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The 10th Anniversary Congratulatory Message is a short scene that only appears at the beginning of the opening theme for Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! The order appears to be semi-random, and the Cures also appear to be animated by their respective seasons character designer. The Cure that will say the message for the coming week's episode is listed along with a summary and preview for it on TV Asahi's website.
This article or section is a stub and can be improved in areas such as grammar, style, wiki-formatting, spelling and expanding. Hanasaki Kaoruko (?? ??, Hanasaki Kaoruko?) is Hanasaki Tsubomi's grandmother and mother of Hanasaki Youichi in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. Kaoruko became Pretty Cure after she met Coupe before the Tree of Hearts when she came there to study it.
It was stated that her Pretty Cure Seed shattered after her battle with Dune which resulted in the two sides coming to a draw.
When Kaoruko gave birth to her son Hanasaki Youichi, her husband said that they should make a Lavender garden for her. Kaoruko is first seen when she waits for Tsubomi and her parents to move into Kibougahana so that they can be closer.
Next time Kaoruko sees Tsubomi is when she finds her passed out in her botanic garden, and takes care of her until she wakes up.
Kaoruko, as a former Cure, is always available whenever Tsubomi or Erika need help, and is there to cheer Tsubomi up when Tsubomi wonders why she became a part of Pretty Cure when she is only slowing Erika down.
While Kaoruko is in her old house in Kamakura town with the girls, they discover a picture of Kaoruko and Tsubomi's grandfather Sora. In episode 44, a young girl named Mayuka had lied to her friends, claiming she was friends with the Pretty Cure.
While the Cures fight there way to Kaoruko, she is being held captive and guarded by the Snackies. Cure Flower, like the other Cures, can use a Forte Wave but was not shown in the show due to her fighting at a diminished power level. Flower Candle - Cure Flower uses a flower petal and generates a magical circle below the enemy with her flower symbol, which it spins enemies on the ground. Flower Carnival - Cure Flower throws several flower petals onto the enemy and generates a projection of herself, attacking the enemy controlling the Desertrian from the inside. Hanasaki Tsubomi - Kaoruko's granddaughter, Kaoruko looked after Tsubomi when she was younger while her parents would travel away with work. Hanasaki Sora - While Kaoruko trained in the mountains, she met Sora and gained an interest in him and his instrument playing. Dune - 50 years ago, Cure Flower battled Dune several times, in the end resulting in pushing her powers to their maximum. Kaoruko and Tsubomi are the first Cures to be related by blood, not counting Kiryuu Michiru and Kiryuu Kaoru, who became Cure Bright and Cure Windy during the last battle in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star.
According to a story she told, Kaoruko's favorite flower is lavender, which symbolizes promise through love.
Cure Flower is the first Pretty Cure to have an age change during transformation, followed by Cure Ace. However, she is the first cure to have her age changed but not her voiced change during transformation.
Before Coco can introduce her to the others, Bunbee appears, evidently chasing after the young girl. The opening shows the girls touring the Land of Sweets, eating candy and meeting the residents while having a lot of fun. When they're inside, they're shocked at the state of the throne room, where the room is dark and the columns eaten. Karen and Rin find themselves in a cold place, and Dry appears, telling them that the Refrigerator is where they will be turned into cold sweets. Meanwhile, Natts and Syrup are trying to escape the bubble they're trapped in with no success. Near a juice lake, workers are busy pumping juice until Syrup, Natts, Mailpo, Chocola and Dream clog one of the pipes they use to get the juice from the lake. Syrup changes to his transportation form to save the Dessert Queen, but on the castle roof the man from before jumps straight towards them, flinging energy spheres at Syrup.
Dream continues calling out to Coco, and although the evil Coco declares this useless, the brooch starts to crack. Mushiban is furious and complains about how hope, courage and love are pathetic and useless.
The Queen announces she devoted many desserts to Mushiban with all of her heart, but he couldn't be satisfied with them because he has no heart. Chocola stands and her Miracle Light gives her courage as she proclaims hope, courage and love will never disappear.
Mushiban creates a sword and says cheering is useless, and Dream raises her arm to summon the Starlight Fleuret. The animated short Pretty Cure All Stars: GoGo Dream Live is shown before the movie begins to mark the 5th anniversary of the Pretty Cure franchise. The mascots put on a sketch at the beginning of the movie to explain the Miracle Lights to the audience. Nozomi's birthday currently matches the movie's theatrical release, making this the first movie to be linked with the main character's birthday. This is the only Pretty Cure movie to have a kissing scene, and it is also the first and only onscreen kiss in the entire franchise.
