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Fordyce spots are small bumps measuring from 1-3 mm in diameter that develops on the skin surface. Unlike pimples, which may develop pus after bacterial infection, this spot is harmless and does not belong to the type of skin infection. Some people treat this type of lesions with laser therapy for reducing sebaceous prominence. You can include more garlic foods in your diet since it is an excellent antioxidant for healing wounds and infection.
When this oil gets blocked in the gland which does not contain any hair, it slowly converts into lesions or bumps.

You can try some products like Tretinoin gel available over the counter for reducing the size of the spots.
Cryotherapy is also performed for curing these spots in which liquid nitrogen is applied over affected area for freezing the bumps.
These spots are not contagious in nature but generally occur in more number on adults and old age people. Some doctors perform laser therapy using CO2 laser for desiccating the spots and reducing their size. Though it can develop on person of any age group, still the number of spots is large in aged people.

The size of the Fordyce spots may be small or large seen on the wet tissues and on the mucosal surfaces.
Dye laser is also used for treating prominence of sebaceous gland and it does not leave any scar.
It is very common for men to have such spots in their genitals and this does not imply any serious health issue.

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