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The articles in this section focus on specific health conditions and natural ways to alleviate them.
Patrick Ray is a Certified Nutritionist who has been helping people discover natural health solutions for over 15 years.
You can ask him your health questions and read the down to earth natural health advice he has shared with others. Click here to ask your health question or look below for all of the natural health articles. They may increase irritation, causing restlessness, seizure and chest pain and increasing the risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac death. The excess sugar content of these beverages triggers weight gain. I had just finished a 4-day course through the Upledger Institute®.  “I push your bones around and make you feel better,” I say with a smile. I describe the student in our class who had a shoulder injury from, which she was not able to lift her arm up above shoulder height. CranioSacral Therapy, though around since the late 70’s to early 80’s, is just now beginning to come into mainstream society. A healthy anything starts with a desire to take care of our self and, most importantly, our heart. I can tell you from experience this sometimes seems impossible but, just try these few steps listed below the next time you find yourself “stuck in a rut” over something and see if it helps – even a tiny bit. Gratitude – You don’t need more of anything in your life to be happy – just simply be grateful for what you do have. Get some body work done: soothe your heart with some Reiki energy, an acupressure treatment, an overall body massage – anything to help relax you and aid in releasing the stress and emotions you’ve been carrying around. Kathy Bryant contracts with Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork, is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Crystal Therapist, trained in acupressure and is currently working towards certification in Cranio Sacral Therapy.
Heidi Aschenbrenner, LMBT, CCT, BCTMB, and Member AOBTA, is the owner of Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork specializing in Eastern bodywork therapies and the healing arts. Grief is broader than dealing with loss from death; it can be experienced from any significant change in which you are losing something that has been a part of you or your life, even it if is moving onward and forward to something that is “better” in your mind. Heidi Aschenbrenner, LMBT, CCT, BCTMB, and Member AOBTA, is the owner of Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork specializing in Asian bodywork therapies and the Eastern healing arts. One of the most common symptoms of migraines — more common even than nausea or the migraine aura itself in some studies — is neck pain. Magdalena Shemayev is a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer at Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork. Adding Reiki treatments, whether on yourself or receiving from another person, can only assist in further strengthening your body’s immune system functions. Kathy Bryant owns and operates White Lotus Healing, a Reiki centered wholistic healing business based in Madison. As a long time advocate for cures to insomnia (read: the positive side of “suffering from”), I have tried a lot of different sleep remedies.
Acupressure, for those of you who haven’t tried it, is an ancient Chinese healing method where you place pressure on certain points of your body to release the qi, or energy, that has been built up or blocked. Another important pressure point is the one that is in the corner of each eye to the side of the nose. I’ve worked with multiple chiropractors and physical therapists over the years, and I’ve had regular massage for the last decade both to keep my back pain in check and also because I can see the positive changes it has made for the rest of my body. I’ve been seeing one of the practitioners who works with me, and I was amazed how much I felt during the first session.
The body is a wondrous and complex system; we truly need to heal not just the body, but also the mind and the spirit if we want to experience complete and full healing.
There are mainly six types of vitamins that are essential for our body for carrying out different functions like growth of our body, development of healthy bones and tissues and carrying out chemical reactions in our body. Every single vitamin of this group comprising of B 1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 is helpful in gaining energy and achieving weight loss.  These vitamins help in metabolizing protein, carbohydrates and fats and also assist in central nervous system activities. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) works to convert carbohydrates into glucose and is important for boosting energy.  The best food sources of this vitamin are dry fruits, wheat, green leafy vegetables, meat etc. Choline is another B complex vitamin that speeds up fat metabolism and naturally contributes to weight loss.
Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, helps the body to fight infection, increases metabolic rate and provides energy to the body by enhancing the immune system. Energy drink intake is sometimes responsible for dehydration. Given the large number of disadvantages associated with the consumption of commercial energy drinks, you can replace the energy drinks sold in stores with natural energy drinks. We were joking about similar circumstances we are both facing in our lives while her 18 month-old played with his food. The teacher, Michael Morgan, CST-D, asked her to come to the front of the class to demonstrate.