This movie relates to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; besides the elevator and office, mostly everything is edible. This is the first movie in the Pretty Cure series that all of the objects are made by sweets (in the Dessert Kingdom). Suddenly, Chiffon wakes up and starts using her powers to make Love's Linkrun and other stuff to fly around. Meanwhile, in his human form, Shun was out in the city to try to find a good source for a Nakewamake. After the girls choose their ball colors, Setsuna takes her turn and struggles between black and red. Miki and Inori felling regret Meanwhile, Inori and Miki sit with remorse as they recall what happened.
Meanwhile Setsuna tried grabbing the Linkrun but it started shining and rejected her, not allowing her to touch it. Setsuna came close to getting the Linkrun, just to learn that it rejected her and she is unable to touch it. This is the second episode where an animal is turned into a Nakawameke, the first was Lucky in episode 3. As Cure Beauty, Reika has light blue hair with straight bangs and two long strands held with yellow barrettes framing the sides of her face.
In Tiara mode, her white tiara is replaced by a golden crown worn in the center of her head.
When Reika was revealed to truly be a Pretty Cure, she was the most accepting of any of them, being the only one that wasn't surprised at all. She doesn't seem to get scared easily like in Episode 28, when everyone was scared, except for Yayoi when she was excited to see a ghost, Reika was calm and a little surprised.
Hoshizora Miyuki - Reika seems to be a bit surprised at Miyuki's air-headed nature, but shares a nice friendship with her.
Midorikawa Nao - She is childhood friends with Reika and very close to her as she was there when Nao became a big sister. Irie - Reika seems to be good friends with the president since they are on the student council. Reika first met Miyuki at Miyuki's class presentation, where Akane introduced Miyuki to her as "Miss Popular". In Episode 6, they succeeded in bringing together the Pretty Cures and when they asked Candy what to do, Candy was paralyzed and said she didn't know, which shocked everybody. In Episode 16, it shows her daily schedule on mornings jogging with her brother and making Bento with her mother. At school, she had the highest grades while all the other Pretty Cures failed in each. In Episode 22, Pop came back to tell the Pretty Cures that they have one more Decor to revive the Royale Queen. When they went to Bad End Kingdom, the commanders, Wolfrun, Akaoni, Majorina and Joker were waiting for them. As the Cures united and put the last Decor in the Decor Decor they recovered, but they find it doesn't seem to do anything with all the Decors inside, Emperor Pierrot reveals himself. The Cures traveled back to Marchenland and met Royale Queen (and were surprised that she was big).
Back in Earth, it was summer and was helping Nao with shaved ice store and next door was Akane's Okonomiyaki and soon Nao and Akane started rivalry between them while the games they play, Rieka and Miyuki enjoy, Nao and Akane makes a competition.
Summer was almost over and Miyuki went to school where Nao was being a scaring cat from reading a scary book.
After receiving the Blue Snow Crystal Princess Decor and Princess Candle, Reika can transform into her princess form named "Princess Beauty!" She transforms by putting the Blue Snow Crystal Princess Decor in the Princess Candle and yelling out "Pegasus, Grant Us The Power!" With the other Smile Cures in their Princess Form, they can perform the group attack called Rainbow Burst. Rainbow Burst -is the second group attack, which appears on episode 23, the attack could be done with the Princess Candle, and also when they are on Princess Mode, and they are capable on defeating the enemy.
Although the name is unknown, another attack is done with her friends, as Cure Beauty can summon a huge rainbow shield or barrier in the movie "Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Friends of the Future!". Reika's voice actor, Nishimura Chinami, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. In her introductory speech, Cure Beauty says "shinshin", which is the onomatopoeia equivalent of "snow falling and piling up" in Japanese. Incidentally, Reika's name in kanji (??) can also be read as "Urara", the name of one of the Cures from Yes! Cure Beauty is the first Cure to have control over ice, though in some way her attack resembles the Frozen brothers from the 2nd movie of Max Heart. Both are the presidents in their school's student council (Karen is the president while Reika is the vice-president). Water and ice are the same substance in different states, so their powers are similar as well.
It is shown on Reika's profile that she has an older brother who practice judo, her father (not seen in the show) is an artist and her mother practices aikido. The Butler Zakenna have been ordered to team up with Cure Wiki with the hope that this article might meet Cure Wiki's level of quality someday. She says hello to her granddaughter, not aware that the Tree of Hearts has lost its flowers. She then meets Chypre and Coffret again after a long time, and explains to Tsubomi that she used to be Cure Flower in the past.
