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All conventional treatments for infertility are good but in some cases; their disadvantages are more than the advantages. Our Female Infertility Remedy Kit contains Natural Health Products (certified by ISO9000, HALAL and NAFDAC and other international certifications) that work together to focus on fixing all the root causes of infertility. The main goal in treating female infertility with our therapy is not just to conceive but to totally restore and regain the woman’s health. Our products don’t just help you conceive, they naturally take care of all the health challenges that led to the infertility in the first place thereby making it easy for your body system to carry out fertilization naturally, again and again.
Unlike the other medical treatments, you do not need to repeat our treatment or take our product each time you want to conceive, you will be conceiving naturally after the first treatment. Read testimonies from our satisfied clients that have gotten their fertility restored naturally courtesy of our treatment and now have their own children.
Concerning the price of our treatment, this is the best we can offer in order to be able to deliver as promised and for you to get the best out of the treatment. Thanks for contacting us and thanks for having interest in our treatment for the second time after getting the value for your money in the first treatment. The Kit will help you take care of all the aforementioned except the excessive weight gain. Infection in the female reproductive tract and female reproductive organs is termed as pelvic inflammatory disease or PID.
The bacterial cells are effectively destroyed by the sulfur compounds present in the garlic. Eating foods rich in beta-carotene helps in strengthening the cervical cells and prevent or fight with infection.
A small cup of yoghurt consists of numerous Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that are considered as good bacteria. Friends, although we wish that every couple should be blessed with their offspring but some couples remain deprived of this blessing. Female infertility refers to inability of women to enjoy motherhood, due to certain reasons. We consider a couple infertile if, after one year of regular sexual intercourse, without contraception, the woman has not become pregnant. Talking about dietary factors, we notice that there is an irregularity in diet of women these days. As I mentioned in the beginning of our conversation, the first symptom of infertility is, even after trying for a year a women is not able to conceive. First of all we start with structural check-up and in case, a structural deformity is detected…say if the fallopian tube is blocked….in such cases, we certainly have some Ayurvedic medicines which we try on the patient. Consumption of monounsaturated fats, such as those found in olive oil, reduces ovulation fertility problems.
You could further increase your chances of conception, by taking raspberry leaves along with red clover tea every day. The products work together to nourish your blood, regulate menstruation and harmonize the hormones.

A lot of people claim to have almighty solution to every problem at cheaper price but the victims end up spending small small amount of money in a lot of places which even become more expensive eventually than this and they will still not get result at the end of the day. Pls how can i get your ebook for threating fibroid naturally without side effect nd at what cost. Concerning the price, this seems to be among the cheapest of fertility treatment procedure you can find around considering the efficacy. He might also need to go for necessary tests such as SFA (Seminal Fluid Analysis) to confirm everything is fine. I will like to know if the female infertility kit will address the following female issues. Baking soda effectively alkalizes the colon and helps in eliminating the infection in pelvis as well as in the other organs of the body.
Curcumin present in the turmeric provides relief to the disease condition as it is a powerful natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent. Consuming foods like pumpkins, mangoes, spinach and sweet potatoes two times per day can help you to supplement your body with high amounts of beta-carotene.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Doctor, as we all know, male and female can both be responsible for infertility but today we are focusing on female infertility. In case of functional disorder, we try to find the reasons due to which proper ovulation does not take place or in other words, the ovaries do not form ovum properly. Apart from this, as you earlier mentioned dietary and lifestyle factors – how can they be responsible for female infertility? Among many couples who approach us, when we do the sperm analysis of male we find that his sperm count and sperm quality is good, female’s reproductive system is structurally sound and even proper ovulation is taking place but still the bitter truth prevails and she is not able to conceive. If the semen analysis of male partner shows no problem then there may be a problem with the female partner and it could be a structural problem or functional problem arising out of hormonal disorders, diet or lifestyle. The root of aak plant (commonly known as milkweeds) is known to maintain potency of fallopian tubes. Scientists have found that to reduce problems related to ovulatory fertility, certain foods could be beneficial.
Although, lean meat and liver are rich sources of iron, but iron obtained from green vegetables and beans would make you more fertile.
They are not only very expansive for most African women, in some cases, they also do have negative side effects on women’s reproductive system.
Since restoring the woman’s health and reproductive system ability are the goal, the scope of treatment is much broader.
There are other fertility procedures that cost millions of naira but still have not guarantee on them.
What you may need to do now is to carry our some medical investigations to find out the cause of the delay in conception.
This disease will lead to ectopic pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain, infertility, ovarian abscesses, peritonitis, adhesions, and perihepatitis.

So either we use such medicines or go for surgical treatment, in order to correct the particular structure. Instead of obtaining protein and minerals from animal sources, to increases your chances of conception, you should obtain nutrients from plant sources. This herb is believed to increase sperm count, improves sperm motility and increases testosterone level in the body.
You will share the result of the outcome with us and we will prescribe the appropriate treatment for you and you will get result. If we analyse our food, we will see that 90% of the food that we eat is acidic, and the quantity of alkaline food has fallen down. It is washed off later and the process can be repeated for about three days to see better results. Acidic property of a female body plays a significant role in disturbing the process of ovulation.
If the patient is found to have issues with her hormones then we have some herbal remedies available which control the hormonal secretions. Thus, first of all we need to ensure that the uterus has correct shape and size and once this is ascertained then only we go further.
Since we see that when a lady is in a condition of stress then she is not able to conceive thus we can’t ignore this factor.
Sometimes, there might not be any symptoms even if there are serious blockages and adhesions leading to infertility.
If there is proper ovulation taking place and the male sperm analysis also shows normal sperm count then we can assume that the acidic nature of uterus are killing the sperm cells . When we go ahead with the treatment we always ask our patient to ensure a pleasant atmosphere and maintain positive attitude. This article focuses on some of the home remedies that can help treat pelvic inflammatory disease. Basically, one need to move towards relaxation and meditation helps a lot in such situations. As this disease involves an infection causing inflammation, both the infection and inflammation have to be treated.
When we consume too much of acidic or sour food then the PH factor of uterus becomes acidic and this disturbs the mortality of sperm cells.
For fertilization, ovum has to travel to the fallopian tubes but in this case, it is unable to do that . When the hormones are regulated, the process of ovulation becomes normal and the lady is able to conceive. In case of IVF, while both ova and sperm are extracted from the involved partners but still they need to take the help of IVF.

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