Andrew Weil, a well-known physician and author, supports the work of cranio therapy as well. Medical Doctors, Pediatricians, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors are a just a few of those learning this valuable healing modality. She helps clients develop the best healing “prescription” through the use of CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Acupressure and Crystal Therapy. When we love with an open heart, we are literally, opening up the energy field for love to flow out and to come into our hearts.
When we are angry or sad we give in to the emotion – which is healthy initially (as long as we don’t harm ourselves or another). Amen, of Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, offers similar advice, “Focus on what you love about your life and those around you, and your heart will be healthier and happier.” It will also help you live longer. Commit yourself to this then: Every time you think a negative thought, force yourself to come up with 5 positive things about that one negative situation. Not just blowing your breath on your hands but, using biofeedback techniques to increase the blood flow from your brain to your hands will help your body relax (think of placing your hands in warm mittens or, “seeing” the blood flow from your brain to your hands, etc.). Heidi and her team of bodywork therapists, a Reiki master, and a Certified Personal Trainer, all strive to achieve balance in each session through the use of energy work incorporated into their bodywork therapies and have all been trained in Eastern healing techniques and cupping therapy.  Renu also offers an infrared sauna from Sunlighten Saunas for deeper healing and detoxification after your session. I find that the average person who does not work in bodywork associates massage with a range of things from treating oneself for a special occasion, to working on a chronic pain problem to achieve results, to providing therapeutic maintenance to the muscles we use daily for years and years. This can be a change of jobs, change of residence, shifting relationships as people grow and change, move, or have children and become less available. Many people have trouble balancing life responsibilities while allowing grief to take its course. Massage teams are often in place as part of emergency response after a tragedy such as a plane crash.
As you have no doubt experienced, grief takes a long time to finally be on its way, waving goodbye to you from afar and wishing you well.
A better approach lies in identifying as many migraine triggers as possible, and controlling the ones you can. According to a large study, the most common trigger is weather, followed closely by stress and not enough sleep. A tool used to describe how and why certain combinations lead to that telltale pain, being able to identify and whittle away at your own trigger threshold is an invaluable tool for the migraineur.

Some things add a few drops, like spending too many hours at your computer or forgetting your sunglasses on a long walk.
Avoiding certain foods, for example, is a relatively easy solution, or sticking to two cups of coffee a day.
For many, neck pain is the final drop in their migraine cup, or perhaps the first symptom of the migraine itself.
The key is to control as many triggers and symptoms as possible so that when the uncontrollable happens, your cup isn’t already full. She specializes in working with clients with chronic pain conditions, such as migraines or TMJ. Om’ing your way into blissfulness has been proven to reduce stress, which helps to strengthen your immune system. When you meditate, your brain “lights up” in the prefrontal cortex, the right hippocampus and, the right anterior insula.
Reiki gets to the “root” of physical illnesses by clearing out energetic blockages created within the body.
These suggestions, along with advice from your doctor and a regular exercise routine, can bring a body back into tip-top health.  So, drink, zen and Reiki your way back to health before cold season sets in! She ensures whole-body focus as part of her practice and incorporates herbology and acupressure into the client sessions as appropriate or, upon request. White pills, yellow pills, blue pills (they’ll really put you in LaLa Land), exercising before bed, positive imaging, mantras, different sleep positions, going to bed and waking up at the same time, etc.
It provides a wonderfully easy and simple way to relieve many ailments like stress, pain, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and lowered immunity among others.
The first two we will be looking at are called, “Joyful Sleep” and “Calm Sleep.” The point for joyful sleep is located on the inside of your leg just below the ankle (about a pinky finger’s width).
To find this one, rest your shin on top of your opposite knee, then reach down with your hand and rest your thumb on the joyful sleep point. This point is called “Eyes Bright.” Lightly place a finger there on each side of your nose and press up toward your brow. Imagine yourself getting tired, open your mouth up and yawn, take another deep breath, and fake another yawn. I’ve also experienced a significant amount of chronic pain personally over the years, which has led me to the work I do. After a herniated disc and all the melodrama associated with that for a good portion of a year, I have worked diligently and consistently to get my movement back so I can do the activities I so enjoy.
Reiki works with your chakras and your energetic forces to help bring balance and healing on an energetic and spiritual level. If there has been any physical or emotional trauma that has resulted in any kind of chronic pain over the years and you are ready to let it go, perhaps Reiki is something that can help. They play a major role in metabolizing fats and sugars and producing energy from the foods we eat.
