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Powershop is an energy retailer that currently services Victoria (Melbourne) and NSW (Sydney) – yes, Powershop launched in NSW in Feb 2015). Personally, I switched to Powershop after calculating I could save a further 20% off my already 19% discounted Origin Electricity bill. Plus, read on to hear how to score a $75 sign up bonus – just by adding your email address. On the above page, simply add your postcode, region, meter type and total kWh annual usage. In addition to having some of the cheapest power in Victoria, you can also score a $75 power credit with a special sign up link.
Periodically (approx once a week) Powershop will contact you about one off cheap deals that you can purchase as well. About once per week, Powershop will send out notifications of a special power deal that generally expires in a few days. Occasionally I come across a bad magazine ad- one that I can't understand, despite gnawing at my top lip.
They are a relatively new kid on the block (~2012) and focus only on electricity for the time being. So, even though I don’t have a background in energy retailing, I will try and explain it the best I can.
You need to purchase power from energy retailers (who have arrangements with these energy wholesalers).
You needed to tally the daily service charge, the peak hours amount and the off peak hours amount. Powershop will then give you an indication of what your electricity bill would be if you switched to Powershop.

This allows you to view your account balance and be notified of any special deals as soon as they occur. The first time you buy power: it would have been great to have someone to hold your hand, either with a step by step demo, live chat or a phone call. Lots of little transactions: One of the great things about Powershop is that they will send you special deals every so often.
This special deal will usually be at an excellent price, but just be for a limited amount of power.
The moment you move, your old electricity retailer will call you back with an offer to entice you back. In Australia, Powershop is an alternative player to the big energy retailers such as Origin, AGL and Energy Australia. But this does mean that you are approving a number of monthly micro-transactions, which litter your credit card statement.
Whenever I get one of these notifications on my phone, I skim read it, compare the offered rate, then buy it with a click.
The discount is never applied to the daily supply charge that you need to pay every single day. Here’s a really simple way of determining how much you would save when switching to Powershop. Rest assured though, after your first experience buying power, it just becomes second nature. As a newie I wondered whether this power was rolled into the next month, or did I just forfeit it and lose the money? It would be a whole lot neater and easier if your credit card was just billed one amount each month.

In the next 4 week window Powershop will re-calibrate your unit charge based on your actual usage. I’ve always costed these up and they have never ever come close to the value Powershop is offering. And because the daily charge isn’t discounted, it’s a sweet little earner for energy companies. Their phone contact centre is great at helping and they’ve even answered email queries for me on a Sunday – twice! Now I know that the power rolls over to the next period, but that isn’t explained anywhere I saw.
In Powershop’s defence, this does stem from their point of difference and you can always view your total monthly spend online or via their app. With Powershop, your daily charge is built in to the price and therefore has a discount applied. It’s because the per unit charge includes your daily supply charge, which is averaged out based on your consumption.
So if you use less power, the daily supply charge needs to adjust (ever so slightly) to bring this back to reality. But this is a small price to pay for having a discount applied to both your usage and daily supply charge – no other energy retailer offers this.

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