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Fucoidan Force™ is made in the USA in our home state of Florida using only certified organic fucoidan extracted from hand-harvested, radiation-free, sustainable, Atlantic-grown wakame seaweed.
Unlike Chinese and other fucoidans that rely on use of solvents and chemicals in their extraction processes, our unique proprietary water extraction method eliminates the numerous disinfection and purification steps.
Fucoidan Force uses only fucoidan that complies with Organic, Kosher and Halal quality requirements.
There are many species of seaweed that carry fucoidan, yet scientists have noted drastic differences between types of fucoidan. Wakame seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) is used in Fucoidan Force™ because of its unique and potent qualities. As most people know, the terrible tsunami in 2011 caused the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan to start dumping radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. Though any seaweed from the Pacific Ocean will be contaminated with radioactive waste, there are other concerns to be aware of. Though there is much to be wary of when trying to find a reputable producer of fucoidan extract, there are three general rules that can help you determine if your fucoidan is safe. Don’t trust an extract if it does not advertise its source as Atlantic-grown wakame seaweed!
If you are looking to improve your health with fucoidan extract, make sure you aren’t falling for a scam-source of your fucoidan! Fucoidan Force™ is the safest and most effective fucoidan available on the market. If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer and the harmful effects of chemotherapy, there is finally a way to FIGHT BACK! This novel extraction method also ensures the active fucoidan constituents remain 100% free of solvents and pesticides in their natural unaltered states.

We’re so confident that you’ll be pleased with your purchase, all Fucoidan Force™ purchases come with our industry-leading 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
Fucoidan is found in different species of brown seaweed – a seemingly odd place to find a substance capable of inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors in humans. For example, almost every fucoidan extract contains blood-thinning properties that can prevent blood clots and reduce the risk of heart disease – except mozuku fucoidan, which will instead raise blood pressure through the roof. Fucoidan extract from wakame is one of the most studied fucoidan sources, due in large part to its incredible anti-cancer effects.
Many untrustworthy brands of fucoidan supplements are unwilling to reveal the source of their fucoidan, or do not warn their consumers about the dangerous side effects of their extract. Harvested from wakame seaweed that is grown in pristine Atlantic Ocean waters, there are no other products on the market that can match its quality, purity or effectiveness. While there is no cure for cancer, Fucoidan Force™ can aid in the apoptosis of existing cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct. Fucoidan Force™, the purest fucoidan supplement currently found on the market, can reduce the ability of cancerous cells to migrate throughout the body, and can even induce apoptosis (cell death) to cancerous cells. Some types of seaweed, such as bladder wrack, contain fucoidan with a simple chemical composition that is not as complex or effective as other forms of fucoidan. Multiple studies have proven that wakame seaweed is especially effective at inducing apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells. Every day for two years, the reactor dumped highly radioactive water into the Pacific, where it has contaminated sea life in Japan’s waters and spread outward throughout the Pacific Ocean. Consumers of fucoidan extracts need to know which type of seaweed their fucoidan comes from, as it could significantly impact their health.

It also contains antiviral properties that can fight off viral infections from the common cold to the herpes simplex virus. By boosting the immune system and targeting cancer-infected cells, the fucoidan works with the body to destroy and thoroughly eliminate harmful invaders.
Hijiki is a seaweed that is often harvested for its fucoidan – despite the danger it poses to consumers.
Fucoidan’s beneficial effects have been studied at length and published in more than 1,000 studies in the U.S. The overwhelmingly vast majority of fucoidan is harvested from seaweed that lives in these radioactive waters, a fact that most producers of fucoidan extract are happy to keep hidden from their consumers. While there are many types of seaweed that produce fucoidan, they do not create fucoidan extracts with the same benefits.
This cutting-edge research illustrates how fucoidan is an alternative remedy that can help you feel better faster.
Fucoidan Force™’s ingredients were chosen because of their researched and proven health benefits, making the wakame seaweed the choice for this potent fucoidan supplement. Kombu, the most commonly used source of fucoidan, contains more than twice the amount of iodine of any other commonly consumed seaweed.
People who are not accustomed to a high-iodine diet can suffer from headaches, diarrhea, allergy-like symptoms, and other side effects simply by consuming kombu-derived fucoidan.

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