She tells the girls the story of how they fell in love and how he had promised to plant a field of lavender for her because it is her favorite flower. Her friends instantly thought she was lying, causing her to make a Christmas wish to meet them.
During her captivity Sabaku goes to her and she asks him why he never destroyed Cure Moonlight when he had the chance.
While the other Cures were stuck due to an empowered Cobraja and Kumojacky, her wish came true and she was able to stop them and save the rest of the girls. As such, it is unknown what color her Forte Wave is, but it is most likely that it is either "White Forte Wave" or "Pink Forte Wave" like her granddaughter. Yuri used to visit the Botanical Gardens everyday as a child and once chosen to be a Pretty Cure, would appear to have become a pupil to Kaoruko in learning how to fight. The fight ended in a stale mate, causing Dune to retreat and Cure Flower lose her ability to transform into Cure Flower.
That position belongs to Cure Ange, who is said to be the one to create the Pretty Cure Palace and had a hand in forging the Heartcatch Mirage. It's Nozomi's birthday, and downstairs everyone is preparing for her party while Coco pokes her cheek to wake her up. Just as the party is about to start, a loud noise interrupts them and they turn to discover it's an oven. She stuffs everyone inside, shuts the door and pushes a button to teleport them to the Dessert Kingdom, with a brief warning that the oven might get a little warm.
His employer is revealed to be the Queen of the Dessert Kingdom with her subordinates, Dry and Bitter.
Coco notes that Chocola usually looks straight in the eye those who she's speaking with, yet she hasn't been doing that today. Komachi and Urara are in a hot place, and Bitter calls it the Oven and that they will be turned into baked sweets.
Mailpo comes along just then and frees them with a fork, and Milk runs ahead telling them she's going to save Coco.
The workers quickly get them out and dry them up, and Syrup accuses Chocola of betraying them.
Chocola tells her her mother is really kind and that she loves her, but she was being manipulated by a man named Mushiban.
Her arm is now chocolate and every time she makes a move the man turns part of her to more chocolate.
She is too weak to get away from him until she hears her friends calling her and she gains the strength to push him away, telling him she won't be turned into a sweet until she saves her friends. Kurumi is angry at Chocola, but tells her to lead the way to the bad guys before they decide to figure out who should do the apologizing. She blocks his hits and he knocks her to her knees, giving him an opportunity to deal the final blow. He opens a curtain from behind the Queen's throne and looks at the weak ruler, touching her hand and kneeling. The girls watch her as she yells that while she may be weak and has no power, Cure Dream is her friend and she wants to protect the people she loves.
Chocola explains she made it with her mother.  The Cures thank the Queen for the party, and she in return thanks them for saving the country.
Syrup pretends to be a monster, Milk plays the damsel-in-distress and Coco and Natts "save" her by using the Miracle Lights to transform into Cure Coco and Cure Natts.
He tells Eas to finish off Pretty Cure and she agrees, saying Cure Peach is foolish enough to let anyone into her heart.

They find out that Tarte is behind the chaos, and watch as he performs tricks for Kaoru to gain customers. She tries to steal her Linkrun until the other girls decide to exchange their emails with her as well, as a sign of friendship.
He happens to spot a parrot repeating the words of the shop Manager, about his desires to date a woman.
Before she can decide, Soular uses the Nakewamake to make Inori and Miki tell her what she said to Love back then was unforgiveable.
They hadn't meant to make Setsuna feel the way she did, and while they were a little upset with her because of this, they weren't planning on saying anything. She misses, and when Setsuna claims her phone may just be in the way, Love decides to follow her advice.
They note that they all have feathers on their backs and watch as more fly through the room. Love came bringing her some water and told her to not to go anywhere before grabbing it and running off. After weakening it, Pine uses Healing Prayer to purify the parrot while Peach used Love Sunshine Fresh to purify the rest.
They voice their shared opinions that she probably cares about Love a great deal, which was why she said what she did.
So now it's time for my yearly tradition of mocking the Precure staff's abject lack of imagination while lobbing popcorn at the screen.First of all, I had to take a moment to hurl at the title. Her back hair is cut in two layers, with the top layer short and the bottom layer extending down to her knees in 4 thick segments.
The centerpiece of her tiara is a blue diamond, and the angel wings at the sides of her tiara turn golden as well.
She is quite modest, and hates to put anyone through trouble, going so far as to initially refuse any help. She showed she was naturally calm and focused in battle, barely breaking a sweat when defeating her first Akanbe. A few days later, Miyuki saw Reika watering the flowers, where Miyuki was in awe of her kindness and selflessness, describing her as a "water fairy". She then tranformed a crafted mirror into an Akanbe, which then cloned intself into nine clones.
