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If your eyes are hurting and they appear irritable and watery, it could be the result of many complications.
You could have blurred vision if you are suffering from diabetes and your eyes could turn yellow if you are suffering from hepatitis. Boric Acid can also help to clean the infected eyes and a warm compress can help to remove much of the discomfort. Calendula an antiseptic can be used against allergies and pollutants, and jasmine flowers that have been soaked in water can act as soothing eye drops to charm the pink eye.
The problem of pink eye is frequently known as “Conjunctivitis” and is caused by factors such as allergies, bacterial and viral infections, exposure to chemicals, parasites and so on. Placing an ice pack on the affected eye can provide relief from itching, redness and inflammation. A lot of people think there’s only one kind of pink eye, the kind caused by a virus, but this is not the case. There is one other form of conjunctivitis that is caused by a lack of Vitamin A, which is associated with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, but all you have to do to solve this problem is eat a carrot. Quite a number of pink eye patients claim that tea bags work especially well for most sore eyes cases, specifically the black tea bags.
You may either ball the tea bag or soaked it in a hot glass of water as a natural cure for pink eye. An alternative manner in doing natural cure for pink eye is to place the tea bag on the top of your sored eyes for several minutes. Follow acupressure to get rid of painWhat do you do when you suffer from pains and aches in your body?
What your tongue tells about your healthWhen words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. How to tackle wisdom teeth problemsWisdom teeth usually appear when you are 17-25 years old. How to tackle bad breathHow often have you felt that people step back from you when you talk to them or somebody commented on your bad breath? What better idea to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses that are funky, cool and fashionable.
Pink eye is otherwise referred to as conjunctivitis is an infection caused in the inner layer of the eyelids or outer layer of the clear membrane that covers the eye.
There are various types of conjunctivitis and thus the symptoms of pink eye also vary according to the intensity of the infections. Redness in the eye and hence referred to as pink eye, Unbearable irritation in the eyes, Discharge of water from the eyes, Swelling of the eyelids, Pain in the eyes, Difficult to see the bright light, Inflammation in the eyes, are some of the symptoms.
Apply the Chamomile tea bags in your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and now you will feel that your irritation in the eyes are reduced considerably. Dissolve some sea salt in warm water and use it like eye drops which is an additional home remedy for conjunctivitis. Try out these simple handy natural remedies at home to get rid of pink eye problems.
A good extra virgin coconut oil is effective at treating all sorts of ailments, and a lot of people successfully use it as a household remedy for pink eye (also called conjunctivitis). Use a cotton round with coconut oil on it to gently swab the eye area, generally with eyes closed. Some people have reported success using an eye dropper to drop the oil into the eye, but please make sure you exercise caution when using this method! Your doctor should examine the infected area and tell you if he can prescribe something for it, as well as advise you if you plan to use coconut oil. Another reason to use coconut oil is because it is a wildly popular, safe, all-natural, EASY home remedy for so many common ailments. More Information:The author's personal favorite brand of coconut oil is Nutiva, which is available here. I believe Nutiva Coconut Oil is the best in terms of in quality, healthfulness, and great taste. We believe Nutiva Coconut Oil is the best in terms of in quality, healthfulness, and great taste. Important DisclaimerInformation on this site is general in nature and cannot take the place of medical evaluation, diagnoses, and treatment by a health care provider. Also called Conjunctivitis, pink eye is a bacterial or viral infection that affects the subconjunctivalregion of the eyes.
Pink eye can cause a series of bothersome side effects in individuals, including swelling, tearing, itching and mucous production.
Applying a few drops of the fresh milk to the infected area in the eye can reduce the infection and offer extended relief from the pain and swelling caused by pink eye. Yogurt is known to contain plenty of healthy bacteria that can overtake the infection causing pathogens and flush them out of the system. Accordingly, eating a cup of fresh yogurt every day would ensure that your body remains free of bacterial and viral infections, including pink eye. Doing so would instantly reduce the pain, itching and swelling caused by the infection (although it may hurt a bit extra at first). In the case of water, you can add a tablespoon of honey to a cup of boiling water, stir nicely and let the resultant solution cool down. Rinsing the infected eye with warm saline water can effectively reduce the itching and irritation caused by pink eye.
Baking soda has potent antibacterial and antifungal properties, and can effectively flush out the infection causing pathogens from the body, thus treating pink eye effectively.