Here are some vitamins that provide energy by keeping your nutritional level up and aid in weight loss when you exercise regularly. For maintaining a healthy weight, normal functioning of the thyroid gland is extremely important. Some good sources of this vitamin include chicken, yeast, eggs, cabbage, sardine and brown rice etc. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. However, the ingredients found in most energy drinks can be harmful for you in the long run.
To prepare ginseng tea, steep five to six slices of ginseng root in one cup of boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes. I’ve always admired her for her sense of humor, unique insight and strength, all of which make her not only a great friend but, an excellent mom. Upledger served as Professor of Biomechanics at Michigan State University where he tested and researched what the cranio-fluid does within the body.
If you haven’t tried it, take the advice of another friend who said, “What have I got to lose but some aches and pains?” ‘Zactly. Marcia Shimoff, author of Happy For No Reason, writes, “Happy people let love lead in their lives.” Just as much as we feel the pain of heartache, we can feel the joy of happiness in its place. When we reside in fear our hearts “contract” and close off to any heart-healthy emotion: gratitiude, forgiveness, lovingkindness, etc. Many of you have probably experienced massage in one or more of these capacities, but not all of you might know the benefits of massage during grief. Grief can feel like a long winter that just doesn’t want to let go, but Spring does eventually come. You could be in the middle of finals at school, or maybe you just finally got a break after a long week at work.
For those who have dealt with migraines — many of us for our whole lives — some triggers are obvious and predictable (no, thanks, I’ll pass on the white wine!), while others are elusive and fickle. Some things fill the cup halfway, like a glass of white wine or sleeping on your neck wrong. Unfortunately, you skipped that meal because you slept badly (another quarter, let’s say), and you tossed and turned so much you wrenched your neck (another quarter).
Other triggers are completely outside our control, like the weather or whether a coworker piles on the cologne for a hot date. Many common prescription migraine medications, such as the triptans (Imitrex, Amerge, etc.) can cause muscle cramps and tension, which don’t feel great even if your head starts to feel better.
Many find it hard to tell what facets of their migraines are triggers and precede the migraine, or make up the migraine itself. Her goal in any session is to give the body and mind a safe space to find itself again, in order to facilitate relaxation and healing. All three of these areas directly correlate to the command center for your immune system allowing it function more effectively.
These areas, if unchecked overtime, begin to build-up, which in turn creates physical warning signs: a sore neck, an irritated throat, twitching in the foot.
Note: If you are taking any medications, please check with your doctor first before taking herbal remedies or drinking alcohol as these can interfere with medications effectiveness. All of them had their benefits and drawbacks, but I was not able to stick with any until now.
Here you will learn a few points for insomnia and some other techniques to help you relax into a deep and restful sleep. Stretch your arms, your legs, roll your eyes in circles and then crisscross to the left and right (eye “stretches”), fake another yawn (are you starting to feel sleepy?).
Things like eating habits, how you handle stress, your thought patterns and whether or not you’re taking medications can all affect how sensitive you are to acupressure and energy changes in your body in general.
Since becoming a therapist, I’ve been slowly unraveling what has built up in me all these years, including injuries, internalized stress, and the resulting emotional connections to those things. Yet that chronic stiffness and pain still linger — even after my sacrum is back where it’s supposed to be, and the surrounding low back tissue feels soft and movable like it’s supposed to.

I could literally feel energy move through my body, and my practitioner could see and feel various things happening on an energetic level as well.
I’ve been very much enjoying the beginning of my journey and am so happy I was directed that way. So it is an important vitamin that can promote weight loss. To increase iron absorption, add both iron rich foods like spinach, red meat as well as vitamin rich foods like orange, lemon and strawberries in your diet. Most of these energy drinks are laden with sugar and caffeine. It has been observed that prolonged consumption of commercial energy drinks could increase blood pressure level.
While commenting on our frustrations, at one point she turned the conversation and asked, “So, tell me about CranioSacral. Through his evaluation he developed this gentle-touch therapy, which releases tension and relieves pain through the process.
Morgan worked on her for about 5-8 minutes then asked her to sit down after, which we broke for lunch.