Just then, a book flew in, and like in Episode 1, the book crashes in her face and Pop, Candy's big brother, comes out (and in the right time) to tell the Pretty Cures what their destiny is.
She was asked by Miyuki why she study hard even though they (to the Cures' suggestion) have no use for the future. When they told him about Tanbata festival, Pop told them a holiday they celebrate from Marchenland that the natives laid out candles and wished on a shooting star, hoping that Pegasus would grant their wishes.
Miyuki discovered they still had one Decor, which they used for the tanabata decoration and decided to go to Marchenland to go to Bad End Kingdom to rescue Candy and the Decor Decor. While the other Cures were fighting the 3 commanders, Joker tried to stop Happy but Beauty and Pop battled him instead and Joker was quite impressed by her strength and intelligence. Just as the Cures are overwhelmed by Pierrot's power, the Decor Decor glows and the Cures are contacted by the Queen of Marchenland, who grants them the power of the Princess Candles, allowing them to evolve into their new Princess Forms and defeat Pierrot.
Then next episode Miyuki and Candy join up with the girls for the summer festival where Reika shows her ability in catching goldfish. Miyuki was influenced to all of the Japanese stories by her grandmother and gotten her high and strong happiness from her. Miyuki was not good with scary stories and Akane suggested they go around the school explore some rumors of strange sightings in their school.
In the Episode 12, she gains the Miracle Jewel Decors to transform her into Tiara Mode and combine her power with the other cures to use their group attack, Rainbow Healing.
When this happens, the Smile Pact becomes snow and is compressed into a ball, gathering on her right hand. When she was young, she was Cure Flower (???????, Kyua Furawa?), and is chronologically the second known Cure in Heartcatch Pretty Cure! universe. It has never been stated when or how long Kaoruko was Pretty Cure, if she had any Cure partner or if she quit because of special reasons. Sometimes her fairy Coupe transforms to look like Sora and he does so to make her happy by seeing someone she loved. She is then shocked when the fairies reveal that Tsubomi has been chosen to be with the next Pretty Cure, Cure Blossom. She proceeds to asking him why did he create Dark Cure to be the opposite of Cure Moonlight stating one is the light and one is the dark.
Despite having been loyal to her duties in the past, Kaoruko loves Tsubomi enough to break the tradition and refuse to fight Cure Blossom and the others, as the previous generation's Pretty Cure testing the next's worth for the Heartcatch Mirage.
Kaoruko knows intimate details of Yuri's past, such as the fate of Cologne, her mother's work and something about her father.
It seems like Kaoruko is afraid of Dune, acknowledging his growing powers as a life-threatening danger to the new Pretty Cure.
When she wakes, Coco explains that she fell asleep while waiting for the others, and teases her for her sleeping habits. As Nozomi tries to approach it, it begins to move and a girl flies out of the oven, falling into Coco's arms and calling him as "Coco-sama." Coco recognizes the girl as Princess Chocola, although Kurumi is shocked and demands to know who she is. They call out the Cure Fleurets and purify it with a Rainbow Rose Explosion. Bunbee surrenders Chocola to the girls, but disappears with Nozomi's cake, to her distress.
Everyone is sent to a road made up of sweets, and are thrown from the oven into the Dessert Kingdom.
Bunbee asks for his reward, and they tell him that it's the cake he stole, and Bunbee protests, saying it isn't a fair deal. As they carry a bunch of candy, Karen points out that by eating all of these sweets, they'll probably become fat.
Dry and Bitter approach and tell them the Queen wants to meet them and asks Chocola to take them to her.
She surrounds herself with a dark aura and traps Kurumi, Syrup and Natts in bubbles and returns them to their mascot forms. Chocola is ashamed and she runs off, and Syrup tells the others to leave the traitor alone. While they are falling to their doom, Chocola uses her Miracle Light to cast a bubble of light to land safely on the ground. She thinks about how she was happy with everyone celebrating her birthday, and how she wanted to see her friends' smiles rather than presents.
Mushiban takes a threatening step towards them and Dream appears with perfect timing, holding Coco in his fairy form. The Land of Sweets begins to fall apart as the castle is being destroyed as a tower begins to rise from a pillar of light. She tells him she's happy because everyone is cheering for her to their limits to do her best, and that she won't lose. Tarte juggles balls and does other things twice a day and the customers are welcome to have as many donuts as they can eat.
When Setsuna sees that their phones match she expresses surprise before trying to steal the Linkrun again. Instead, they use this moment to seriously ask Setsuna why she said to Love what she did last time, reguarding that fortune about Miyuki.
