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We listen to your concerns, gather health information from your history, physical examination & lab tests, and then formulate a naturopathic treatment plan that is in tune with what you need.
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Somehow this, the most basic promise from physician to patient becomes lost and twisted in the fight to cure cancer. While there is no doubt that pharmaceutical companies are morally bankrupt and fully corrupt, it is hard to believe that the vast majority of health care providers are as well. Doctors, even though they know this to be true even more than the rest of us, ignore the fact that study after “scientific” study will be overturned. Alternative treatment for cancer is much more effective if a patient has not been subjected to chemotherapy and radiation. Max Gerson accidentally learned how to cure cancer by experimenting with a diet to cure migraines that ended up also curing tuberculosis. Maybe we could also imagine a future where our food is not poisoned with pesticides, herbicides, petroleum products, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, MSG, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, sugar substitutes, and trans fats. Check out Foods, Vitamins, and Herbs That Kill Cancer and Cure Cancer Naturally See the first source below for a powerful full body detox protocol and the second source for Budwig’s recipe..
Are you looking for more effective ways to communicate not only WHAT we do as Chiropractors, but WHY we do it? After completing her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Biology from McMaster University, Dr. She has additional training in acupuncture involving women’s health and fertility, cosmetic acupuncture and facial rejuvenation and FirstLine Therapy (weight loss program). Due to a big pediatric clientele, Nyla has made it her mandate to have her company reach out to the young and educate them to make healthier and intelligent choices regarding their nutrition, fitness and how they deal with stress in their bodies. At Lewis Family Natural Health, our goal is to help your body heal from within, utilizing the best of western and alternative medicine. We work as a team with you to reach your health goals, whether it be relief from a specific disease, supportive therapies that will not conflict with your current medications, or achieving optimal wellness. We recommend that all potential patients take advantage of our free 15 minute consultation, either in our office in person or over the telephone, in order to see if our office is right for you. Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct health care profession that blends safe and effective holistic, natural therapies with the latest scientific knowledge of health and medicine. It combines the best of the alternative medicine and Western healthcare worlds into one integrated whole. It is a distinctive and unique natural approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of the whole person. They see each patient as an individual, and develop plans that are custom-tailored to each patient’s needs.
Naturopathic doctors emphasize supporting the patient’s body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. A naturopathic doctor is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the alternative health world and the conventional medical world; NDs understand and speak the language of medicine while also embracing the art of natural healing.
Naturopathic medicine is committed to the creation of a healthy world in which humanity may thrive. Suppressing the symptoms is like cutting the wires to the “Check Engine” light on your car without first looking under the hood. First Do No Harm: Safe and effective natural therapies are used to promote health and minimize the risk of harmful side-effects. The Healing Power of Nature: Naturopathic medicine recognizes an inherent self-healing process in the person that is ordered and intelligent. Discover and Treat the Cause: Naturopathic physicians seek to discover and address the underlying cause of a disease, as opposed to treating symptoms as isolated and unrelated problems. Treat the Whole Person:  A holistic approach is utilized by considering multiple factors of health and disease, taking into account physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, spiritual and other factors.
Doctor as Teacher: The naturopathic doctor’s role is one of education and empowerment, encouraging self-responsibility for health. Naturopathic doctors are trained in the same basic science and clinical applications as conventional medical students. Admissions requirements are comparable to those of conventional medical schools, which require a bachelor’s degree and pre-med courses.
The ND course of study includes approximately 4,500 hours of academic and clinical training. During the first two years of naturopathic medical school, naturopathic students are trained in the same basic science and clinical applications as conventional medical students. In the second two years of the program, ND students continue to take courses in conventional medical fields including cardiology, neurology, gynecology, pediatrics, and dermatology. During this time they also receive extensive training in holistic and nontoxic therapies with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness.
Naturopathic students intern for two years under the close supervision of licensed doctors in a clinical setting.
Currently, 17 states, the District of Columbia, and the United States territories of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands have licensing or regulation laws for naturopathic doctors. In these states, naturopathic doctors are required to graduate from a four-year, residential naturopathic medical school and pass an extensive postdoctoral national board examination (NPLEX) in order to receive a license. In a state like North Carolina that does not clearly define the practice of naturopathic medicine, there is some confusion between licensable naturopathic physicians, who have a four-year, graduate-level education and who have passed the NPLEX examinations, and traditional naturopaths, many of whom may have only received correspondence or online training. Naturopathic doctors in North Carolina who have graduated from an accredited four-year medical program are actively pursuing licensure for the state of North Carolina. If you would like to help in this effort to bring licensure of naturopathic doctors to North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NCANP) or ask either doctor at Lewis Family Natural Health, and we will be happy to provide additional information.
