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There are many silicon-based products in the market which claim to improve hair growth and reduce hair loss. Hibiscus flower and its leaves have all the necessary Ayurvedic properties to protect your hair. It is recommended that you should give natural protection and energy (both externally and internally) to improve your hair growth.
The pulp of Aloe Vera when applied to the scalp can prevent hair loss caused by dry, irritated or infected scalp.
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However, increase in stress levels and pollution and such factors have led to hair fall which was earlier a sign of aging.
Thanks to nature for giving us such wonderful products to cure hair loss and improve hair growth. Take a few neem leaves and add them to a kettle of boiling water. Boil it until the water falls to half of the initial quantity.
People hunt for the best solution to get rid of hair loss and the embarrassment associated with it. In addition to that, use shikakai (Acacia Concinna) instead of a shampoo and check the results.

Pamper you hair with these herbal remedies and stay young and beautiful with your shimmering, black, long and healthy hair.

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