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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare), or Mugwort, Golden Buttons, etc.,  is a known herbal remedy which has been used by many generations to treat various respiratory problems, high fever, joint pains and other types of pains and aches. A team of scientists from the UK (the University of Greenwich) and Spain (the Universidad de Oviedo) centered their research on studying antiviral properties of tansy. The work included screening natural extracts of tansy in order to find out new antiviral compounds of this herbal remedy. However we found that tansy does contains known antiviral agents including 3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid (3,5-DCQA) as well as axillarin, which contributes to its antiherpetic effect,” says Prof. Maybe the medications prescribed for you were slow to work or didn't work as well as you needed them to. It was discovered that certain components in tansy have strong antiherpic activities, and lasting joint efforts of British and Spanish specialists resulted in pinpointing which exactly chemical components of the plant are responsible for these antiherpic tansy health benefits. I am interested in alternative medicine and I have done months researching the topic of herbal medicine. Everyone is different in how they react to certain modalities utilized in the treatment of herpes zoster, but you want more than just treatment.

Besides, I like interviewing people and learning more about their experiences with one or another type of herbal treatments. You are looking for an aternative cure that will keep this horrid condition from coming back, or at the very least, you want to minimize it's effects should it make a grand re-entrance.There are other natural treatments available that may lessen or even prevent shingles, sometimes called zoster, from returning to your life.
This herb has numerous culinary applications, and according to the latest study, tansy can be used as an effective natural herpes treatment. The findings of this study and the outlooks for potentially new natural herpes treatment were published recently in one of the most reputable international journal for new medical researches, Phytotherapy Research. I am willing to contribute to this site with my knowledge, and I would be happy to help you out to the best of my ability with any specific questions or problems related to alternative medicine.
Of course, always consult with your health care professional first.Shingles is caused by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), which is the same virus that causes chickenpox. It usually occurs in the older population, but can present itself in children, teens, and young adults as well. Actually, you are susceptible at any age for zoster, especially if you've had chickenpox before.
Some Noted Shingles Remedies:A study conducted in Germany took advantage of the use of the proteolytic enzymes that are naturally made in the pancreas.

These enzymes are necessary for the breakdown and digestion of proteins that exist in some of the foods we eat, such as certain fruits like papaya and pineapple.
Supplements of these fruits, usually found in health food stores, were given to 192 people participating in the German study, half taking the proteolytic enzymes and the other half taking acyclovir. Both groups consisting of of 96 participants each, reported about the same level of pain relief, but the group taking the enzymes had less side effects than the group taking acyclovir. Taking these supplements, however, is not advised for people who experience allergic reactions to these tropical fruits, and should be avoided in those currently on drugs that inhibit blood clotting, such as coumadin, heparin, or aspirin. It can also interfere with the ability to absorb vitamin B9.Tai Chi is a form of martial art, that evidence suggests may help to increase the strength of the immune system in adults age 60 and over who are susceptible for develping shingles.
A strong immune system is as close to a cure as you can get.Capsaicin is a topically applied skin cream that contains chili peppers, which is used to treat the chronic pain of postherpetic neuralgia.

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