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In my living-room there are two floor-up lighter connected together on a dimmer using classical incandescent bulbs.
I would say that this solution will disappoint many customers because they will expect a very warm colour temperature if dimmed and I can't imagine that these lamps will have a future. Dimmer CFL actually existed 10 years ago, I remember seeing a quad on a display that could be dimmed, but it blacked pretty fast as I can remember!

SAMSUNG, LG, ELECTROLUX, AEG, SIEMENS, INDESIT, PHILIPS, SONY, TAURUS, HUAWEI, ONKYO, PARROT, SENNHEISER, SPC INTERNET. Reducing the power the cfl starts to look more and more cold then the bulb and also much brighter.
Interesting thing: the cfl starts to cool-down after a while and gets dimmer and also comes back to its 2700 Kelvin I guess.

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