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To understand how to prevent and treat arthritis and osteoporosis we must better understand how the diseases attack the body.
Osteoarthritis is an extremely common disease because it is a natural consequence of aging.
Though osteoarthritis is considered a disease everyone will experience, some people never suffer from it. For a person suffering with osteoarthritis, a doctor will commonly recommend large doses of aspirin or non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. SC Formula contains shark cartilage which is believed to help repair damaged human cartilage.
Scientists studying rheumatoid arthritis feel it may be connected to abnormal bowel function. There are specific foods which have been shown to commonly cause this reaction in the body. One of the first steps in treating rheumatoid arthritis is to find the foods to which you are allergic and eliminate them from the diet.
People with rheumatoid arthritis can also benefit from herbs which help clear toxins from the body, reduce inflammation and provide the nutrients and stimulation for bone growth. Flax Seed Oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which thin the blood and lower cholesterol. Gout is a form of arthritis that has been known for many years as the disease of the rich man. At the first symptoms of gout, the sufferer can help to stop the disease by eliminating or dramatically decreasing foods which stimulate uric acid production, such as fatty fish, meat and caffeine. You may not be worried about osteoporosis because you have heard it is a disease women get when they are older and they don’t have enough calcium in their diets. Calcium with Magnesium & Vitamin D contains calcium which comes from bone meal and is easy to absorb. Early supplementation with vitamins and minerals has been shown to decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Target Endurance Formula contains vitamins and minerals chelated to amino acids making them easier for the body to absorb. Fact 2: Older women are the most likely to suffer with osteoporosis, but men and younger people of both sexes can also have osteoporosis. To prevent bone loss because of hormonal changes, women can take a progesterone supplement. Pro-G-Yam is a cream which contains 5 mg of progesterone in an herbal base of wild yam, yucca, chamomile, ginkgo and horestail. Rheumatoid arthritis can be defined as a chronic inflammatory disorder that typically attacks the linings of the joints, specifically the small joints of the hands and feet.
In this article I am going to discuss about some natural treatments that can be easily practiced at home and can work wonders to ease the severe pain experienced by rheumatoid arthritis patients. In Part 1 of this series we looked at what is rheumatoid arthritis, RA symptoms, causes of RA, and commonly prescribed RA medications. In part 2 of this article we’ll discuss natural rheumatoid arthritis treatment, including rheumatoid arthritis diet, rheumatoid arthritis supplements, and herbs for rheumatoid arthritis. I hear from many people with RA who are interested in learning which herbs, foods and supplements are “good for RA”. Instead, my role is to evaluate individuals and then share information based on my training and experience. Of course, if I had a simple silver bullet herb that could heal everyone’s RA I would certainly be handing it out by the handful to whoever wanted it.
However, the best natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is addressing your specific root causes. Here are some general considerations when considering natural therapies for people with RA. Avoiding foods that may be contributing to inflammation and intestinal permeability is of equal importance. Eating home-cooked Indian food is a great way to get a lot of powerful anti-inflammatory foods. A natural hormone made by our skin when exposed to the sun, vitamin D3 is incredibly important for immune system health.
Magnesium deficiency is common in the US due to this nutrient being deficient in our agricultural soils.
Here are the herbal action categories that I often consider when working with people who have RA. These overlapping herbal categories help to modulate the immune system, support energy levels and reduce the negative effects of stress.
Since digestive issues can be at the heart of the problem for people with rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disease, carminative herbs can be an important part of the overall herbal plan. Astringent herbs tighten and tone lax tissues and can be used to help heal the intestines in the case of intestinal permeability.
Your food is one of the best sources of antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory properties. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis in children include irritability, crying, limping and poor appetite.
Ginger is a rhizome that contains number of active compounds and also possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to alleviate rheumatoid symptoms. It can be eaten raw or taken as a tea, add 5 gm of finely chopped ginger and boil it in 7 oz of water for 3-5 minutes, and then strain out the ginger, drink it 2-3 times a day.
Honey contains copper, iron, magnesium, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, phosphorous and manganese that helps to protect against harmful free radicals that have been linked to chronic diseases including rheumatoid arthritis.
The research has promised that honey is proven to be an effective tool at fighting inflammatory diseases like arthritis.
