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It is the naturopathic doctors role to identify and remove barriers to good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment. Naturopathic doctors work in private practices, hospitals, clinics and community health centers.
Naturopathic doctors need sufficient time to ask questions and understand the patient’s health goals. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. At Human Reconstruction, we are committed to optimizing health, and preventing and treating disease through alternative medicine in a supportive and educational environment. A naturopathic medical doctor, (NMD) is trained in a wide range of physical and alternative medicines.
It is a highly specialized form of medicine, but not in the way that you usually think of specialization.
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Among the most common ailments they treat are allergies, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, obesity, respiratory conditions, heart disease, fertility problems, menopause, adrenal fatigue, cancer, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
NDs also need time to gather information, do an appropriate examination and teach his or her patients about managing their condition and improving their health. Jennifer Carter practices at Hydrostone Osteopathy in the historic Hydrostone Market Building, with a team that includes osteopaths and massage therapists.
NDs can perform minor surgeries, such as removing cysts or stitching up superficial wounds. Naturopathic doctors keep themselves up-to-date on the latest scientific research and incorporate this evidence into their treatments. Besides taking the time to carefully and fully assess a patient’s root problem, NDs speak and understand the language of conventional medicine. In addition to a special interest in nutrition and digestive system health, stress management, homeopathy and Bowen therapy, she brings to her practice several years’ experience as an environmental research scientist. NDs are trained to utilize prescription drugs, although the emphasis of naturopathic medicine is the use of natural healing agents.
The naturopathic physician will work with you to set up a customized health management strategy.

They can diagnose the way MDs do—yet, they bring to the patient a whole new arsenal of treatments and insights.
We combine practices of modern medicine and the holistic healing arts to provide the most comprehensive naturopathic treatment Sellwood has to offer.Sellwood Naturopathic ClinicUnlike most primary care physicians who simply prescribe medication to treat symptoms, we look for the underlying cause of an illness and treat it using a combination of modern medicine and holistic remedies. By focusing on the overall health of your entire body, we can restore its ability to heal itself and help it along the path to recovery.
At Flow Natural Health Care we also provide alternative care via the holistic modalities of acupuncture, massage therapy, mental health counseling, sports medicine, sports massage, nutrition therapy, maya abdominal massage and Chinese medicine in addition to naturopathic medicine.We are very passionate about the care that we provide. We are trained in a variety of healing modalities including pharmacology should the need arise.

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