Shun gets an idea and switches to his true form, Soular, to make a Nakewamake from the parrot; one with the ability to make people honestly tell their true feelings to others - including insulting them or being mean.
The people who were affected by the Nakewameke apologize to each other, leaving Soular angry enough to storm off. Her tiara has two angel wings attached at the sides, and she wears it in the center of her head. Her white angel wing earrings are replaced by gold ribbon-shaped earrings with blue hearts in the center.
Reika is also quite calm and patient, not even out off a bit when the other girls told her about Pretty Cure, and tried to spare their feelings even when refusing their original request to become a Pretty Cure with them.
She also occasionally displays an obsession with finding her "path" in life, and appears to take her Pretty Cure duties quite seriously. Pretty Cure 5 and its sequel as well as share the same colors as them. Sometimes when Nao gets scared, she will cling to her. Each of the Cures tried to guess which one was real but they all guessed wrong and became too exhausted to continue.
The Blue Nose Akanbe was too powerful for the Cures, until Candy unleashed the Miracle Decors and the Pretty Cures gained their Tiara Mode to use their group attack, "Rainbow Healing". The girls began to hang their tanzaku on the bamboo tree and Miyuki decided to use the Star Decor piece as part of the decorations. When the Cures traveled to Marchenland, there were no one around and Joker appeared to fight them. All the Cures were almost defeated, but when they remembered their promise, Beauty and the Pretty Cures pumped their adrenaline and powers allowing her to have a strong Beauty Blizzard and defeated Joker, but he managed to escape. When they got out of the castle, Miyuki and the girls meet the soldiers, but were scared of the girls because they were human. While walking through it, Majorina turned the school into an Akanbe, with Majorina go into her Ultra form and several, mini Akanbe produced by the school itself.
With her free hand, she creates a snowflake and both the ball and snowflake are combined into one. In Episode 19, it was revealed that her grandfather Soutarou gave her the kanji name ??, which means "beautiful and elegant", in hopes that she will grow up to have such a personality, which she did.
At some point, most likely after she quit being a Cure, she met Cure Moonlight and the fairies Chypre and CoffretHPC02HPC26. After the surprise, they are attacked by Sasorina and the Desertrian she made out of Kurumi Erika's Heart Flower. Tsubomi and the others decide to appear before the children, however, as they were ready to transform, the fairies arrive telling them a Desertrian is attacking the city and the four girls are left with no choice but to leave.
Nozomi is embarrassed and Coco tells her he was kidding, and then compares her to Sleeping Beauty. To thank them for saving her, and to make up for Nozomi's lost cake, Chocola formally introduces herself as the princess of the Dessert Kingdom and invites them to visit the Land of Sweets.
Nozomi promptly makes a crash landing and discovers everything in the Dessert Kingdom is made of sweets.
Nozomi, Rin and Urara yell at her for saying the one thing that shouldn't have been said and they ham it up with a dramatic and tearful goodbye to the sweets. At that moment, someone calls out for Cure Dream, and the two girls turn to see a mysterious man. Dream tells her that she's scared too now that her friends aren't with her, and she's now sad. The man taunts Dream, saying there's no point in her trying to save her friends because they are now sweets. Just as the man was about to deliver another blow, Dream said her friends' names in her head and cried. As the sun rises, giving light to the kingdom, Cure Dream is transformed into Shining Dream. Mushiban is purified and as he disappears into bits of light, he asks Dream if desserts really taste better with other people. As Tarte is explaining this, Kaoru happens to spot Setsuna and points out that she saw them conversing with Tarte. As he watches a demonstration of this ability he spots the girls heading into the bowling alley. To try to cause more problems, Setsuna feigns hurt by their words and starts to cry before running off. When Love sees this she runs to their aid - but without her Linkrun she is unable to transform.
Though she does not get angry at other's carelessness, she can be the most frightening one of all when she does get angry.
The next day, she asked her grandfather for help and tells him her problems about feeling studying isn't her motivation and joining Council, archery club, and becoming a Pretty Cure without her own will and was asked by students.
When they went to the Park to see the stars, an Akanbe attacked and the Pretty Cures managed to defeat it and get the last Decor, but was quickly stolen by Joker and he kidnapped Candy and disappeared while his laugh echoed and the Pretty Cures called out Candy's name. The Pretty Cure transformed, but were defeated by him and had their Bad Energy absorbed because he needed the Cures' Bad Energy so Pierrot could revive and left with the Cures hopeless. Tae told her she loves the countryside and she has a secret treasure she refuse to tell Miyuki. When they got out of the Akanbe school, they purified it by using Princess Form and Rainbow Burst. Her name is an allusion to how princesses, common main characters in fairy tales, tend to be beautiful.
