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Enter your details to receive our weekly newsletter, packed with the latest natural health news, articles and offers. Joanne discovered the power of Pilates in 2002 when the Method allowed her to take control of her body again after a severe bout of glandular fever. Until 2006 she was Principal of Ariel Academy of Dance Five Dock which she established in 1992 teaching children aged 3-18 years Jazz, Tap, Ballet & Drama. Joanne taught at The Pilates Centre Mosman for 4 years, one of Sydney’s leading studios where she completed the majority of her Supervised Clinical hours as a student and on completion in 2004, she was offered a permanent position as part of their team.
PSYCH-K is a safe, effective way to dissolve resistance to change at the subconscious level. The subconscious has a great effect on us with up to ninety five percent of our total conscious being the subconscious.
The PSYCH-K system can be used in all areas of life – health, self esteem, career, relationships, prosperity and so on. This system has a good success rate with Rob Williams experiencing a success rate of eighty to ninety percent over the years that he has been practicing in terms of positive results. In practice for over 25 years, Catherine is an experienced Medical Herbalist, Registered Homeopath, Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. While the nervous system controls behaviour and sensation, neurology necessarily involves other fields of medicine like psychiatry.
Considering that the brain, spinal cord, and eyes form integral parts of the nervous system, a neurologist may work closely with other health professionals such as an ophthalmologist and orthopedist to treat certain conditions such as multiple sclerosis, migraine, epilepsy, Bell’s palsy, to name a few. A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders and diseases affecting the nervous system.
While the symptoms of neurological disorders are numerous, the most common signs include poor memory, poor balance, headache, blackouts, dizziness, seizures, speech disorders, trouble swallowing, numbness or loss of sensation, spasms, tremors, and difficulty controlling urination.

A neurological disorder may be caused by an infection, lack of blood supply, and inflammation. While neurological disorders are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs, natural therapy may be an alternative treatment or be used to complement your neurologist’s treatment plan.
For example, studies show that low Vitamin-D intake increases the risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis.
So impressed with the amazing results she achieved including increased strength, flexibility and renewed energy levels she completed the Graduate Certificate in the Pilates Method at the University of Technology Sydney in 2004 which was a natural progression to her 17 year career as a Dance and Movement Teacher and enabled her to further assist others to achieve their goals. In 2006 she established her own fully equipped , highly personalised boutique studio, ‘Joanne Sutton Pilates’, in Five Dock bringing her unique skills in rehabilitation, pre and post natal fitness, cross training for dancers & general fitness to the Inner-West.
Our behaviour is a direct reflection of our beliefs, perceptions and values that are all generated from past experiences. The subconscious stores our attitudes, values and beliefs and it is from these that we form attitudes about ourselves and the world.
For example, we may be attracted the same type of relationships over and over, a low self esteem which can hinder success or finding a partner and so on.
If you are able to align your conscious desires with your subconscious beliefs, this is a powerful tool for positive change.
For example, if you goal is to find a new job, releasing the fear of changing jobs or being unemployed may be felt at the time of the balance. It is difficult to exactly quantify the success rate as the presenting problems and goals are not the same.
After this workshop, the attendee is then able to use the technique whenever it is necessary and they are also able to facilitate the process for themselves, their family and their friends.
Conditions such as depression, dementia, mood disorders displayed by Alzheimer’s patients, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are both psychiatric and neurological concerns.

If a neurologist suspects that you are suffering from a neurological disorder, he may ask you to undergo a series of tests to check how your nervous system is working.
If detected at an early stage, therapeutic supplementation and other therapies may stop the progression of multiple sclerosis. Joanne regularly attends courses, workshops and conferences to continually improve her teaching skills and learn new ideas & techniques.
The problem that we face is in how we change these old beliefs, perceptions and values, into new positive ones that benefit our lives.
These attitudes are both positive and negative and is the negative ones that we seek to change and this is done by changing the belief that supports the attitude and the corresponding behaviour. Therefore, PSYCH-K uses Brain Dominance Theory (split-brain research) to provide ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that sabotage you into beliefs that support you in all areas of your life.
However, getting a new job may take additional time and action due to factors such as researching new career opportunities, attending interviews and so on. Neurology covers everything about the brain, spinal cord, nerves and nerve muscles including their shape, form or structure, function, as well as the causes, manifestations and consequences of diseases affecting it. This overlapping nature of neurology may be a source of confusion to the ordinary person whether to consult a neurologist or a psychiatrist for any of these conditions. A naturopath may take the approach of proper nutrition, supplementation and natural methods to treat the cause of a neurological disease. Other conditions that may be treated with natural therapies include autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), migraine or headaches, vertigo or dizziness, sleep disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

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