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Riding The Wave – Multiple Myeloma » Myeloma Fatigue aka Myeloma Malaise aka Snockered! I think what is shocking for many of us, is just how long this cancer related fatigue can last after the treatment. I had discussions with other MM patients when I was in Little Rock (which I do a lot when I’m there).
It is helpful to your recovery both emotionally and physically, to at least try to do something to keep your body from complete deterioration. So the dance for me has been to be nice, be understanding, be encouraging, and disguise the exercise. Its vice versa in our house with B telling me I do too much, especially if it results in his tea being late! I had to re-read this post because I had to be reminded that Jeff is not “damm lazy” LOL!
So which came first the cancer or the fatigue, the fatigue or the depression, the depression or the fatigue?
As you know I had a Yoga Instructor who lived with us last summer, and in lieu of rent she worked with Dave. Its just that Dave has announced he is feeling a lot better and wants to begin to work on getting his muscle mass back. Like lots of things in our life there are a myriad of things to look at and its overwhelming.

There are many of us online blogging about the lighter side of Myeloma life hoping to help lift you up a bit.
Some of the depression from cancer IS the fatigue, AND cancer related fatigue does cause depression! Anyway, here are just a couple of websites that have some more in depth information about Cancer Related Fatigue and some suggestions to help you deal with it. After Dave’s treatments and we went home, I would just try to get him out on dog walks around the park in our neighborhood.
I’m told the fatigue does indeed improve, but it is most often very, very slow going.
Is it the fact that they have zero immune system, low red blood count, need hydration, lost their muscle mass, being slammed with lord knows what in drugs? It has been very hard for me and I admit, I’ve lost my temper a bit with Dave this past year and even been sarcastic.
Getting him stabilized with his pain and the start of his oral chemo was challenging and then facing the long haul of serious treatment was indeed daunting and one we didn’t look forward to either other than to hopefully get some resemblance of his former life back. And they don’t give you uppers to help combat it, though they sure give you pretty much everything else! He loves his work, and I’m glad about that, but he needs to set aside time for his physical health as well. I too got angry and it was very helpful to me to eventually have others to talk to, both patients and caregivers to help me understand how profoundly tired and weak they all were.

This is an unproductive view in my opinion and I had medical personnel after medical personnel tell Dave, at my request, that was not a good idea. My racquetball champion is no more and it is something I’m constantly having to look past and accept. But if you kill yourself, it will be because of something other than the medication – no one has won that battle in court yet. We are desperate to get them moving and trying to keep some semblance of their physical well being, so that when its over, or if they should have some trouble along the way, they have the stamina to fight it and the stamina to get their life back. Sitting in a chair next to Dave in the infustion center is not very strenuous physical exercise!
I know he’s not alone, there are many of you that just had to stay focused on getting through your treatment and worry about the other stuff later.
But it is really hard, day after day, to watch them atrophy from head to toe, inside and out. And of course, you have the occasional patient who breezes through his treatment and doesn’t seem to mind sharing it.

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