It was a man named Sora (who is identical in look to Pretty Cure's mysterious guy) who was playing his cello.
Kaoruko supports Cure Blossom throughout the fight, and after Erika is back to normal, she helps Tsubomi to make Erika believe that she passed out by accident and that everything was a dream. Cobraja and Kumojaki enter the Desertrian and quickly defeat the girls, encasing them in giant crystals. Shortly after Cure Blossom arrives and with help from Coupe they fight off the Snackies and rescue Kaoruko. Pretty Cure 5 GoGo The Movie: Happy Birthday in the Land of Sweets?) is a movie for the Yes! Nozomi enjoys the story and says that she wishes something like that could happen to her too, and Coco smoothly asks if she'd like for him to wake her up with a kiss. Karen guiltily apologizes, and Komachi tries to console them by saying that it's okay to eat sweets, but not all at once and that they should maybe stop for a moment.
Chocola watches as Natts, Syrup and Mailpo come along, and the knight blasts them with an energy sphere that blows them to the river that leads to a waterfall. The worker tells him it was made by Chocola, and Natts says that if she was really evil, she wouldn't make delicious sweets. The Pretty Cure sweets break because of Dream's feelings reaching them, shocking Dry and Bitter.
She creates a floating platform of light for the Cures and Chocola and warns them that Mushiban is powerful.

Love gives chase and attempts to speak to her, to say that they didn't mean it and she asks them to be forgiven. She asks Love to get her some water, so she takes off, leaving Setsuna alone with her Linkrun at the table. Just as Smile Precure's cast looked suspiciously similar to the Yes Precure Five cast, with Doki it appears that we're cribbing from Fresh, with a side order of Suite. Her sleeves are double-layered with a long frilly piece below, and the bow at her chest is loose and slightly drooping, with a small frilly piece behind it. Miyuki followed Reika and found out that, as Vice President, she was supposed to do a read aloud for the children at the Primary School. In Kyoto, everyone got good fortunes except for Miyuki for her fortune is "Great Curse" and encounters many bad things happening to her and her friends making her happiness go to its limit.
The Cures did not know what to do and Miyuki suggested they separate to think about what is most important to them. Miyuki thought they should add a signature phrase behind their sentences like Candy and made the phrases for them. The next morning, the girls were helping with the vegetables with Tae until Wolfrun came to cool off the heat. When walking home from school, Reika reminded them of their summer home works and tuition which Miyuki claimed it is more scarier than ghosts. This is further enhanced by Fu-chan's last bit of power. In Episode 32, she performs the third group Attack, Royal Rainbow Burst with other Princess Cures, and with help of Princess Candles and Royal Clock.
After a while, she follows Tsubomi home while explaining to her the duties and qualities Pretty Cure has, encouraging Tsubomi into trying harder being a Pretty Cure.
Now heading towards the Christmas tree in the botanical gardens, Kaoruko asks Coupe to grant her a wish. As they free her from her restraints, an image appears showing Cure Moonlight preparing to do battle with Dark Cure and Sabaku. Nozomi panics, Coco again tells her he was just kidding, and Nozomi tells him that was mean. Chocola explains that they can continue to eat since the Dessert Kingdom sweets won't make them fat. The humanized-mascots and Chocola make their way up to the palace, and Dry and Bitter accompany the girls while they gush over the views and stuff themselves with more sweets.
Mailpo explains that Chocola was the one who gave him the fork to free Syrup, Natts and Milk.
Dream appreciates it and tells her that she loves everyone like Chocola loves her mother, and she wants to help them. Cure Dream refuses to give up, and tells Chocola to save her mother before she begins to fight the man. Dream knows right away that someone is controlling Coco, and demands to know "who are you?" Mushiban makes his first appearance, controlling Coco using a brooch and using an orb to tell her who he is.
He looks as if he's suffering, but he still tries to kill Dream although she does nothing but gaze at Coco.
The platform begins to levitate to the top of the tower where Mushiban is, and the citizens cheer the girls on.
Dream is saddened by his "death", and she grieves for him as the kingdom and castle are repaired.
Setsuna agrees to this when Soular makes Love confess that "she is really happy that' Setsuna was able to do this.
