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Naturopathy provides not only a simple practical approach to the management of disease but a firm theoretical basis which is applicable to all the holistic medical care and by giving attention to the foundation of health. The common methods applied in Naturopathy are water therapy, fire therapy, air therapy, space therapy, mud therapy, acupressure, magneto therapy and chromo therapy. Subscribe to Endeavour's eNewsletter and stay up to date on news and events about the college. Naturopathy uses the holistic principles of Hippocrates to treat the underlying cause and the whole patient, not just the symptoms, to educate the patient and develop preventative measures to reduce recurrence. The study of Naturopathy includes herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, flower essence therapy, nutritional supplementation, naturopathic diagnostic techniques including iris analysis along with a general understanding of various forms of therapy. Prospective students need to be aware that some subjects in your course will have a 100% attendance requirement, and that these classes can only be missed for a very narrow number of reasons and must then be made up in order to fulfil the attendance requirement.

This applies to all Clinical Practicum subjects, as well as other clinical subjects such as pre-clinical skills and clinic observation subjects. It is a system of healing science stimulating the body's inherent power to regain health with the help of five great elements of nature - EARTH, FIRE, AIR, WATER and ETHER.
Importance of dietary in Naturopathy, Naturopathies relevancy in modern times and organic cultivation, Living Anatomy, Biological Chemistry, Physiology, Naturopathic skills, Diagnostics techniques in Naturopathy, Inter relation between Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy.
Classes will be taken by renowned scholars and Professors of Naturopathy with printed notes. The naturopathic clinician facilitates this process through teaching and providing a range of holistic medicines.
Attendance requirements are stated clearly on all relevant subject outlines, which are publicly available on the Endeavour College website.

Naturopathy is a call to return to nature and lead a simple way of living in harmony with self, society and environment. Its basic aim is to educate people to live in rhyme with the nature to lead healthy natural life. Each association has a different view of online learning and contribution to the Bachelor degree. Students are responsible for knowing the attendance requirements for all subjects and for scheduling personal events to allow for adherence to the subject outline and the College’s Attendance Policy.

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