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This patient was advised to have this front tooth extracted by her dentist and periodontist, and it was recommended to have an implant placed.  A very expensive treatment option, totaling $6,000. For this reason we recommend that tooth and gum abscesses be treated as a serious medical condition requiring immediate professional attention.   Consider contacting PerioPeak for a free consultation if you have already been diagnosed with a tooth abscess, or feel you may have this condition.
We are proudly serving traveling guests from all over the world, as well as helping those in our own community, including Silverdale, Bremerton, Sequim, Port Orchard, Port Townsend, Poulsbo, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellevue, Everett, Mt. Important Fact No 2: Acne CAN BE COMPLETELY TREATED using the CORRECT equipment and Treatments. There are 1001 different lasers and treatment machines in the market which claim to improve acne scars and Pimples.
Many of my patients have the misconception that Pimples will improve after one week of using the latest over-the-counter cream. Dr Chow Yuen Ho graduated from Medical School in National University of Singapore in 1999 and has a special interest in aesthetics and skincare.
We have just imported a new machine from Korea which makes the traditional facial COMPLETELY OBSOLETE! Important note:  The Ministry of Health of Singapore does not allow the publishing of before and after photographs and patient testimonials in advertising materials. If you only have a few scars, you can do selective subcision on those scars, or Infini if there are a lot.
Dark brown scars are simple to clear up, but require quite a number of sessions of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.
Hi, ive seen your other response about laser treatment for facial scar and would like to hear ypur advice if I have a combination of atrophic scars,boxcar scars and icepick scars. Current price is about $200 per treatment, price varies depending on the package and different types of masks you select.
You can consider either oral antibiotics, oral iso, or sprays for treating the acne if it’s mild. Hi I would like to know if you guys are able to treat back acne marks.and how much is the cost?
Hi, the treatment for pregnant ladies is slightly different as there are limited options available.
I’m depressed everytime pp stared at my ice pick scar, no amount of make up could cover it. Ice pick scars are to hardest type of scars to treat and require more treatments than shallower scars. I have had some acne scars problem on both of my upper arms and also very bad back acne since i was 13 and now, i am 20 already but the acne problem does not seem to get better and eventually left dark pigmentation and scars behind. Can i enquire how much does the treatment per session would cost for the whole back and upper arms?

As i am graduating from college next year April and really hope that i will be able to dress myself in a beautiful sleeveless tube gown for my graduation prom than. I have alots of acne problem in my face.i want to treatment them so how can I contact & where and and how about it cost until the fully recovery? Hi, can i know if for several acne marks(not scars) and several acnes and oil spots, how much would consultation and medicines costs and how long will it take to fully recover? Hey , I was thinking if consultation plus cream how much would it be at least without any laser treatment (I got not much money ) and how many time must I visit the doctors after each session?
Usually acne or pimples tend to stay for a period of your life, during which your skin is more oily. I would like to enquire how much does it cost for consultation fees for acne problems and scars? You need to have a propoer consultation to assess your skin type before we can make any decision on the treatment options available to you. Her dentist and periodontist had recommended extraction of this tooth.  See more pics below demonstrating the severity of this abscess. I have dark brown acne scars mostly old scars on my cheeks due to acne and I would like to clear that up.
4yrs ago i went to another skin doctor but the rates are pretty high for 1st session of chemical peel n laser.
I’d like to know what type of treatment can be done to cure pigmentation caused from squeezing and acne.
I would like to enquire how much does it cost for consultation fees n treatment for ice pick scars?
Most people will not have any lasting any affects of acne, but some will develop scarring that can be disfiguring. Prevention is also very important if wanting to avoid a long-term problem.Prevention of acne scars is the best way to avoid future problems.
To prevent acne lesions that cause scarring, you must learn how to reduce the factors that cause acne breakouts in the first place. Some ways to prevent acne lesions is daily washing of your face with an antibacterial soap and avoiding the use of heavy lotions on the face and acne prone areas of your body.There are several classifications of acne scars. These should be known in order to determine what type of treatments would be most effective. Ice pick acne scars are sharp, narrow scars that make the skin appear as if it has been punctured.
Boxcar scars are round or oval depressions and if they are not too deep can usually be treated with some treatments.
Rolling scars are spots below the skin and cana€™t be treated with conventional acne scar treatments.

There are many different acne scar treatments and most times procedures are combined to offer the greatest results.
Dermal fillers are not a permanent solution to acne scars and the procedure must be repeated for maintenance.
Punch excision is the process of using a tool to remove the entire scarred area and suture the remaining skin together. This method will leave a scar but it is typically a lot less noticeable than if the acne scar had been left. This means that rather than suturing the skin together a skin graft is applied using skin usually removed from behind the ear.
With skin grafting color and skin texture differences may be noticeable but can be corrected after healing with skin resurfacing. The procedure involves using a punch tool to remove the scar and then elevating the under layer skin and securing it with sutures. This method lessens the risk of color and texture differences and also reduces visible scars left from suturing as in punch excision.
Subcutaneous incision is the method used to break up the fibrous bands caused under the skin by rolling scars.
Laser resurfacing works by burning off the top layers of skin and in turn newer looking skin grows in its place.To continue, there are many ways to correct or at least lessen the appearance of acne scars. Prevention of acne scars is key and will help you avoid the need to acne scar treatment altogether.
Your physician will refer you to a qualified dermatologist with whom you can discuss your treatment options. Choosing the best treatment is key, as you want to use the most economical and effective method possible.
You will also want to discuss treatment options that can be combined, for example, punch elevation and laser resurfacing.
Combining the two treatments will compliment each other as the laser resurfacing can reduce any minimal scarring caused by the surgical procedure. When considering acne scar treatment always seek the help of a professional that has the correct credentials needed for such consultations.
Also note that there are many over the counter products that state they can reduce the appearance of acne scars.

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