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In 1983, the World Health Organization recommended the integration of naturopathic medicine into conventional health care systems.
Graduates of accredited naturopathic medical colleges are required to have more hours of study in basic sciences and clinical sciences then graduates of Yale or Stanford medical schools. In 1994, Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences, a naturopathic medical school, was awarded almost $1 million in research funds from the National Institutes of Healtha€™s Office of Alternative Medicine to research alternative therapies for patients with HIV and AIDS.
The a€?anti-cancera€? diet recognized by the National Cancer Institute was first published in a naturopathic medical textbook in the 1940a€™s.
The prevention of disease and the attainment of optimal health are primary objectives of naturopathic medicine.

It is part of the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is closely associated with University College London (UCL). Molly Linton, ND, LM, and a naturopathic associateship at Springs Natural Medicine under Dr.
Neal’s goal as a naturopath is to promote optimal wellness for her clients using safe and effective natural health care. The hospital has 665 in-patient beds, 12 operating theatres and houses the largest single critical care unit in the NHS.
She will work with you to create a health plan that fits your lifestyle and promotes your optimal health long-term.

Neal graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, one of the leading naturopathic medical schools in the country, and received a four-year Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine degree. Neal believes that true health is creating and sustaining balance in all aspects of health–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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