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Even though some people tend to start their search by going to their local retail store for the most common remedies, there are some things that people can try at home that will work as well.
Since there are many different natural cleaning skin care products on the grocery shelves, people should look for those that fit their skin type.
The major cause for pimple formation is the clogging of pores which accumulate dust particles forming pimples.
You can use moisturizing lotion that contains Amlactin 12% or Carmol for having positive effect.
The other Ayurvedic names are – Tarunya pidaka (same meaning), Mukha dooshika (which causes harm to the beauty of face),Padmini kantaka (because of thorn like nature of acne) etc. Most of the teenagers approach for its cure and most of the time they opt some skin care lotions, soaps, ointments or fresh herbal pastes. As per modern science, Acne is caused when the hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Small reddish black or pink eruptions which are initially non itching, non burning and non painful. In extreme cases of Acne, Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments like Vamana (vomiting therapy) and Virechana (purgation treatment) are very effective. If the acne is caused after eating excess spicy foods, fried and junk foods, it is more likely because of blood vitiation. Take just 3 -5 drops of the oil into your hands, apply a light coat of it evenly onto the face or to the acne area. Though these problems may start at an early age, they can come from a wide variety of different things. Acne treatment at home skin products normally start with making sure the skin is completely clean. When searching the grocery shelves, they should look for products that will help to care for extra dry skin, oily skin and the like. Normally millions of people are prone to get acne during their life since it is one of the most common skin problems. For some reason, the skin starts accumulating huge number of dead cells which in turn block up the pores, leading to reddish bumps or pimples on the hands.

Take precautions when going out in hot sun by covering your face and other body parts completely.
Slowly there will be accumulation of debris on the skin layer which may lead to pimples or acne. Your dermatologist may prescribe corticosteroids ointments in case of large pimples on arms which gives temporary relief. But important factors, which lie in blood toxic components, metabolic waste products in blood, hormone imbalances, stress, bad skin health etc are usually neglected in such incidences. Intake of fried and junk food – vitiates Kapha and Pitta, leads to blood vitiation and acne.
Night awakening – leads to normal body rhythm imbalance, stress metabolism imbalance, leading to toxins and acne. Physiological changes taking place during adolescence – attributed to hormonal imbalance. Even corticosteroids and androgen hormones used in treatment in certain conditions, causes acne.
In turn they lead to vitiation of Rakta (blood) and Mamsa dhatu (muscle tissues).This causes constant irritation in the localized areas like face, neck, chest and back and thus multiple small elevated lesions are manifested.
But in due course of the time, if it is neglected or the causative factors are continued further, the condition may worsen and itching-painful-oozing or pus filled eruptions may be found. Haridra-Turmeric-It helps to give luster  to the face and it helps to reduce the oily nature of the skin. Daruharidra – Berberis aristata-It reduces the acne scars and gives glow to the face. Prepare a fine paste of the tender leaves of guava, mango and pomegranate and apply over the lesions of acne regularly.
The outer skin (obtained on juice extraction) of the lemon is dried and made into ash.This is mixed with little buttermilk and applied over the area of acne. If acne subside when hormonal balancing therapy is administered, then it is decided that the cause is hormonal imbalance.
Do non-stress-induced hormonal imbalances occur only during adolescence, or are there other times too when hormones typically start acting up?

Metabolism imbalance means – impairment in digestion, absorption of nutrients, impairment in carrying of oxygen and nutrients in the blood vessel, etc.
Apart from stress, sleep irregularities, age, junk foods, aerated drinks, certain medications (like anti depressants, psychiatric drugs) etc can also cause hormonal imbalance.
It may also appear in the form of eczema, psoriasis etc, in other parts of the body as well. From eating the wrong type of diet to using the wrong kinds of skin products, people who have these skin problems are often looking for remedies that will correct the problems that they are experiencing. Because these acne problems can be generated from bacteria that affects the skin, one of the first things that each individual should do is to make sure that their skin is cleaned properly. Very often people forget to bother about upper arms giving attention only to the lower arms and fingers.
This in turn forces the skin to retain the dead cells which will lead to the development of pimples. Hence it takes enough time for the pimple to disappear, irrespective of the method of treatment.
Astringent taste helps to dry up the oil (cebum) and bitters like neem, turmeric etc have anti-bacterial effect, they cleanse the acne and heal it quick. Change in hormone can very well trigger acne or pimple formation on the arms and this is more particular in girls who are in the stage of puberty. In case you are getting pimples due to lack of D vitamin, then you need to include more of Vitamin D in your diet. You can also use the scrubber for removing the dead cells regularly from the affected upper arms. Constant irritation with the cosmetics and pricking by the nails are commonly worsening factors noticed in the clinical practice.

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