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A thorough assessment and treatment of any mental, emotional issues that may be contributing to aging. Dyspepsia is generally diagnosedto routine blood, urine, and stool tests, a sigmoidoscopy may help detect problems in the rectum and lower colon and also maybe taken to check for thyroid disorders. Mandarine orange leaves have a capacity to reduce your indigestion problem, so if you take some mandarine orange leaves clean and boil with water.
Constipation is an acute or chronic condition in which bowel movements occur less often than usual or consist of hard, dry stools that are painful or difficult to pass. Constipation is generally diagnosedto routine blood, urine, and stool tests, a sigmoidoscopy may help detect problems in the rectum and lower colon and also maybe taken to check for thyroid disorders.
Dyspepsia or biliousness are usually brought on by overeating, and cause acute discomfort in the throat, chest and abdomen.
Dyspepsia is generally diagnosed to routine blood, urine, and stool tests, a sigmoidoscopy may help detect problems in the rectum and lower colon and also maybe taken to check for thyroid disorders.
Cilantro leaves have many known health benefits and researchers are finding more every day.
Carom is also traditionally known as a digestive aid, a relief for abdominal discomfort due to indigestion and an antiseptic. Fennel and carom seed have a capacity to reduce your indigestion problem, so if you take fennel seed and carom seed. Constipation is generally diagnosed to routine blood, urine, and stool tests, a sigmoidoscopy may help detect problems in the rectum and lower colon and also maybe taken to check for thyroid disorders. Delonix elata is medicinal plants used in traditional Indian medicine for the treatment of various ailments.
Delonix elata leaves and amla immature leaves have a capacity to reduce the constipation problem, so if you take some delonix elata leaves and amla immature leaves, make its decoction. Causes of anorexia which are worthless personal feelings, stressful events in life, and cultural influence of the country where the person is living, are situations that can look normal, but that can have deathly consequences. Radish is a vegetable with thin white skin and white flesh, this vegetable can be eaten raw (appetizer and salads) or cooked (ingredient to soup dishes).
Pepper is used in certain tonic and rubefacient preparations and also used as flavour ingredient in most major food products including non alcoholic beverages, candies, baked foods, meat and meat products, Cheese, Condiments and relishes. Radish leaves and pepper have a capacity to reduce your anorexia and indigestion problem, so if you take some pepper, soaked in radish leaves juice.
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The first part of the chart is based on the stage of the disease, which relates to the biological terrain associated with an infection. In the herbal world, most remedies that work against infection are broad-spectrum, meaning they work against a broad range of microbes, bacteria, viruses and yeast. Traditionally, balancing the biological terrain was the way to help the body remove the environment that allowed the infection to be present. For this reason, the first part of the chart focuses on the stage of the disease, which is related to biological terrain.
Once the stage of the disease or tissue state has been established, one can secondarily determine whether one wants an agent that is antibacterial (B), antifungal (F), antiviral (V) or antiparasitic (P). The second part of the chart deals with whether the immune system needs to be built up or stimulated or whether it needs to be calmed down or regulated. There are many herbs that can be helpful for this early stage of an infection, but diaphoretics, herbs that induce sweating have been traditionally used in the early stages of colds, flu and other infections to help speed recovery.
To cool the inflammation, consider sour remedies like elderberries (particularly good for viral infections), lemon juice, rosehips and vitamin C. Specific NSP products and formulas that are helpful for this stage of infection include: Silver Shield (B, V, F), ALJ (V), CC-A with Yerba Santa (V), Elderberry D3fense (V), Elderberry Immune (V), IF-C (B, V), Immune Stimulator (B, V, F) and Zinc Lozenges (V).
In the acute stages of infection, one tends to get redness, fever and thin, watery discharge.
This stage of infection often involves earaches, sore throats, congestion in the lungs and sinuses with difficulty breathing and loss of appetite. When infections linger or a person has a low grade, chronic infection the body is in a weakened sate and is having a hard time getting rid of the infection.
Aromatic herbs with infection-fighting properties can be very helpful for warming the body and directly fighting the infection. The final tissue state that can be associated with infection is the degenerative or atrophied tissue state.
A less severe example of this state is chronic immune weakness with frequent infections and fatigue. Very strong botanicals are needed at this stage of infection, many of which are not available from NSP. Alzheimer’s Disease—A decline in social and intellectual abilities due to abnormalities in the brain. Lateral Sclerosis—ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) severe and fast progressive paralysis and degeneration. Myasthenia Gravis—Weakness, fatigue of voluntary muscles, abnormalities of the thymus gland. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—Painful lymph nodes, general weakness, fatigue with no apparent cause for long periods of time. Crohn’s Disease—Inflammatory bowel condition, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal pain. Ulcerative Colitis—Bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, painful and urgent bowel movements, fever, weight loss, joint pains. Antioxidants like Antioxidant Arsenal, Carotenoid Blend, Super Antioxidant and Thai-Go can also help to balance immune activity. Avoiding allergy producing foods greatly reduces stress on the immune system and helps reduce cellular miscommunication.
