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School sores can spread quickly to other parts of the same body or to other family members.
The reason that I love treating Crohn’s disease is because there are so many natural and dietary treatment options available. Because Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disorder, one of the main factors to address is immune health.
The second step to treatment always revolves around healing the gut and mucous and reducing ulceration and inflammation. Digestive enzymes can aid the breakdown of meals to take the strain off the digestive tract as often Crohn’s sufferers will have low pancreatic enzymes, bile flow and stomach acid production. There has also a link between microbial infection in the digestive tract and the development or flare of Crohn’s. Stress levels also have a huge impact on Crohn’s disease and often a flare will be the result of a stressful period. While following these steps can go a long way to helping you along your way, they do not replace the proper evaluation of a trained naturopath experienced in treating this condition.
Teen Naturopath offers guidance, education and support for teens seeking natural solutions to their health.
You wouldn’t consider going through pregnancy without taking a multivitamin supplement.  Did you know the teen years are second only to pregnancy in nutritional needs – but how many teens are taking a multivitamin supplement?  Not enough! Read on to discover the ways a multivitamin can support health during the teen years – and beyond. Teens grow at astounding rates!  Teenage girls grow approximately 23 to 28 cm during their teen years, and teen boys add approximately 26 to 28 cm to their height.  Growth during the teen years accounts for about 20% of total height. The lifestyle of most teens is hectic.  School, part-time jobs, chores, homework, activities with friends – and yet many teens still find time to engage in regular physical activity.  Many adults could learn a lesson from these teens! One of the most common uses of multivitamins in all ages is to correct nutrient deficiencies. A multivitamin, in combination with a healthy diet can correct these deficiencies and prevent the numerous health consequences of having a nutrient deficiency. Above I highlighted many of the reasons why a multivitamin is an excellent addition to teen health – so how do you select a multivitamin for your teen?  The best suggestion is to consult with a Naturopathic Doctor who can uncover any unique nutritional needs for your teen.  Otherwise, select a high potency, high quality multivitamin and take as directed for your teen’s age.
The Mediterranean Diet is a way of eating based on the traditional foods, drink and lifestyle habits of people living in the Mediterranean countries of Greece, southern Italy, Crete and Spain. I am often asked about ways to eat well throughout the day either at work or for kiddies lunches.
This is a question I am asked all the time both at the Brisbane Naturopath clinic and with friends and family.
Disclaimer- The information provided on this site is for the purpose of discussion and education.
So what do snoring, ear infections, behavioural problems and overcrowded teeth all have in common? This eclectic array of common childhood complaints may seem diverse and unrelated but in fact they all have a common root cause.
The researchers could only come up with a couple of plausible causes for this – including poorer sleep and lack of oxygenation to the brain. For many kids, especially three to six year-olds, loud snoring is caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids. From my perspective this is just symptomatic and fails to address the underlying problem, which is nearly always food intolerance and environmental allergens. My motto is that children are always doing the best they can  – given the circumstances they find themselves in. Let’s start treating kids with the respect, intelligence and sensitivity that they deserve and create an environment and healing paradigm that allows them to truly flourish. Karen put me on a super tonic which I call her ‘magic potion’ and after a few weeks in taking this my FSH levels dropped dramatically and this was my lucky month and my dream had finally came true.

