone, whilst being supportive and soothing, will not resolve the problem. If the cause of the dehydration is simply due to not drinking enough water, this can be a result of self-punishing behavior due to a lack of self-esteem and other associated issues. Other issues of dehydration can involve the adrenals, kidneys and thyroid, as well as other systems, and have a more involved physical inter-relationship.

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