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Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), antihistamine used to prevent, reduce hayfever and other allergy symptoms. Dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant, and Doxylamine succinate, an antihistamine (NyQuil Cough). Overuse risks: Can cause drowsiness, especially when mixed with sleeping medications and alcohol.
Ranitidine (Zantac), an acid reducer, treats ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
Common over-the-counter drugs such as Benadryl may be linked to dementia, according to a new study published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine.
Researchers at University of Washington and a nonprofit called Group Health followed 3,434 adults over age 65 for more than seven years. Still, he stressed the researchers only found an association between the drugs and dementia and did not determine whether the drugs caused dementia. Every pharmacy and big box store seems to boast their own unique line of generic over-the-counter drugs and remedies these days.
Sure, the packaging looks similar, the ingredients look consistent, and the price looks good — but how much do you really save?
Being a curious creature with a bad headache, a slight cough, and a touch of sea sickness-induced nausea (yeah, don’t go boating in October without a proper hat), I decided to take a bunch of commonly used brand name and generic remedies for a spin.
THE ONE RULE: Always compare brand name and generic labels to make sure you’re getting an equivalent product. I checked in with the big federal health authorities in Canada and the United States for their take on generic over-the-counter drugs, medications, and remedies.
In Canada, non-medicinal ingredients in generic products can be different from those in the original brand.
Normally, when manufacturers change the non-medicinal ingredients or the manufacturing conditions, they have to provide studies to prove that the effectiveness of the drug has not changed. So given that generic medications must be medicinally equivalent to the better known brand name product, my little experiment is sticking to price, sight, and taste comparisons. There’s must be a kagillion different types of generic drug brands available on the market today. Bottom Line: Get your sick on and cure the common cold for 22% less by switching your entire medicine cabinet to generic over-the-counter drugs.
I asked the fine people on the Squawkfox Facebook Page which generic product packed the biggest savings.
Many people on the Squawkfox Facebook Page guessed that ibuprofen would be the best generic bargain. Runners, walkers, gardeners, clumsy cooks, and parents always need a first aid kit stocked with multiple sizes of bandages.
Bottom Line: Skinned knees and other boos-boos are covered for 18% less with a box of generic Band-Aid bandages. Bottom Line: Settle your upset stomach with a little 12% savings by guzzling from a 230mL bottle of generic Pepto-Bismol.
You don’t need to spend big bucks on brand name over-the-counter medications and remedies to get healthy and headache-free.
I am wondering if anyone with tough migraines, who usually uses advil, also feels there is no difference with the generic. Hi Marissa: If you live in the USA or Canada then generic medications must be medicinally equivalent to the better known brand name product. 22% is probably something that can be easily overcome with a good sale and a manufacturer’s coupon. I know to some this will sound silly, but sometimes the packaging on brand-name products is much more user-friendly than on generics.
While this is useful comparison shopping, the whole business of OTC medication is questionable especially for the frugalistas among us.

