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TSS is committed to providing the strongest scientific evidence as to the therapeutic benefits of our unique TPOT therapy. The following clinical studies, case series and abstracts detail the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen (TPOT) therapy in treating and resolving a variety of ulcers.
Does Topical Wound Oxygen (TPOT) Offer an Improved Outcome Over Conventional Compression Dressings (CCD) in the Management of Refractory Venous Ulcers (RVU)?

The following table and links detail the already extensive published evidence as to the utility of Topical Wound Oxygen. Additionally, the company is sponsoring three separate Randomized Controlled Trials encompassing over 250 patients, that are specifically investigating the clinical outcomes and cost saving benefits of our therapy in both Diabetic and Venous ulcer patients.

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