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Over the years I have seen it all, especially women feeling like they have lost control due to hormone imbalance. At the end of the day if your hormones are crazy and out of whack, then that is how you feel!
With a love for women’s health and hormones I just want to see us women feel strong, healthy, stable and not so crazy! With the day to day pressures of family, friends, work and other expectations we are all seeing ourselves turn into crazy women.

The services provided will help you increase energy and vitality and live a longer healthier life.
Gynaecological problems are common and frequently cause disruption to a woman’s everyday life. At Alana, the gynaecology team will listen to your individual concerns and propose a management plan in consultation with you.  We will provide you with the latest information on medical, surgical and alternate approaches with a scientific basis and suggest how we can assist you to overcome what ever gynaecological issue is affecting your life.
What is worse they have been told by their doctor that it is normal, offered anti-depressants, the pill or just told to go away.

Using simple saliva testing and personalised treatment plans I can turn those hormones from CRAZY TO CALM.

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