There is another nice way to use Epsom salt, add 3 cups of Epsom salt in hot water and let it soak for 20 minutes. Heat works to reduce muscle ache and regulates blood circulation while cold reduces joint swelling and inflammation. Garlic is a food rich in sulphur that contains antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and helps to reduce pain and inflammation in people associated with rheumatoid arthritis.Garlic can be eaten raw or crushed, for maximum benefits go for roasted garlic. Do remember, the above remedies will work only if you cut down on dairy foods, fried stuffs, alcohol and beverages like tea and coffee.

Natural remedy includes Vitamins, Diet Plan, Herbs, Supplements, and some sort of life style. Omega 3 fatty acids- Omega 3 fatty acids popularly known as w-3 fatty acids or n-3 fatty acids. Gamma-linolenic acids- Or GLA is also a type of fatty acids found primarily in some vegetable oils.
Harpagophytum Procumbens- It is also known as grapple plant, wood spider, and is most commonly known as devil’s claw.
Therapies- Some mind and body therapies are very important for the patients having Rheumatoid Arthritis. These are few remedies but not all, which are known for having effective in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Do lids that were once easy to remove now seem to stick tightly to the jars of their own will? Osteoarthritis has been found in the joints of Egyptian mummies, animals and even dinosaurs. For example, people in Africa do excessive heavy work which puts extreme strain on the joints, yet they don’t get osteoarthritis. These over-the-counter drugs do help ease the pain, but studies show that they may inhibit cartilage repair and actually speed up the damage to joint cartilage.
Studies show animals given high doses of vitamin C had less cartilage erosion than other animals. Studies show shark cartilage eaten before meals reduced the pain for 50-60% of arthritic patients. Antibodies develop against components of joint tissues and the body actually begins to destroy it’s own tissue, thinking it is an invader. People with rheumatoid arthritis have been found to have increased intestinal permeability.
Having enough enzymes is also important for the person with rheumatoid arthritis to clear the allergens which are causing inflammation.
In this way flax seed oil can help people with rheumatoid arthritis who may have trouble clearing the allergens from the body because of high fat and cholesterol diets which lower circulation and impair immune system function. Pictures show him with a chicken leg in one hand and his bare foot resting high on a pillow.
A person can have excess uric acid in the blood stream because of a metabolism defect, but more commonly a person has excess uric acid because of a diet high in proteins, specifically meats including organ meats. Alcohol should also be eliminated from the diet as it inhibits uric acid secretion from the kidneys. Magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D all must be present for calcium to be properly used and they all work together to build bone, so they are found in this formula. Wild yam also contains a plant estrogen which has been shown to have estrogenic effects in women. Phyto-Soy also is high in plant estrogens and may prevent bone loss. Diets high in protein, sodium, sugar and caffeine cause calcium to be excreted through the urine and the body must take it from the bones for other needs. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. I often get the impression that they look at the bottles of prescribed drugs on their bathroom counter and think that they will simply substitute those drugs for herbs and get the same results.
This information generally ranges from dietary changes to lifestyle changes to herbs and supplements. Your digestive health and the foods you eat play a major role in your overall health, especially when it comes to rheumatoid arthritis. Whole foods, fresh foods, an emphasis on vegetables and berries as well as grass-fed meats and farm fresh eggs are all healthy choices for most people. Every person is different, but common problematic foods include: wheat, corn, soy and dairy. There are numerous reports of adulteration and toxic substances being found in poor quality supplements. Numerous studies have shown beneficial effects for autoimmunity when optimal levels of vitamin D3 are achieved in the body. Magnesium is strongly anti-inflammatory and can also decrease anxiety and promote restful sleep. The best source of omega 3’s are achieved by eating clean sources of deep water fish (such as salmon and anchovies) a couple times a week. While immune stimulants should be avoided in people who have an active autoimmune disease, immunomodulators can balance the immune system. These herbs promote digestion and can be especially helpful for cold and stagnant digestive problems. Using large amounts of anti-inflammatory spices and herbs in your cooking can naturally modulate excessive inflammation and decrease joint pain. While western medicine drugs can sometimes help to slow the progress of the disease, they often come with harsh side effects and only help for a limited time. The sooner you address the root cause of your problems the sooner you can overcome this disease and avoid the severe symptoms of this disease. It is a chronic disease affecting the joints of hands and feet that can eventually result in joint deformity. Honey, can be simply mixed with a little cinnamon powder and consumed every morning before breakfast. Mix 3 tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoon of Epsom salt in warm water and drink it twice a day. The magnesium in the salt is absorbed by the body, that helps to soothe the stiffness and pain. For hot compress, use a heating pad or damp a towel in hot water and apply it over the joint pains. The sulphur present in garlic helps to reduce muscle ache and repair cartilage by producing analgesic effect on the affected joints.