Our heroine is a blonde who wears pink, and her posse is composed of a) the love child of Cure Pine and Cure Muse wearing Cure Sunshine's outfit, b) the love child of Cure Berry and Cure Beat, and c) the typical long-blue-haired chick descended from Cures White, Aqua, and Beauty. Her back of her top is split into two coat-tails, and her skirt has a frilly layer underneath it. Without stopping to even think about what was happening, Reika used her sharp wit to decide which one was real and proceeded to destroy it.
When Akaoni came and made a blue-nosed Akanbe with a bad fortune, it made Miyuki's luck worse and lost her Smile Pact to activate Rainbow Healing and blames herself and her curse for her friends injuries, but the Pretty Cures said that they were blessed around her and Cure Happy now happy, and found her Smile Pact and together defeated the Blue-nosed Akanbe. Her grandfather said she should give up all her things and quit the school council, class committee, archery club, studying, and even being a Pretty Cure to find her own path. When Miyuki and the gang were by themselves, they each thought about it and they read the tanzaku that Candy had written about them.
While Pop researched why the Queen wasn't revived, Miyuki, Candy, and the four other Cures decided to take a tour around Marchenland. Tae called it cute and Miyuki and the girls did not laugh causing Wolfrun to cast a Bad End spell on Tae, but Tae wasn't effected because she believes in happiness just like Miyuki causing Wolfrun and the girls shocked. Kaoruko enjoyed his music and when she was going to leave, Sora gave her a music box, and then she fell in love with him.
As the Desertrian is about to attack the tree and the children, an illusion of Cure Flower appears before them and protects them with a barrier. Kaoruko asks Cure Blossom to not allow Cure Moonlight to fight Sabaku but give no reason as to why.
Syrup, Natts and Mailpo join them, and Syrup tells them that if they're going to save the others, he can carry them. He tries to shoot her with shards that turn whatever they touch into chocolate, but instead they hit the door. Mint and Lemonade say that Dream is calling for them and they have to meet her straight away.
When Dream backs away, the controlled Coco raises the fleuret towards her and she says she can't fight Coco. Just as it looks like he's about to do it, he stops, and Dream stands as he pulls away from her and tries to fight against the brainwashing.
However, her true feelings are that she is bored and just wants to grab the Linkrun and take off.
I'm also amused to note that the heroine has pink hair in her civilian form, but blonde hair in her magical form, though I guess both of those colors would look equally unrealistic to a Japanese person. One of the obstacles of her idea was using the Umbrella Decor to fall gently to the ground from a window.
After the fight, Miyuki thanked her friends for having her luck and happiness back and saw a couple of Maiko and took a picture with them making it the best thing that happened to Miyuki. With their resolved strength, the girls united and prepared to venture to the Bad End Kingdom and promised to rescue Candy and everyone would return home safely. They saw characters from stories and doing the scenes from the stories like Red Riding Hood and Ali-Baba and the 40 Thieves. When the tournament came, she won and became the youngest person to become the champion in the Japan Karate Association. She quickly gets the upper hand on the Desertrian and frees the other Pretty Cure, who defeat the Desertrian using the Heartcatch Mirage and return the stolen Heart Flower. He begins to yell until he suddenly calms down, giving Dream an opening to run towards him.
However the biggest thing they copied from Fresh is the playing-card-suit motif (although Fresh probably ripped it from Shugo Chara). When they meet the bugs and insects, she tries to help Nao with her problems and introduced the world of bugs and insects to her in a different light that Nao understands. When Miyuki and the Pretty Cures visited Kyoto nexted and plan to go to Kyoto Castle, Nakanoshima, and the Tennouji Zoo.
After the commotion, Nao announced Reika should take a break and think what she wants to do. While watching, Miyuki tripped and fell on a hill, but rescued by Puss in Boots and played with the inhabitants. Just as the girls were down and the Akanbe was going to fire the house with Cure Happy wanting it to don't destroy the house wanting to protect her grandmother treasure. After she won, she studied botany so she could get closer to Sora and soon in the future, they got married. All five Cures go to where the children are and the young girl confesses to her friends that she did lie to them because she wanted to be their friends. Rouge and Aqua use Fire Strike and Sapphire Arrow to defeat Dry, while Lemonade and Mint use Emerald Saucer and Prism Chain to defeat Bitter. Milky Rose changes back to her true form, exhausted, and watches the mother and daughter with a smile. The Cures fight against Mushiban, who dodges their attacks and takes out the girls until Dream is the last one standing, having shielded Chocola from the blast.
The heroine's theme is hearts (natch), and her blue friend's theme is diamonds, just like Cure Berry.And of course their personality types match their appearances pretty neatly.
Her family decides to cancel their Daily schedule with her and tells her to do what she wants. While Pop was researching in the library, the girls were enjoying the sights of the village.