We are Doctors Eric and Kristina Lewis, a husband-and-wife team of professionally trained naturopathic physicians and experts in natural health and holistic medicine. Naturopathic doctors take a holistic approach to health care, treating a patient from the ground up. Naturopathic doctors typically suggest vitamins, herbs, and other natural treatments rather than prescription drugs. A naturopathic doctor may recommend massage and rest for a sports injury instead of more invasive treatments.

Naturopathic doctors are licensed physicians who emphasize non-invasive treatment and healing techniques, including yoga and meditation. Naturopathy is a type of primary health care devoted to using natural materials and remedies to treat various disorders and diseases in a patient.
One of the main goals of naturopathic doctors is to identify the underlying cause of an illness. Naturopathic doctors are required to undergo specific training in five provinces of Canada, the District of Columbia and at least 15 different American states.
Despite an emphasis on natural treatment, doctors who practice naturopathy may use some of the same tools that medical doctors use to treat patients.
Once again, I have tapped into the brains of the leading Naturopathic Doctors, and asked the question, “What medicinal kitchen spices do you recommend? Thyme– it is anti-microbial and reduces coughing so it is great choice for bronchitis. My favorite spice (at the moment) is cayenne – it is such a wonderful topical to relieve pain, itching and achiness. Ubiquitous, versatile, tasty, antimicrobial, easy to find.  You can use it in almost any recipe and not be obvious. DisclaimerThis site, its free newsletter, and associated programs from HealthE Coaching are provided for general health and educational purposes only and are not intended to constitute (i) medical advice or counseling, (ii) the practice of medicine including psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy or the provision of health care diagnosis or treatment, or (iii) the creation of a clinical relationship.
Due to what is called medical consensus, doctors are limited in their approach to fighting this deadly disease. Americans who reject the conventional medical model are quick to point out their fear that outlawing alternative treatments is part of a huge conspiracy to maintain the status quo – a conspiracy that includes medical doctors, scientists, other health care providers, and pharmaceutical companies.
The body has not yet been ravaged by radiation or crippled by chemicals that have decimated the immune system. Chohan focuses her practice on family health and has an interest in fertility care, women’s health and adjunctive cancer care.
Chohan is regulated by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO), under the Naturopathy Act, 2007.
Jennifer Pham-MacMillan, ND is a health enthusiast who completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences at Queen’s University. Jenn’s treatment approach involves treating the person as a whole, addressing toxic burden on the body to optimize health, and promote balanced living through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.
Nyla Jiwani, originally from Vancouver, BC has lived and practiced in Oakville, Ontario for ten years.
Jiwani has additional training in Intravenous (Parenteral) Therapy, Intramuscular Injections, First Line Therapy, Metabolic Balance Weight Management, Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation, Detoxification, Food Allergy Testing and is also a certified Craniosacral Therapist. In her daily life, Nyla strives for balance, abides by The Four Agreements, practices yoga and early morning meditation. Eric strives to inspire patients to live healthier lifestyles and achieve a better quality of life both inside and out. Eric and Kristina Lewis work with patients of all ages, concentrating on whole-person wellness by identifying and treating the cause of an illness, rather than just treating the symptoms.
These principles are based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease, and are continually reexamined in light of scientific analysis. Symptoms are an expression of the body’s efforts to heal, and they themselves are not the cause. Your naturopath is a doctor, a teacher, a counselor, a coach, and a partner with you in your quest for health and wellness.
These modalities include therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and counseling.
This hands-on application of knowledge with actual patients complements and solidifies classroom learning into practical skills of health and healing. Licensed naturopathic physicians must also fulfill state-mandated continuing education requirements annually. Both use the same initials, ND, as professional identification, which can make the distinction difficult for the public to identify.
It is important to understand a traditional naturopath has different training than that of a naturopathic physician. Our goal is to achieve licensure for the state, thereby assuring the public that a person using the title of naturopathic doctor is a graduate from an accredited naturopathic medical program with training as a primary care doctor. Naturopathic medicine is usually practiced by licensed physicians who have been trained by accredited schools. They may examine physical, genetic, emotional and dietary factors that may have contributed to patient's present state.
They are required to complete naturopathic education at a school accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education. Blood tests and medical imaging can help naturopaths determine the exact cause of a disease, for instance. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly, and seek advice on whether this information is appropriate for your condition.
And yet, they are quick to quote results of studies that confirm their beliefs and then totally turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to anecdotal evidence.
And yet, most of Johanna Budwig’s patients were sent to her by medical doctors after all other treatment failed.
To stay healthy or to regain our health, our diet should be 80% fresh, raw, whole, organic produce – more vegetables than fruits. She strongly believes in empowering individuals and restoring the body to a state of health. She completed her internship at various health care facilities including the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, Queen West Naturopathic Health Centre and the Sherbourne Naturopathic Health Centre. She is also a graduate of The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s four year post-graduate program. In addition to her professional health training in naturopathic medicine, she has also been a part of the fitness industry for over 10 years, and is still actively teaching classes. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from the University of British Columbia. She attends local festivals, community events, and educates children in schools about nutrition, lifestyle factors and Naturopathic medicine as a profession.