Olive oil, cod liver oil, apple cider vinegar, alfalfa, dandelion leaf, turmeric, omega-3 and flaxseed oil too works for rheumatoid arthritis.

Life style is a procedure of doing wellness to your body by having regular exercise, aerobics, reducing some sort of stress from your mind, etc. It is a solid type of dietary supplement for treating problems like inflammation and some auto immune disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis. These boswellic acids are found to block the chemical reactions which are involved in inflammation. These are free radicals, which are natural by-products of oxygen metabolism and it restricts the development of some chronic disease like heart and cancer. Cold effect on the joints reduces its swelling and heat effect help to circulate the blood smoothly.
Have you ever taken a simple fall to discover that it caused you to break a wrist or hip bone? Because of the incredible daily wear and tear of the joints, the cartilage between the joints gradually begins to degenerate which causes inflammation and pain. In trying to discover how the African people avoid this painful disease, scientists found that Africans who moved to America, began eating American food and changed to a more sedentary lifestyle also had osteoarthritis when they were older. Flavonoids enhance collagen (bone material) strength and protect the joints from free radical damage.
People with rheumatoid arthritis not only experience joint stiffness and inflammation which can lead to severe joint pain, but they also have extreme fatigue, weakness and a low fevers. Because of this intestinal condition, large particles of undigested food are able to escape into the blood stream. This gives the body time to eliminate particles currently causing the problem and patients often find relief of symptoms after fasting. Flax seed oil also regulates cell functions such as nutrient intake and pain sensations, thereby providing the cartilage and joints with needed nutrients and relieving arthritic pain. Because the American diet is high in meat, gout now has become a disease for every man and woman. On the other hand, celery seed increases the elimination of uric acid and may help gout sufferers. With osteoporosis there is a lack of calcium, but there is also a loss of other minerals as well as a decrease in other bone components such as collagen.
Alfalfa is also included because it is high in trace minerals which are also important to bone strength. People with osteoporosis should eliminate or drastically reduce these foods from their diets.
Instead, herbs and herbal formulas can be carefully chosen for the individual in order to address core health imbalances that are leading to the problems with RA. It occurs when your immune system attacks your body’s tissues and can affect your body with fevers and fatigue. For cold compress, apply an ice pack or cool compress to the affected joint during RA-flare up to ease the pain and inflammation. There are some conventional remedies like NSAIDs and DMARDs, for this treatment, but has several side effects. The roots of this plant are medically used to reduce pain, fever, and to increase digestion. If you answered yes to any of these questions you are probably one of the millions of people suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis. This disease becomes debilitating when it occurs in the weight bearing joints such as the knees, hips and spine. So, osteoarthritis may not come just from old age, inadequate diet and exercise may also be a cause. When too much meat is consumed, the body is unable to handle the uric acid and it forms small crystals which deposit in the joints. To prevent or treat osteoporosis, supplementation should include calcium in combination with other minerals and vitamins.
Oftentimes those cheap supplements are not only useless, but they could also be causing more harm. It is more common in women than in men and occurs between the ages of 40-60.Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include fever, lack of appetite, swollen joints, morning stiffness, weight loss and tenderness.
These diseases are common in today’s society and can cause slight pain and loss of height or severe, debilitating pain and ugly disfiguration.
Luckily there are natural products which can relieve the pain by helping to solve the problem. Not only do these particles deposit in the joints, but they also go to other tissues such as the lungs, spleen and skin. These crystals cause irritation in the joints and the person will experience sudden, severe pain accompanied with swelling, redness and heat.
Some sources of these fatty acids are fish oils like from salmon, tuna, etc and plant oils such as echium and flaxseed oil. Do not worry as changing your diet and exercise patterns can prevent and help these diseases. Because the body is not prepared to use such large food particles, it sees the particles as invaders and prepares antibodies to fight them.
Gout commonly affects only a single joint, usually the joint of the big toe, and the pain usually only lasts a few days, but those suffering with chronic gout will have damaged joints and uric acid deposits in all areas of cartilage. Many of the fish oil supplements on the market are rancid and should be absolutely avoided.
Scientists believe the particles are so similar to the body tissues that antibodies are built against the particles and the body’s own tissues. These natural remedies only provides relief to the patient from several pain and inflammation, and to cope up the effects caused due to it like cardio vascular disease (CVD), lung problem, kidney problem, etc, by providing a good food supplement and a healthy life style.

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