Allowing yourself these expressions of emotions whenever you can will help you fully feel, experience, and ultimately move through your grief.
As you move through grief in all its stages that seem like forever, massage is always that safe space for you to just feel and be whoever and wherever you are at the moment. Maybe some days you can handle that extra cup of coffee, and other days, a few sips and you can feel the throbbing start. Now your glass is five sixths full, so while your coworker wearing cologne isn’t usually an issue, BAM, the glass is full and now it’s migraine time. A lot of triggers can be controlled to an extent with regular massage to reduce stress, eating regularly and not skipping meals, stretching for muscle tension, etc. Massage can help relieve the tension before and during a migraine, and regular bodywork can help reduce your overall stress levels and prevent the physical tension patterns from taking hold as easily.
By regularly emptying your migraine cup, or keeping the amount in it low, you can reduce your levels of pain and help prevent a migraine before it starts. Nettle and nettle seeds and their properties are curative acting as a tonic, astringent and antiseptic among other benefits.
Simply finding a quiet place and listening to white noise or, meditation music will help boost antibodies.
The state of relaxation one can attain while receiving Reiki is similar to that of mediation. Applying a few simple and quick acupressure points before bed has me knocked out until my alarm goes off — a sweet and welcome respite from many, many sleepless nights.
An alternative to holding this point is to press three times then draw tiny circles three times, repeat two more times (total of three). The last point we will focus on is called, “Mastoid Process,” located in the hollow behind the ear. Practicing these tips will help change that and provide you with many benefits, the least of which are a good night’s sleep! I learned in studying the body that emotions stay in our tissues, associated with the originating event that caused trauma or stress, until it is released through various forms of bodywork that I have been trained in.
There doesn’t seem to be any physical cause for the pain and stiffness that lingers and resurfaces from time to time. But taking vitamins and minerals in the form of food and supplements can increase your metabolic rate and keep your body healthy and energetic. Upon returning Morgan invited the student back up to the front of the class and asked her to raise both arms. All of us experience grief as a natural process of life; it is vitally important that we acknowledge and feel our grief, in all its painful and shameless glory, to fully let go, heal, and move forward. In particular, stress and physical tension reduction can go a long way toward preventing a migraine, or if one has already started, making the pain and symptoms more bearable. Its seeds, when soaked in wine overnight (see recipe below), can reduce fever and flus, and tone and strengthen capillary tissues to name a few rewards. While in this state, the practitioner can then work on those areas of the body that contain this stuck energy. Your middle or pointer finger should fall exactly where the calm sleep point is (whichever falls “naturally” just below your ankle).
What I didn’t fully realize was how helpful Reiki can be in moving that process along and clearing up energetic blockages that keep the body in its same patterns of chronic pain. This oatmeal shake will not only boost your energy, but it will provide your body several essential nutrients. We train our brains to think certain things by ignoring the subtle signs we are headed down that path. Pent up grief manifests itself in many ways in the body, mind and spirit, and often gets expressed with anger when bottled up for too long. The need for touch is powerful, and it is often the most immediate need that we have after tragedy or loss. It answers that vital need for support through touch, while at the same time allowing you to be with your emotions, your mind, and your body.
You get nauseous, the pain creeps behind one eye, and all you can think about is crawling to a dark room and trying to sleep it off.
It also helps support the adrenals, reduces hypertension and helps prevent the common cold. If you are looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to the usual energy drinks sold in the market, this is a great option. Grief demands that we let it have its say one way or another; best to let it have its due as you are experiencing your loss. It allows us to take a break from life’s responsibilities and just feel for however long we are in session. And, while the manner in which you take it wasn’t explicit, the fact that taking it reduces your chances, was. A simple recipe of nettle tea, infused for approximately 10-15 minutes will assist you on your way to health and healing. I have two Reiki practitioners at my business, and my acupuncturist also does Reiki along with other energetic and spiritual work. I knew several of my chakras needed work, but I am pleasantly surprised to find yet another layer of healing that can happen with the types of chronic pain issues I see so frequently with massage clients. This will not be easy nor will it be pleasant, but it is necessary for your overall health and well being. We might even cry on the table or massage chair, and that’s not only okay, it’s good; it’s healing. You can be who you are, wherever your emotional state might be that day, that hour, that minute.

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