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You may find references to a 1979 study on the internet comparing lithium carbonate and lithium orotate regarding kidney function and safety. There have been many studies since, but pro-pharmaceutical advocates love to spew out faulty data arguing its validity. So let’s be very clear once and for all, regarding the truth behind this highly quoted study. It’s all about Bioavailability. Lithium whether prescription or non-prescription is in the form of a salt. So the trick is to give the body what it needs, thus improving health, but without giving too much so as to be toxic. Lithium has been long known for it healing properties regarding mental conditions such as bi-polar and manic disorders. In the 1940’s lithium chloride was used as a substitute for table salt, but after some reported deaths due to toxic effects, it was promptly prohibited. Lithium chloride, just as with sodium chloride (table salt), is a necessary element we need for health. Just as with lithium chloride, lithium carbonate can become toxic for the same reason – poor bioavailability. There were 3 groups of rats; one group of rats was injected with lithium carbonate, one group was injected with lithium orotate, and the third group (the control group) was injected with sodium chloride (salt). Now remember that the premise of lithium orotate is that less amounts of elemental lithium is required to achieve the same effects of lithium carbonate. The results of the study concluded that kidney function was lowered in the rats that were given lithium orotate than those that were given lithium carbonate. There was a major flaw in the study, and the flaw was that all the injections were of equal amounts. Again, the whole idea of lithium orotate is that less is needed to achieve the effect of the lithium carbonate, making it a safer, and more effective option. If equal amounts of the lithium orotate and lithium carbonate were used in the study, using the amount of lithium carbonate as the standard amount, then an equal amount of lithium orotate would be an incredible overdose in comparison. In simple terms, lithium orotate is absorbed faster than lithium carbonate so lower doses of lithium orotate are need to achieve the same effect of lithium carbonate. So actually, this study proved the effectiveness of lithium orotate over lithium carbonate by the very result of the lower renal function at the same dosage. Real scientists (a real scientists is a person in the search of knowledge and truth, not for special interest) would have realized this obvious result, which in comparison, the lithium orotate was 700% in excess to that of lithium carbonate! Despite the research and potential applications of this impressive mineral, the conventional medical establishment won’t open their eyes to anything that sways them away from their deep dogmatic position.
I agree, wholeheartedly, that lithium carbonate can indeed cause problems in older patients, especially when using at therapeutic dosages. There are those who feel there is a conspiracy against finding cures of major diseases and health conditions, because if cures were really found, the billions of dollars lost to the endless assembly line of pharmaceuticals would be unthinkable. After all the hours of research I have done regarding supplements, deficiencies, and our ever-increasing disease statistics, despite the all the pharmaceuticals, if it isn’t’ a conspiracy, then these scientists are truly doing an injustice regarding the search for knowledge and truth.

Scientists should be interested in researching ALL options and possibilities without  bias. I personally prefer the name brand Advanced Research. You can purchase lithium orotate from many different websites. There is evidence that low-dose lithium can be beneficial irrespective of which salt, but low-dose lithium orotate is not remotely equivalent to high-dose lithium carbonate. Hi, I am a 65 year-old female who has been detoxing from antidepressants and benzodiazepines for over a year.
I’m taking lithium carbonate 300 mg 2x a day and believe it is causing me weight gain. Wonderful artical best one I’ve heard with lithium orotate(LO) I’ve been reading up on LO and how much LO per day would one have to take to reach a toxic level would you say?
I’ve been on 600 mg lithium carbonate for too long and I took it down to 450 mg of lithium carbonate AND added 5 mg.
If I take 600mg lithium carbonate, how much lithium orotate would I take for the same affect?
Anyone who has Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases should read this article about a lithium study done. The lithium ion is attached to salts, like carbonate from carbonic acid, citrate from citric acid, or orotate from orotic acid. However, as we all are well aware, table salt when used in excess can have extremely harmful effects on our health.
Hans Nieper, were found to be a component of natural electrolyte carriers designed for distributing minerals throughout the body. Nieper’s observations of cells, he concluded that molecules of minerals attached to an orotate carrier can pass through cell membranes intact without breaking apart into their component ions. Based on this study, they advised against the use of lithium orotate for treatment in patients. The flaw did become apparent to other scientists who stepped-up and preformed a follow-up study. I think a more effective way to determine whether lithium orotate is working, and whether an adequate dose has been prescribed, is to monitor the patient. However, why not use lithium orotate instead, which has no side-effects at therapeutic levels? After all, isn’t that what our scientific method of evidence based medicine was created to accomplish?
Sales of lithium carbonate and chloride are banned, that’s why orotate and aspartate are sold as supplements.
Need direction and advisement in order to make the switch and then spread the word if it helps me! So, the idea when taking any form of lithium, is getting the elemental lithium, which is what is effective, to be absorbed by the body.
This was  a ground breaking discovery, because it was found that the respective ions of the mineral could be released at specific membrane sites within the cell.

She has been featured in many Health magazines, and has been a guest on radio talk shows in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.
I recently developed symptoms of no-Pilate disorder with severe rapid cycling and suicidal thoughts.
I was researching lithium orotate for my personal severe insomnia and anxiety which has been ongoing for many years.
I need some guidance as to how to make this transitions without withdrawals or having an episode. This is what is known as the bioavailability of the orotate carrier of minerals and it has since been applied to calcium, magnesium, zinc, and lithium. The level needs to be high enough to push the lithium into the cells, but not too high to pickle the kidneys. This article says they used 1-2 mM but I don’t seem to find what kind they used or how much that really is. If you can’t say for liability reasons, would you please explain how to figure it out?
I like that the article is supported by research, and that the research list is more extensive than one [potential study result. I’ve only been taking it at bedtime for a few days and I need to give it time to see if the dosage needs to be tweaked.
Studies are mixed with no conclusive evidence as to whether supplements may be helpful.5HTP L Tryptophan first becomes 5 HTP before it is converted to serotonin. Studies have shown that some adult patients have made improvements in their depressive symptoms when they have taken 5HTP.
S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) Another amino acid shown to be helpful in alleviating some of the depressive symptoms in bipolar disorder, but also shown to induce mania in some adult patients.
Papolos, March Madness, September Slides: The Seasonal Aspects of Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder, June 1995)Omega 3 Fatty Acids as Natural treatment for Bipolar Disorder In 1999 Dr Andrew Stoll did a study from which he concluded that Omega 3 Fatty acids (as a supplement) improved the outcome for bipolar disordered adults. Omega 3s are essential fatty acids, they are necessary for the brain to work correctly, but they cana€™t be manufactured in the body.
In our body we have both omega 3a€™s and omega 6a€™s and they have opposite effects when it comes to our cells.
Read and review studies that have been done, but consider the agenda of the source of information, as well as the quality of the research you are reviewing. If you do not fully understand the answers and choices your doctor is making continue asking until you do.

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