Potato contains astringent properties that can be considered very effective in the treatment of pink eye. Alternatively, you can opt to grind a few slices of potato in a blender to extract its juice.
Blackheads is one such skin-condition that every individual battles with at some point or the other in their lives.
Using black eyeliners have become a common thing nowadays since various brands started producing different vibrant shades. The dust, smoke and wind can also cause allergic reactions to the eyes resulting in pink eyes. Tea bags can be boiled and placed on the infected eye and you can make a tea that is usually stronger and absorb the vapour of the tea in each of the eyes. Symptoms of this problem include blurred vision, irritation, itching, redness, inflammation and pain. Fresh potato slices can be placed on the affected eye for 3 to 4 consecutive nights before going to sleep to obtain quick relief from the infection.
An individual can place cool and wet green tea bags on the affected eye to reduce the itching and swelling caused by the problem of pink eye. There are, according to medical experts, roughly 5 different ways to categorize pink eye: pink eye caused by a virus, pink eye caused by a bacteria, pink eye caused by Chlamydia (yuck), pink eye caused by allergies, and pink eye caused by exposure to chemicals like cleaning detergents and smoke.
A carrot contains 200% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A, and this is perhaps part of the reason why we think eating carrots has something to do with good eyesight as a natural cure for pink eye. If you are to use honey, pour the ingredient after the water boiled (a glass of water will do).
Both processes may hurt a bit, producing a little discomfort but continue doing this for two minutes. It has one of the richest concentrations of natural Vitamin C of any edible plants on this planet.
The pink eye is followed by irritation in the white part of the eye, sometimes it is accompanied by swelling in the eye lids.
If you come across certain symptoms then immediate action should be taken to get rid of pink eye problems. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
That’s because virgin coconut oil is a natural microbial agent, meaning it kills unwanted viruses, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and fungi. This means it is unprocessed and in its purest form, so it keeps all of its natural health benefits. However, consuming 1-3 tablespoons per day (depending on body weight) is known to be an effective immune-system booster and therefore probably won’t hurt.
Use a new cotton round for each eye, so you don’t spread the infection from one eye to the other.
A cool cloth helps with swelling and inflammation, and a warm cloth helps treat painful eye discharge. Coconut oil pink eye treatment alone or in addition to a doctor’s treatment can speed up healing and greatly ease symptoms. You can get it in just about any size, and even buy double-packs for a bulk discount, which lets you keep one jar in the kitchen and one in the bathroom cabinet.
For even more information about coconut oil's amazing benefits, we recommend the Alternative Daily guide, "Coconut Oil Secret." Click here to get it right now! Never disregard, discontinue, or delay medical treatment or advice because of information on this website. Highly contagious, the infection can also be caused by allergic reactions to dust, pollen, sprays, house cleaners and pet hair etc. And there are certain home remedies that can offer instant and prolonged relief from these symptoms in addition to treating the infection as well. You can also opt to apply the milk to the healthy eye as well in order to prevent the infection from spreading.
In the case of pink eye, a teaspoon of dried chamomile powder needs to be mixed with a cup of boiled water until it dissolves completely. The solution needs to be cooled down after which you can strain it and use it as a rinse to wash the infected eye.
And the best thing about this home remedy is that you can use it both internally and externally.
Vitamin A is essential for eye health and gives the best benefits when taken in the natural form.
Use it to wash the infected eye at least twice a day to reduce the symptoms of pink eye and treat the condition effectively. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water and boil the mixture for about 15 minutes.
Alternatively, you can also use the resultant solution as a rinse to wash the infected eyes at least thrice a day. Placing a slice of raw potato on the infected eye can reduce the swelling and discomfort caused by pink eye.
Apply a few drops of this juice to the affected eye to get instant relief from the symptoms.

Exposure to some electric lights or in some cases the sunlight can aggravate the pink eye conditions.
This also causes a blockage in the tear ducts or lot of drainage making the eyes dry or watery. Compress with cotton balls that is soaked in warm water with some salt in it, helps kill the infection in a pink eye.
Washing eyes with this mixture (with the use of a cotton ball) on a regular basis can provide effective results. Washing eyes with this water (strained) after it has cooled down 2 to 3 times on a daily basis can help in reducing the pain, redness and inflammation.
Another option is to steep a bag of green tea in warm water and keep it on the infected eye for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. Eye drops made with the use of eyebright can help in the treatment of various eye related problems. This article will take a broad perspective of pink eye and getting rid of pink eye, touching on the three major categories of conjunctivitis: viral, bacterial, and allergic.
You may feel that the area surrounding your eyes may fill quite sticky, but don’t rinse it for five minutes.
Nutiva is my favorite brand; I’ve also heard many good things about Tropical Traditions coconut oil brand being especially high in antioxidants. In certain cases, damage to the eye or hemorrhage can also cause conjunctivitis or pink eye in individuals. Accordingly, here are some of the most common home remedies often recommended for pink eye. Using a dropper, apply a few drops of this clear liquid to both eyes to fight off the infection and reduce the symptoms of the condition. And the natural form of the nutrient is available in abundant amounts in the fermented varieties of cod liver oil. Continue this remedy for at least thrice a day continuously for two days or more in order to treat the condition effectively. This is a problematic state as this causes pain in the eyes, blurring of vision, and discharge in the eyes. It is essential to maintain proper hygiene to prevent the infection and obtain quick relief. An eye compress prepared by soaking a clean cloth in this mixture can also be placed on the eyes to obtain the desired results.
Eye cups containing eyebright tea (after it has cooled down) can be directly placed on the eyes. Afterwards, put the cotton balls into the bottom of the pan, wait until the boiled water cools down to normal room temperature. Repeat this procedure for two days and you will feel better and will see clearly after the treatment.
But it is highly recommended that you repeat the process for another two days for complete cure of pink eye. Adding a healthy dose of cod liver oil to your dishes can guarantee a quick recovery from pink eye and prolonged relief from its symptoms. It is important that the cotton balls are sunk deep into the liquid in order to get as much salt as they may absorb. Wash your hands and dip the corner of the folded tissue paper, afterwards squeeze a few drops of the mixture into the infected eye.
People report that doing a quick coconut oil pink eye treatment cures the pink eye within days! Let the solution cool down and use a dropper to apply a few drops of the solution to the eyes. Repeat this remedy at least twice every day to get rid of pink eye and its symptoms quickly and effectively.
Warm compresses to the pink eye a few times in a day can get rid of the itching and the disturbance. It is important to note that an individual should use this mixture only after it has cooled down. Plus, since it’s anti-inflammatory and very hydrating, it soothes the eye area for immediate relief. The salted water will penetrate into your eyes, this will hurt a bit but hold on for this process is designed purposely to kill the infection and this is natural cure for pink eye.
This home remedy for pink eye is known to be one of the simplest home remedies and effective too.

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