Kristina Taylor Lewis, ND, a husband-and-wife team in Asheville of professionally trained naturopathic doctors who are experts in natural health and holistic medicine.

She has a special passion for holistic women’s health care and expertise in homeopathic medicine.
In these cases, naturopathic physicians act to identify and remove obstacles to healing and recovery, to give the body the tools it needs to heal, and to stimulate the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Kristina, have attended a rigorous four-year graduate level medical program at an accredited naturopathic medical school, the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Kristina have passed the NPLEX examinations, and qualify for a license in the states that license naturopathic physicians. It is important to ask where your practitioner went to school and if they took the NPLEX board exam.
We feel that those seeking health care should be able to make an informed distinction between those professionals with similar titles and the same identifying initials.
This license will not put any other healthcare practitioner out of business, but rather will help clarify the different titles being used that is often confusing to the public.
Every aspect of a disease or a disorder, including diagnoses, treatment and prevention, can be treated by naturopathic doctors. With natural remedies, they may suggest modifications to a patient's exercise regime and dietary habits and may advocate lifestyle changes.
Upon graduating, they must pass exams administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners. In training, there may be less emphasis on clinical science and they may be educated in areas like homeopathy and vitalism, which contradict or stand in opposition to conventional medical treatments; for example, naturopathic doctors may suggest the use of vitamins, mineral supplements and other natural materials instead of prescription drugs.
I also use it or the essential oil for helping heal up sinus and respiratory infections when used with a steam inhalation. He contends that the Hunzas, Eskimos, Hopi Indians and others who consume a diet high in nitrilosides (which contain B17) never get cancer- ever. Omega 3 fatty acids, B17, enzymes, and abundant nutrients would aid the body in healing itself, while detoxing would remove all of the nasty chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. Additionally, she interned on the adjunctive cancer-focused shift at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, where she worked alongside other Naturopathic doctors to provide care to cancer patients. This profession has allowed her apply her scientific knowledge and address health concerns from both a Western and Eastern medical perspective. She completed four years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine to successfully become a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in 2003. Jiwani regularly attends conferences to continually improve the care she gives her patients. Having dealt with many chronic conditions, hormonal conditions and weight loss for many years, Dr. She has provided “lunch and learns” to many different corporate companies for many years and is available to book one for your company too!
Always check your practitioner’s credentials to make sure you are working with the type of naturopath that suits your preference.
Naturopathic doctors may use herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathic manipulation and Eastern philosophies to formulate a proper course of treatment.
Failing to complete any of these things will result in the inability to obtain a legitimate naturopathic doctor's title and practice privileges.
However, minor surgery, intravenous therapy and natural childbirth are areas that need to be further studied by the naturopath before he or she can perform them on patients. However, at the end of their training, they can be board-certified and practice as primary care providers. Patient after patient can be cured through alternative treatments, but medical doctors cannot accept the possibility. And yet, her natural treatment boasted a 95% cure rate – far surpassing any conventional treatment. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media.
Chohan will take the time to educate you about your health complaints, so that you can really understand what is going on in your body and why it’s changed.
Jiwani felt combining her practice with a wellness centre approach would be beneficial to her patients. They currently hold licenses to practice naturopathic medicine in the state of Vermont, keeping up with continuing education and other standards until the time that North Carolina develops its own licensing law.
It should be noted that not all procedures that naturopaths train for can be performed in certain jurisdictions. Those interested in seeing a naturopath should be aware that traditional naturopaths don't undergo as much official training as board-certified naturopathic doctors.
Instead, they will be convinced the diagnosis was wrong (though the MRI clearly showed the tumor) or when nothing else can explain a patient’s recovery – they call it a miracle – a spontaneous remission. Her treatment was based on the body’s need for omega 3 fatty acids along with a healthy diet.
She will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that works with your dynamic lifestyle. Jiwani is a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, the Canadian Naturopathic Association and is also regulated by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO), under the Naturopathy Act, 2007.
Jiwani has successfully passed the Prescribing Exam and has the ability to prescribe drugs and substances listed on Table 3 of general regulation.  She continues to provide Intravenous Therapy services at ONWC. Hence, Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre was opened in June 2012 bringing together a multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness. Having all these modalities under one umbrella was created for convenience for her patients and to create continuity and better care through treatment programs.
And like most other human beings, doctors are going to pay more attention to the studies that confirm beliefs they already hold than the one that refute them. Jiwani is able to treat the whole body and delegate to her team when necessary so that the end product is the complete approach of addressing the physical fitness aspect, the mental emotional aspect and the internal biochemistry of each patient. In doing this, patients can decrease body fat percentage, build lean body mass, decrease stress levels, decrease risk of chronic diseases and create peace within.

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