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Burn out is a sensation or feeling of exhaustion that often occurs after a period of high stress, long term stress or both.
Hypothyroidism – an underactive thyroid can lead to exhaustion, feelings of coldness, hair loss, weight gain, menstrual irregularities and sluggish thinking. Low iron – this is a common concern for women due to blood loss each month with menstrual cycles. Have blood tests done to determine whether your exhaustion stems from physical conditions like low iron or hypothyroidism. My interests range from healthy cooking, kickboxing, and triathlons, to parenting, reading and ballroom dancing. These make a huge difference, can improve the symptoms and heal the ulceration without the need for medication.With a good nutritional plan you have the power to control Crohn’s and remain symptom free for life.
Reducing autoimmune tendencies is the most important long term strategy to reducing symptoms and this can be addressed using dietary techniques or using herbal medicines. There are a range of well researched nutritional and herbal medicines that can aid Crohn’s. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of sufferers will have a food intolerance (or more) that is causing their flares.
A stool analysis to assess whether you have a yeast, bacterial and parasitic infection is an important step. Learning strategies to reduce stress levels and manage stress for life is an essential part of controlling the condition.
The prostate is an organ that is part of the male reproductive system Located just below the bladder and in front of the bowel, its main function is to produce fluid which protects sperm.
The options for healthy lunch are endless but here are my basics for getting started.  Try some of these ideas to make school and work lunch boxes a healthy and nutrient packed meal. It can be a tricky business and shifting unwanted weight or preventing weight gain is often about more than just dieting and exercise.
It is important you seek the personalised advice of your health care provider to decide the best course of action for your circumstances. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids are also linked to recurrent ear infections and of course tonsillitis. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is going through the whole ‘roller coaster’ journey of IVF.
I always feel so positive every time I leave Karen’s rooms, I’m so glad that I found her I can never thank her enough for my positive out come!Megan WolarczukI have been treated by Karen for many years and she is a wonderful naturopath. Come join me for a half day programme packed full of great health information, meditation techniques, mindset tools, nutrition and herbs for adrenal health and much more. These glands sit on top of your kidneys and need certain vitamins and minerals to function normally. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), Naturopathic DoctorI'm passionate about health, fitness and disease treatment and prevention through natural medicine.
Chemical antibiotics such as cephlex or dicloxacillin are necessary if the infection site is close to the brain or is not responding to internal natural antibiotics.
Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that can affect any portion of the digestive tract between the mouth and the bowel.
Investigating food intolerances via IgG food intolerance testing is a fantastic way to determine if food intolerances are playing a role for you. There are also specific strains of probiotics available that will help to heal the gut and reduce inflammation.
Try some of these tips to improve your energy levels naturally and without artificial stimulation.
The tonsils (and neighbouring adenoids) are a first line of defence and where our immune system does much of its production of the important immune cells.

Their capacity to cope with the world is a combination of learnt behaviour and modelling from the adults closest to them,  alongside a delicate interaction with their environment – food, water, allergens and other everyday exposures.
It was so lovely to actually have someone that actually listened to me, it was in 2010 when we decided we would give IVF one last go before having a break.
Vitamin B5, B6, C, magnesium, zinc, potassium are crucial to healthy adrenal gland function. It causes painful ulceration and inflammation that can lead to a host of symptoms such as pain, cramping, tender abdomen, gas, bleeding bowel movements or diarrhea. Increasing essentials fatty acid ingestion via flaxseed oil, fish, avocado, nuts and seed oils also reduces inflammation.
Identifying food intolerances also gives us a long term mechanism for controlling the disease- simply avoiding the problematic foods may be all that is needed. You will find that by implementing these ideas you will improve your energy levels and keep them high for longer.
She helped support my body before conceiving to get it ready to have a baby, throughout the pregnancy and also postnatally. In addition, adaptogenic herbs like ashwaganda, ginseng, eleuthrococcus, rhodiola and schisandra can be used to support healthy adrenal gland function. Herbal medicines such as aloe vera, licorice, meadowsweet, chamomile and slippery elm all reduce ulceration and help to heal the mucosal lining. She has given me a wealth of information, helped guide me through making informed decisions and provided me with emotional support. Nutritional deficiencies are common as absorption of nutrients is compromised leading to a cascade of other problems. Intolerances to common foods have been linked to digestive issues and in turn can affect the way the brain functions.
I had difficulty breastfeeding and Karen was able to encourage the flow of my breastmilk and was a key resource in helping my daughter and I have a wonderful breastfeeding journey. Often Crohn’s disease goes undiagnosed for years as it can only be determined via a colonoscopy or endoscopy investigation. Thank you Karen for all your support, no doubt you will continue to support my health and my family’s for many years to come.Melissa HatelyAfter finding Karen, for the first time in what seems like forever, I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
She waded through copious amounts of information and scenarios and managed to start me on a path to wellness.
Countless people have suggested I try meditation, but that was where the advice ended and I just could not bring myself to do it.
While they may keep symptoms under control the effects wear off as quickly once they are stopped.
Karen not only put me in touch with great information, her words are still what get me through my meditation today. For more severe flare ups immunosuppressant drugs might be given to get the symptoms under control. THANK YOU KAREN!Leigh Ann SampleHaving Karen as my Naturopath through my IVF journey has been wonderful. Her knowledge, genuine interest and caring nature have made an otherwise stressful time, less so. Using herbal medicine, nutritional advise & professional nutritional supplements, Karen helped me turn my health around. Her knowledge is phenomenal, as is her ability to piece all the complex bits of the puzzle together.Brooke CoplandAs a Mum of three girls I want to express my sincerest gratitude for your care and support. My family is blessed with a Naturopath who not only has a fundamental knowledge, but also a holistic approach when helping us and others.

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