A complete understanding of the natural treatment of autoimmune disorders is beyond the scope of this article, but these basics can help a person get started.

The immune system doesn’t just destroy infectious organisms, it also destroys cells that go deviant and fail to respond properly to the signaling systems of the body. Cancer is a life-threatening disease and cancer patients should carefully explore their options and make informed decisions about what they feel will be the best course of action. To understand how to work with cancer naturally, we need to understand some facts about cancer cells. In order to fuel their unusually rapid growth and reproduction, cancer cells stimulate the growth of new blood vessels around them and increase the rate at which they convert nutrients from the blood into energy for themselves. In addition to cytotoxic herbs, it is wise to use products that enhance the immune response with cancer. Cancer was also traditionally treated with blood purifiers such as burdock, pau d’arco, poke root, red clover, red root and sheep sorrel. Enzymes are critical in recovering from cancer, especially protyolic (protein-digesting) enzymes. When a person is weakened and emaciated from cancer, they may need some tonic herbs to strengthen their body such as astragalus, ginseng, una de gato and ashwaganda. Specific NSP products to consider for cancer include Curcumin BP, High Potency Protease (between meals), Paw Paw Cell Reg, Immune Stimulator, E-Tea, SC Formula, SUMA Combination, Trigger Immune and Una De Gato Combination. It may be triggered by eating particular foods or after drinking wine or carbonated drinks. Bowel habits vary, but an adult who has not had a bowel movement in three days or a child who has not had a bowel movement in four days is considered constipated. In southern parts of India, Carom are powdered and soaked in milk, which is then filtered and fed to babies. To retain the freshness and crunchiness of this vegetable it is advised to soak it in cold water. This is a slightly different approach to immunity than you are probably used to, because normally people think of immunity in terms of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal actions. In modern medical thinking, it is the microbe or invading organism that is the immediate and direct cause of the problem, therefore, conventional medical wisdom would say that you need an anti-bacterial agent for a bacterial infection, an anti-viral remedy for a viral infection and an anti-fungal for a fungal infection. Selecting a remedy should primarily be based on determining whether the body is in an acute (irritated), subacute (stagnant), chronic (depressed) or degenerative (atrophied). These properties are represented by the appropriate letter following the remedy in the following text. Frequent infections and cancer are situations where its appropriate to build up the immune system.
When there is a lot of redness and irritation in the upper respiratory system with thin, watery mucus discharge eyebright is a good remedy. The tongue will be damp and swollen and will often have a heavy white or yellowish coating.
Some of the best single herbs for this stage of infection include: Andrographis (B, V), Boneset (V), Blue Vervain (V), Echinacea (B, V), Goldenseal (B), Myrrh (B), Oregon Grape (B), Pau d’Arco (F), Red Root (B), Thuja (V, F), Usnea (B, F) and Yarrow (V). In the chronic infective state, convalescence is slow and there is a general weakness about the person. In auto-immune disorders, the immune system appears to be out of whack, attacking healthy body tissues. Immune stimulants are contraindicated because increasing immune activity will actually make the problem worse. One of the factors that is common in most people with autoimmune disorders is exhausted adrenals.
Licorice root not only supports the adrenals, it has anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions of its own.
Other immune modulating herbs to consider include the following: Astragalus, Black Walnut, Cordyceps, Eleuthero, Ganoderma, Miatakie and Schizandra.
Vaccines, which introduce mercury and other toxins directly into the blood stream, have been implicated.
Malic acid and magnesium, which are important in generating cellular energy may also be helpful for fibromyalgia. In other words, it helps the body more accurately identify what belongs to self and what does not belong to self. Yoga, tai chi and other flowing martial arts and dance disciplines, hiking, walking, swimming and light bicycle riding are good choices. Ideally, people who are using natural methods to aid their fight against cancer should work in cooperation with a medical doctor. The digestive system, eliminative organs and the immune system are all in a depleted condition. A person may choose to use nothing but natural methods, nothing but modern medicine or a mixture of the two.
Cells can die because they are killed by injurious agents, but they can also die because the are induced to commit suicide—a process called apoptosis. They are usually prepared as some type of standardized extract to concentrate and quantify the cytotoxic compounds they contain. The mineral germanium may help the immune system in cancer, especially in cases of leukemia. The sooner these aging factors can be addressed and neutralized, the less overall damage (and hence aging) will occur.