Everyone got sucked into a strange world and saw the commanders in and they told the Pretty Cures if they don't finish by 6:30, they'll be stuck forever. The other children tell her that they were already friends and she did not have to lie for that to happen. Our heroine is headstrong and altruistic, although unusually she's actually good at schoolwork instead of being a complete airhead. Cure Happy was surprised and wondered if a Tengu from Tae's stories protected the house and destroyed the blast.
Cure Beauty does a swimming game, but there was a shark in the water, so she used her mind and turned the water into ice using Beauty Blizzard and skated her way to the end and win. Candy asked Miyuki and Yayoi to tie her hair resulting being separated by Akane, Nao, and Reika. She confess her thoughts to Candy about how the Cures do things what they want and she doesn't have one.
Puss wanted to get a candy and Miyuki tried to helped him until she sneezed causing everyone to revert their human forms. All of the Cures then go to their Princess form and destroyed the Akanbe with Rainbow Burst. They went around Kyoto to the places the Pretty Cures planned while Rieka, Akane, and Nao were looking for them and going to the same places they went to. Candy cheered her up that she  Suddenly when an Akanbe appeared, the Pretty Cures tries to fight without Reika, but it was a textbook Akanbe and loses to each to its questions. The fairies were afraid at first but Miyuki gave Puss the candy he tried to get and soon the fairies realize they are nice and accepted them. And the purple side-ponytail one is, wait for it, "a cool and beautiful super idol and extremely popular fashionista" who "dislikes fighting alongside others, preferring to stand alone." Ding-ding-ding! Miyuki, Yayoi, and Candy visited the Tower and looked out the window until Majorina appeared and turned the tower into an Akanbe with Miyuki, Yayoi and Candy trapped and shaken. A gentle gust of wind blew them and Tae claimed the mountains is thanking for something the girls had done.
When they got on, they saw an image of Sasaki Sensei scolding them for not doing their summer work. He defeats Cure Blossom and enters battle with Cure Flower, who lasts longer, but is eventually defeated.
Luckily, Cure Sunny, Cure March and Cure Beauty used the butterfly decor and tired the Akanbe until they got the girls out and defeated the Akanbe.
She tells them that she learned many things from the Cures lives and realizes that she wants study to learn many things so she could one day find her path and it is now her way of wanting to do. He then takes Kaoruko to the Desert Planet and destroys her Heart Seed, then makes her witness the destruction of the Heart Tree. If there was a threeway between Angel Salvia, Mew Zakuro, and Cure Beat, this chick would be the result.
They went to eat takoyaki where Reika managed to get her first bite and went back with their classmates and went home happily. Suddenly, Wolfrun appeared for the Miracle Jewels and absorbed the bad energy from the Fairies. The next episode, she made a ceramic tea cup written with the Japanese word "Gratitude" for her mother for Mother's Day and her mother was happy with this gift from her daughter. The Pretty Cures transformed and Wolfrun used the super red nosed Akanbe and it was too powerful for the Cures and were almost defeated, but heard the fairies despair and stood up again. I did have to laugh when I saw that the heroine's name is Cure Heart, because of course it is!
Most MG shows can't stop banging on about the power of heart, so may as well just cut to the chase and name your protagonist "Heart." However Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta are both lovely and reasonably dignified names, and Cure Sword is downright badass. There's never been a Cure named after a weapon before, and apparently her main attack is called "Holy Sword" which sounds awesome. After Wolfurun retreated, the girls heard Royale Queen's voice and headed back to the castle. Wait a sec, Cure Sword harbors guilt over a past failure and she's a foreigner on Earth who originally hails from the magic world? Royale Queen was speaking through telepathy and explained that the original Cure Decor pieces which was supposed to revive her was instead given to Pegasus, so that the girls could attain Princess Form.
Miyuki always wanted to go to see a real castle and others want to see places they dreamed of. She also informed them that Pierrot is still alive and they had to gather more Cure Decor pieces to revive her. They took advantage of the Magical Library and gone to many places they dreamed of going starting with going to France to see a Castle.
Everyone was troubled with the thought of more battle, but Miyuki encouraged everyone to work harder and revive Royale Queen.
The designs may be predictable but at least they're well-executed.I have to say, I'm surprised that Toei revealed all the character designs right off the bat, seeing as how Heartcatch and Suite tried to keep us in suspense about who'd turn out to be a Cure. It was too hard for them to swim, but Candy used the Dolphin Decor and turned them all to Mermaids. Back at the Magic Library, when putting the Decors into the Decor Decor, a mysterious clock appeared.

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