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There are many treatments that revolve around replacing the thyroid hormone with synthetic hormone for treating the abnormalities associated with thyroid conditions. However, herbal remedies solely rely on the natural substances, which induces these glands for producing appropriate amounts of thyroid hormones that area completely natural. Ashwagandha, scientifically known as Withania somnifera, is one of the most effective herbs for treating thyroid problems like hypothyroidism or many other ailments that causes fatigue, as this herb increases energy levels in the body naturally.
Lemon balm is also one of the main herbs that help in reducing the thyroid hormones in the body. Motherwort is an effective herb that has been used for several centuries for treating depression and palpitations that are the two major symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Bugleweed, also known as Lycopus europea is one of the most widely accepted herbal remedies for suppressing the production of thyroid hormone. Guggul, also known as Commiphora mukul is an effective herb that helps in treating hypothyroidism. Thyroid lumps can be entirely harmless, but it is important that if you find a lump, to have your doctor check it out first. Thyroid nodules may be a cause of concern because they can affect your appearance, depending on the size. In clinical trials, both low-dose and high-dose methods using levothyroxine showed decreases in the size of thyroid nodules. Chinese herbalists have recommended teas made with sargassum to help add iodine to the diet. Citrus fruit, both raw and in tea, has also been found to reduce the phlegm around the nodule, which makes the appearance of the nodule less noticeable. The edible part of the bamboo plant has also been found to reduce the phlegm when eaten or consumed in hot tea.
Ginger, jujube and licorice have also been used to reduce nodules that may appear larger due to phlegm, according to herbalists. All of these natural remedies help reduce swelling and phlegm, which can help the nodule appear smaller and not protrude through your neck skin as much.
If natural remedies do not work, there are surgical procedures, including radiological or laser procedures that can help reduce the size of the lump, but overall the idea is to prevent the lump or nodule from increasing in size.
The nodule is basically an erroneous growth of bone and skin that becomes wrapped in phlegm on your thyroid gland. Do You Have Hypothyroid Symptoms?There are 8 different types of Hypothyroidism, and only ONE of those will show up on typical lab work. I used to get stomach pain from bread, starchy foods, vinegar our sour foods, but that is gone now. I was constantly worrying about my diet, afraid that what I was eating or not eating was the source of my problems. Kirsten understands WHY people have their symptoms, and she helps them get to the ROOT issues and heal. Kirsten is a Licensed Pastoral Medical Provider (D.PSc), Certified Functional Nutritionist (FDN), Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner (NRT), Health Coach (HHC), Thyroid Patient Advocate, Author, Speaker, Member of the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and she is currently completing her educational requirements to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

It is primarily responsible for determining the way metabolism works in the body and decides whether the energy should be stored or used in the proper manner. Any problem with thyroid gland can immediately affect the functioning of the body. In addition, ashwagandha herb also helps in reducing the production of some of the cancer cells.
This remedy contains balanced amounts of minerals and iodine that helps the thyroid gland in the production of hormones naturally. This herb is considered to be great in terms of balancing the thyroid hormones in the body, which helps in reducing these symptoms.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In most cases, the nodules are benign and can be treated with products meant to shrink skin and phlegm. While, not technically a natural remedy, its use has been the only way to show decreases in nodule size in broad based trials. Iodine deficiencies can be a possible cause for the benign thyroid nodule, so increasing iodine can help shrink the nodule. Over time, with healthy eating and proper use of the herbs in teas, the nodule itself can shrink. If the nodule grows, your doctor can help you by recommending a surgeon, who will remove the nodule.
Why does your doctor tell you that your labs are "normal", when you KNOW something is wrong? I quickly noticed after taking my supplements, how my energy level had completely shifted to having more energy throughout the day (as it should be) and winding down at night.
I suspected I may have Adrenal Fatigue, so I contacted Kirsten.  She helped me get to my real root issues right away, and within a few weeks I was already feeling better. Although I had been on a journey of healing for several years and had experienced small improvements along the way, I wanted more. I would try to exercise consistently, but could only push myself so far before I would give up from a lack of energy. My job requires long days on my feet, and I used to experience an energy “crash” before the day was even halfway over. I made it through the winter months without ever hitting that familiar rut of depression, despite facing some particularly stressful life events.
She has a gift for making nutrition simple and individualized so you can shorten your healing time.
She helps people go beyond their goals, and find out how amazing the human body can really feel! This herb is available in the form of an extract that can be consumed upon consultation with an expert herbalist.
Bugleweed can be consumed by mixing few drops of bugleweed tincture with your beverage for relief from various discomforts caused by thyroid.

Your doctor can prescribe a product, such as levothryoxine; or you can seek alternative remedies found in teas and natural food that helps reduce swelling and phlegm. In most cases, surgery is reserved for protruding nodules that have grown in size and can be easily removed without harming the thyroid gland. I wanted to feel healthy, energized and well; instead my body felt exhausted, my brain felt “foggy”, and my emotions felt out of control. I had digestive issues even four years after eliminating foods I had tested allergic to (including gluten, coffee, and shrimp), as well as experimenting with various diets to try to heal myself.  I struggled with depression, especially during the winter months. After our first meeting, the burden of trying to navigate this journey on my own lifted, and I knew I was in good hands. Now, I find that I can make it through my day without feeling like I lose my ability to function properly and without overeating in an attempt to boost my energy. It is so empowering to eat in a way that is right for me, and have my body respond accordingly.
Working with my body towards true healing by addressing the root causes of my issues has given me health, energy, and balance. Those with disorders of the thyroid are unlikely to be able to totally cure or control their condition with natural treatments.
Though this herb is completely safe, yet it is recommended to consult a doctor before consuming this herb for your own safety.
In other cases, increased exercise and acupuncture have helped with thyroid lumps, but results have not been proven for all patients.
Well, until I reached the age of 26 that is when my body & metabolism started to change – something in my body wasn’t feeling quite the same.
I realized that most doctors didn’t listen to my symptoms, until I found Kirsten and that all changed. I was also cold most of the time, which made me want to do nothing but sit with a blanket and whatever comfort food I could find! I found such hope in knowing that my concerns were legitimate, and that there was a solution. It is best to consult your physician first before starting any program to reduce thyroid lumps. Now I don’t get any acid reflex (unless I don’t get enough sleep), and that is big! I felt that her approach encompassed all that needed to be addressed in order for my body to heal. In most cases, surgery has been the end result even when using alternative programs to reduce thyroid size.

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