To determine antibacterial activity and phytochemicals in the crude extracts of five medicinal plants used in traditional Indian medicine for the treatment of various ailments like rheumatism, piles fever, skin diseases and snake bite. It contains many minerals and vitamins like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Carotene and Vitamin B Complex. As previously suggested, they often work by strengthening non-specific immune responses or otherwise regulating immune function. This is the acute inflammatory stage, which means that the innate immune system is being activated in response to some kind of damage.
This happens in the later stages of colds, flu, fevers and other contagious diseases (after 24-48 hours).

Good single herbal remedies for infections that have reached the chronic stage, include: Astragalus (V), Cordyceps (V), Garlic, Raw or High Potency (B, V, F.
This type of infection will include decaying flesh, oozing sores and pus-filled wounds that are developing blood poisoning. However, often even modern medicine does not deal adequately with this type of problem, so alternative therapies can still be helpful.
Medical treatment for such illnesses usually involves therapies that depress immune system response. The adrenals produce cortisol, a hormone that dampens the immune response and keeps it under control. In addition to stress management techniques such as meditation, adequate sleep, positive mental attitude and relaxation techniques there are supplements that help the body manage stress.
Avoid all foods that are incompatible with one’s blood type as these foods are incompatible with a person’s immune system. However, the remedies in this section also work on less serious situations involving abnormal tissue, such as cysts, abscesses, non-cancerous growths and lumps, chronically swollen lymph nodes, warts, endometriosis and psoriasis. However, it is not always easy to find a medical doctor who sympathizes with natural methods. Herbal therapies for cancer do not directly attack the cancer cells, rather they focus on building up the body so that it will destroy the cancer cells. Whatever a person’s decision it is important that family members and loved ones be supportive. They develop an anaerobic metabolism that allows them to create energy in the absence of oxygen. There are built in mechanisms inside each cell that cause apoptosis when conditions are right. You are free to print and distribute the chart, email it or post it on a website provided you do not alter it in any way.
The antibacterial activity of organic solvent extracts of these plants were determined by disc diffusion and broth dilution techniques against gram-positive bacterial strains (Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus) and gram-negative bacterial strains (Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa). Instead, they alter the terrain in which the live or activate the immune system to fight them.
They also work by altering the biological terrain, rendering it unfriendly to microbial growth. In a similar manner, when one detoxifies the body, and balances the biological terrain, there is no longer a host environment present for infection. P), Lomatium (V, B), Miatake (V), Olive Leaf (B, V), Oregano (B, V, F, P), Osha (V), Propolis (B, V), Reishi (V), Rosemary (B, V), Shitake (V), St.
Antibiotic resistant infections or infections with flesh-eating bacteria would also be in this category. Anti-inflammatories, typically of a cortisone-like nature are also used to ease inflammation and pain. With essential oils, avoid ylang ylang, geranium and thyme, as they are too stimulating to a hyperactive immune system. Evening primrose oil can reduce inflammation as long as hyperinsulinemia isn’t present and the body has adequate Omega-3 oils.
Some common foods that aggravate autoimmune conditions include hydrogenated fats and oils (shortening, margarine), grains (especially corn and wheat) and dairy products. Treatment of cancer is a difficult challenge for even a skilled natural healer and is beyond the scope of this course.
Most people who recover from cancer, whether using natural means or medical means, have a positive attitude. They have seven times more insulin receptors than ordinary cells and more receptors for glucose uptake, which means they can absorb blood sugar faster than healthy cells. This process takes place naturally when certain cells are no longer needed by the body, or when they become a threat to the body.
Other immune-boosting herbs that may be helpful for cancer are anamu, astragalus and una de gato.
So, this chart focuses on the terrain, not the microbe as a way to determine what remedies are going to be of greatest value.
The pulse is typically rapid and superficial and the tongue is bright red and is often elongated. Specific conditions that may occur in chronic tissue state include parasitic infections, yeast infections, chronic sinus problems or wounds that aren’t healing properly. It makes much more sense to support the adrenals to make more cortisol, than it does to use side-effect laden drugs.
Nevertheless, the following information will help people to get started in researching their options.
Fear, worry and other negative thinking patterns depress the immune system, so a positive attitude is critical for recovery. Put 2 cups of Epsom salts in a tub of hot water along with some of your favorite relaxing essential oils. There may also be active discharge from the body (watery eyes, sinus drainage, coughing, sneezing, sweating, etc.). Lymph nodes may become congested and swollen, and one develops a sluggish, swampy or boggy condition in the tissues.
Willow bark does not help the adrenals, but it does have an anti-inflammatory effect that can be helpful for pain in autoimmune disorders.
If a person wishes to take a natural approach to cancer they should find a qualified professional to assist them.

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