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Though olive leaf appears to have some antiviral properties, there have not been any scientific studies conducted that prove it can effectively clear up an outbreak of herpes. The only way to know whether using olive leaf for herpes is effective is to conduct a trial in which the effects of olive leaf are compared against the effects of a placebo. I've been taking olive leaf extract for the past week and I have not noticed any difference in my herpes symptoms.
I'm 45 and now I Have HerpesTo begin with 2015 was going pretty good for me with a few ups and downs but mostly good. Cat`s Claw is one of the most important herb against viruses. South American Indians used it for 2000 years.
Astragalus is an herb known in Chinese medicine that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory activity. Echinacea is the best known immune-boosting herb whose substances contribute to increasing the number of immune cells responsible for the inactivation of viruses and bacteria. Echinacea works effectively in cases of acute respiratory infections, including influenza, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, ear infections and hay fever. Elder-flower, one of the most popular medicinal plants, it is often part of the home pharmacy. It acts as a natural antibiotic, which will cause no harm, because it can be used in flu and cold season. In 1992, French biologists found that all of the herpes viruses were inhibited, killed, or cured by extracts from olive leaf. Olive leaf extracts have been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years, especially for their qualities to fight various germs. As long as the herpes outbreak is not severe, this herbal treatment can be safely taken by most patients because herpes will clear up on its own even if the olive leaf is ineffective. Scientific studies have confirmed that the leaves of the olive tree contain antioxidants, which can improve health, and antimicrobial properties that help the plant fight off infection from bacteria and viruses. These studies have not been conducted, though the herb has received some attention from the scientific community because the olive leaf's antimicrobial properties might allow it to fight off herpes and other hard-to-treat viral infections.
The treatment can cause a condition known as die-off syndrome, which occurs as viruses die and are attacked by the patient's immune system. Cat`s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) has a big scientific interest because of its outstanding      ability – destroys viruses, reduce inflammation, antitumor effect, and some recent observations that are effective against the SARS virus. Dr Okoh God will always continue to bless you more abundantly, for the good works you did in my life, I will always keep on writing good and posting my testimonies about you on the Internet, I’m Susan Moore from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their findings were also backed up by the citing of 28 references on the anti-viral qualities of Oleuropein in their report.

The olive leaf extract was reported subsequently to be more effective in its fever-lowering properties than quinine.
Research conducted in the last several decades are indeed confirming the benefits of olive leaf extracts for viral infections, including herpes virus.
It is important to keep in mind, however, that olive leaf has not been studied to examine how safe it is for human patients and proper dosing is currently unknown. It is believed that some of these antimicrobial properties can assist the human immune system as it clears up infections.
Tested antiviral drugs are often prescribed for herpes outbreaks, especially if they are serious, though the majority of outbreaks will clear up on their own.
This syndrome can cause symptoms similar to those experienced with the flu, so patients may want to take this into account before deciding to take olive leaf for herpes.
Elderberries have strong antioxidant activity and reduce the overall level of oxidative stress.
I was tested HIV positive, I saw a blog on how Dr Okoh cured people, i did not believe but i just decided to give him a try, I contacted him and also got my healing, i am so happy. Recent herpes cure research reveals holistic treatments that can cure the symptoms of oral and genital herpes faster, help prevent future outbreaks and may even be able to remove the herpes virus from human body. From research and clinical experience to date, we can say that supplemental olive leaf may be beneficial in the treatment for conditions caused by, or associated with, a virus, retrovirus, bacterium or protozoan. As a practicing physician in Internal, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine I realized that the successful treatment of chronic illnesses cannot rely on drugs alone.
While it is possible that olive leaf may decrease the length of time it takes to recover from an outbreak of herpes, this treatment will not cure the disease. Many people who use olive leaf for herpes take it for its antiviral properties and consider it to be effective.
Patients can try using olive leaf if the outbreak is minor and if a doctor agrees that this treatment would be safe. Several studies have also proven that olive leaf extract not only helps prevent herpes outbreaks, but can also cure the symptoms of oral and genital herpes and stop the virus from reproducing. Popular uses for olive leaf extract from our users include bladder infections, fungal remedies, genital herpes, and a number of discussions over other health benefits of olive leaf extract. The treatment will never cure a patient of herpes, but, it may clear up the current infection and then cause the virus to go dormant again for a time. If the supplement doesn't have enough of the active ingredient in olive leaf that works as an antiviral, then it might not be effective. I use olive leaf for herpes and it works great.

There are many foods and herb extracts which are excellent natural antivirals, and probably many more as yet unknown.
Olive leaf extract is one of the prime natural remedies for herpes (all types) and some sufferers have claimed it to be as effective as the commonly used prescription drug acyclovir. Treating herpes can be challenging but luckily, there are some natural treatments that can make living with herpes a lot easier.
Using olive leaf extract for treatment of the herpes virus is gaining immense recognition in the recent times.
I pushed a white stem out & theContinue reading "Bump On Inner Thigh - Is it a Herpes Sore or Something Else?"Dealing With A Herpes Diagnoses - I go between all of these phases regularlyIt has been 5 years since my diagnosis and just when I think I have reached the acceptance phase, I feel the symptoms of an outbreak.
The extract contains several strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties effective in inhibiting the virus while preventing the cause of any potential side effects.
Mort – I am happy to tell the world about Olive Leaf Extract, which is the finest antimicrobial product that exists in the market today.
While there is no definite cure for herpes, there are a number of remedies that combat and can greatly affect the spread of herpes.
If you want to get rid of your herpes infection, any one of the seven herpes invasions that affect man, Olive Leaf Extract may be your best bet.
I have been studying Hulda Clark and in the Cure for All diseases she says zapping will treat the infection but also states in the book that it will not get into the cells where the herpes resides when dormant so will not eliminate it.
Genital Herpes How Is Herpes Contracted Curing Herpes Herpes Symptoms Men Lysine For Herpes Herpes Labialis Treatment Genital Herpes Otc Treatment Diagnosing Genital Herpes Herpes Simplex 1 Symptoms Herpes Singles Homeopathic Treatment For Genital Herpes Bht Herpes HSV-1 Herpes What Is The Difference Between Genital Warts And Herpes Olive Leaf Extract Herpes Support Groups For Genital Herpes Can You Get Genital Herpes From Oral Genital Herpes For Men Information About Genital Herpes Herpes Simplex 2 Symptoms meta itempropcaption contentOlive Leaf Extract Herpes. Among them, boosting the energy among patients and aiding in the treatment of herpes and other viral conditions, flu and colds, fungal infections, chronic fatigue and allergies. Hey whats up man im jhonny by the way and I came across this video and I was so happy when I found it cause 6 months ago I was diagnose with the herpes virus which left me with a heartbreak well im glad I stumbleupon your video I just orderd swanson superior herbs olive leaf extract super strength standardized herbal supplement 20 oleuropein I have been taking 1 capsule every day for about 2 weeks now but I still see a little outbreak on my chest like little red spots they would like come and go and I have recently witness some diarrhea I started to think swanson vitamins is a scam but I called them and ask them how long does it take to react in my system they sed about 30 days because it take time to develop in your body then it starts to get immune to your body then it starts boosting your immune system and detoxing your body that’s what they told me im hoping there not a scam could you let me no if swanson olive leaf extract super strength 20 oleuropein is the real deal or not please let me no if you get a chance thank you so much for everything and I hope you could make another video about defeating the herpes virus by using olive leaf extract super strength. OLE is olive leaf extract and the research is historical, cure, treat or prevent any medical condition.

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