And for some reason, the Robax ones have never worked on one of my tension headaches, but the Kirkland ones do.
They do not make the cough better, the mucus thinner, the duration of the cold shorter or the number of complications fewer.
My daughter has a very expensive prescription that is not covered by our health plan so I took the generic comparison to the next level.
I use generics for all of my OTC drugs and all of my prescriptions (7) except for 1, Synthroid. All my other generics, for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and allergies work just as well and save me tons of $.
One caveat about buying larger sizes on drugs – be aware of how often you are likely to use the drug between purchase date and expiry date.
While the active ingredients in generics may be required to be the same, they do not always work the same. I just got your book from the library and I love it, easy to read and full of great advice. I don’t really use that many other medications but generic brand anti-histamines work fine for me except the non-drowsy ones still make me drowsy (Wal-Mart brand).
I have been on the same allergy medicine for about 4 years now, and have tried the generic from every store I shop at, based on where I was when I needed more each time. In conclusion: If I am just trying something out for the first time, I usually buy the brand name. It doesn't matter if they're prescription, over-the-counter, herbals or nutritional supplements. May cause liver problems at lower doses in alcohol users, or in those who take other drugs containing acetaminophen. Not to be taken with certain medications for Parkinsons, depression, psychiatric or other emotional conditions.
None of them had dementia or Alzheimer's disease when the study started, and they kept careful records about the drugs they took. James Leverenz, a neurologist who directs the Cleveland Center for Brain Health at the Cleveland Clinic and was not party of the new study.
More research is needed, he said, adding that some antihistamine products have fewer effects on the cholinergic system of the brain, which is involved in thinking skills and memory. And do these generic drugs and over-the-counter remedies work as well as their cheaper counterparts?
Whenever I do a price check post (See Is Costco really worth it?) I get a rash of email from around the globe (that’s planet Earth, people) asking me to compare costs at some local store near whoknowswhere.
Turns out that generic drugs not only have to be approved for use in both countries, but they must be exactly the same as the brand name in terms of active ingredients, strength, dosage form, route of administration, and labeling.
Walmart, CVS, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, and Loblaws Superstore are just a few big players who offer discount generic brands in store.
Buckley’s was milky, and the generic was a tad bit thicker, but neither tasted sweeter. Making the switch to generic drugs could save you up to 30% — that’s $360 per year for a family that spends $1,200 annually. If you don’t have time for those shenanigans though – generic definitely sounds like the way to go! When I need it NOW and there’s none in the stockpile, I always pick the generic brand. When I need them (touch wood), I’m usually so sick that I haven’t the energy to make wise price comparisons!
Not only does it prevent wastage due to having the medication expire before it’s needed, it’s also a way to prevent accidental poisoning!
Sometimes you are better off buying smaller quantities than throwing out unused medicine or using it after its expiry date and risking nasty side effects.

I am one and people BUY so much CRAP because they have been TOLD by advertisers to do this. They may have the same amount of medicinal ingredients, but for a migraine, I have to have brand name Advil, the Exact brand, in particular, doesn’t get to the source of the pain quickly enough.
I think from these experiences I’d rather just buy brand name so I know the product will work. In fact, if medicine laws happen to be the same as food product laws, then it is illegal to get the exact same formula. In this time I have learned that that pill from certain stores does almost nothing, and at other stores it only works half as well as usual.
Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun. Claritin-D includes an additional active ingredient, pseudoephedrine sulfate, which may cause insomnia or restlessness.
But many people aren't aware of this, and it can lead to overdoses."People don't really read labels," Strom says.
The researchers found that people who took more anticholinergic drugs -- which affect the nervous system and are in antihistamines and some bladder control medications -- were more likely to develop dementia. To find the right price for your pocketbook, I encourage you to make a shopping list and do a price check experiment at your favorite shop since prices can vary widely.
I have only found the advil migraine liqua gels really affective for the more painful ones. Pharmacists are a terrific source of info and most of them are happy to answer questions that can save you money. When I use the generic brand, it doesn’t work fast enough or take away as much of the pain. Still other stores I can save money by buying the generic, (without any loss in effectiveness) so I happily do so.
Though of course you’ll never actually get them even if you down the whole bottle, or two, or ten. Pseudoephedrine should not to be taken with certain medications for Parkinsons, depression, psychiatric or other emotional conditions.
So I want YOU to take my simple price check experiment rules and apply them to where YOU live.
A blind taste test (with my somewhat scientific family) reveals that both pink liquids taste the same (to us). In fact, my pharmacist says only about 50 percent of people can even tolerate the generic that I tried. I compared the labels of Advil and the generic brand I bought from Shopper’s Drug Mart and the inactive ingredients are slightly different (which is legaal in Canada in reference to the post). Check with a pharmacist before you try any generic drug products if you have questions or concerns.
Pepper and start selling it, you are breaking the law even if you didn’t get it from an employee. That's dangerous from a driving standpoint or certain lines of work where heavy machinery is used, for example.""People play loose and free with Benadryl," says Ausim Azizi, chair of the department of neurology at Temple University School of Medicine. One is loss of memory in the immediate period after taking it, and disorientation in older people," he says.Overuse can also cause serious drying side effects, especially in some with other health issues, says Anderson.
Ginkgo biloba and garlic supplements can put a person at risk for increased bleeding, she says, and many people don't realize the herbal drug Saint-John's-wort, used by some to self-treat depression,, used by some to self-treat depression, can decrease the effectiveness of oral contraceptives."Herbals are troublesome — there's no quality control," says Strom.

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