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My oldest son is constantly having allergy issues…we have to be careful and watch what he eats or touches while we are out and about.
When cooled, fill a bottle with a small tip opening (I used a saline bottle I had washed out). Thankfully we don’t have a lot of allergies over here, but I’m pinning this just in case! My girlfriend just told me that pure lavender oil applied under her eyes helped her last year,too. I have been having terrible problems with eye allergies and I think I may even be getting pink eye in my right eye.
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Once you find your eyes with redness, swelling discharge or itching feelings, lucky you, maybe you got “Pink Eye”.
Viral conjunctivitis Viral conjunctivitis is caused by the infection of a virus in the eye. Bacterial conjunctivitis Bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by the infection of certain bacteria in the eye. Allergic conjunctivitis Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when the body gets contacts with the agent it is allergic to. Start at the inside corner and pass over the entire eye gently to the outside corner of your eye, which will make sure the discharge is safely wiped out from your eye.
Usually, cold compresses better for allergic conjunctivitis, but for viral or bacterial pink eye, it is preferable to use warm compresses since it can reduce swelling in eye.
Take preventive measures if you have Kids or guests in your home while you are suffering from pink eye. How do you get pink eye?  Let us know more about the prescribed and over the counter  treatment for pink eye, causes and symptoms. Pink eye is categorized into three, according to their respective causes such as viral, bacterial and allergic. This type of pink eye infection is due to the viruses from several ailments such as sore throats, common colds and other respiratory infections.
Viral conjunctivitis is usually characterized by watery eyes coupled with watery discharge. Medication is not necessary with viral pink eye infection except among children wherein it is treated with special conjunctivitis eye drops to relieve the inflammation. Bacterial conjunctivitis occurs when certain types of bacteria such as streptococci and staphylococci intrude the eye.
Bacteria-caused pink eye infection is characterized by watery eyes succeeded by greenish or yellowish discharge.
Bacterial conjunctivitis is usually treated with antibiotic eye drops and within the next several days, it will disappear. Allergic conjunctivitis is induced due to allergic reactions from typical substances like cosmetics, fumes, drugs, air borne chemicals, dust mites and the like. Allergic conjunctivitis is characterized by itchiness, discomfort and heavy tearing most likely on both eyes.
The physician will usually prescribe a different kind of eye drop especially made for those with allergies. Even if pink eye does not pose any serious danger to vision, but some types are contagious like bacterial and viral conjunctivitis. Pink eye treatment consists of over the counter treatment medication and prescription medication.  For bacterial infection, there is a an antibiotic that can treat the bacteria.
Toddler eye infections are common occurrences that cause distress and panic amongst many parents.
The first thing a parent will notice when their toddler has an eye infection is redness in the eyes and a crust that forms around the eyelids.
Toddler Eye Infection Signs, Symptoms, Discharge and Pain Eye infections are very common throughout the world.
In such a case, you need to decipher what your child is allergic to and keep your child away from the allergen.
How Do You Get Pink Eye ?Conjunctivitis, which is also commonly referred as ‘pink eye’, is a viral or bacterial infection of the eye which makes the eye go extremely red and stays like that for several days. My eye feels swollen in the corner but cant find anything i am assuming its allergies because my eyes burn and water. I’m just mad I ran out of my local honey and feel like it would work better than the store stuff.
I’m 6 months pregnant and have been looking for something natural to relieve and clear up my eyes.
The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health condition. Potential causes include, chemical exposure, fungi, certain diseases and contact lens use (especially the extended-wear type). Among all the different viruses that caused conjunctivitis, most of which are related to an upper respiratory tract infection, for example, Cold, or sore throat. The virus “adenovirus” is known to bring about viral conjunctivitis and this eye infection rapidly spreads out from person to person which may result to an outbreak. In addition, itchiness and discomfort are felt even though these may be limited to one eye. Examination of an eye specialist is recommended for proper treatment of viral conjunctivitis in children.
Irritation is also felt along with itching, and the infection may start with just one eye and may transfer to the other or may affect both eyes simultaneously.
Aside from eye drops, antibiotic ointment may also be used as an alternative for eye drops and usually prescribed by physicians for bacterial conjunctivitis in children.
Medications may include anti-inflammatory, decongestants, steroids, mast cell stabilizers and antihistamines to relieve the symptoms.

However, you do not have to worry, there are medication in the form of eye drops and also pills that can treat this problem. Good hygiene not just spares you from being affected with pink eye but it also helps in preventing the infection to spread out.
Thus, visit your doctor right away if you’ve figure out that you have pink eye so that treatment will start right away.
It is difficult to tell which type is actually the one you are suffering from, but the allergic pink eye usually goes away in a short time, especially when the allergen is removed and the eyes are rinsed properly. This bacteria is in the form of eye drops or ointments that should be applied to the eyes for some days. Knowing that eye infections in toddlers are spread as easily as they are in adults, puts most first time parents on a defensive stance, where they avoid their toddler mixing with other children. Toddlers, being unable to speak for themselves and express the way they feel will naturally cry a lot more because of the irritation of an eye infection.
An eye infection can occur to a person of any age, but like any other infections, younger children and infants are more prone to eye infections because of their underdeveloped and suppressed immune system.
At times, a cold water eye wash is also recommended to soothe the eyes and clear out the bacteria that causes the conjunctivitis. And I was in Florida last week or Spring Break (live in Nashville) and between the allergens in both places I’m walking around with a hoarse voice and blodshot eyes. The conjunctivitis can also occur when there are foreign bodies in the eye, such as smoke, dust, foams or chemical vapors.
It occurs seasonally with the increase of certain allergic agent, for example pollen from trees. An over-the-counter allergy medicine is enough to cure mild allergic conjunctivitis with several days of applications. When exposed to the allergens, the body produces histamines, chemicals that caused the symptoms of pink eye.
To curb the recurring of bacteria, it is important to clean your eyes when the drainage develops in your eye. This eye infection is medically called conjunctivitis because the conjunctiva, a transparent film that covers the eyeball and lines under the eyelid, is infected and becomes inflamed. In adults, however, the virus is just allowed to proceed its course by up to three weeks; the condition will eventually clear out by itself. This is especially beneficial to infants with bacterial conjunctivitis as it is very easy to apply compared to eye drops although vision may become blurred for 20 minutes after putting the ointment. Another effective way of reducing the gravity of symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis is by keeping away from whatever may trigger allergic reaction. This primarily involves not sharing face towels most especially to someone affected by conjunctivitis. Besides, if the conjunctivitis symptoms do not subside after following the doctor’s advice, a further examination may be needed to figure out underlying problems. But in case of conjuctivitis caused due to viral or bacterial infection, the spreading is fast.  In fact, it is one of the fastest contagious diseases, that spreads through eye contact or even by using a thing that has been infected by someone who has this infection. If allergy is the reason for pink, then over the counter pink eye treatment includes eye drops like Patanol, which can be effective with just 2 drops in a day. A toddler eye infection, like any other, will put a child through discomfort, but can be dealt with easily.
Although, an infant eye infection does not pose any serious health issues, parents do panic seeing their child in severe distress. In a child’s development, a playhouse not only provides a great place for fun games, but also can help your kids to express their creativity. But if the doctor figures out that the pink eye is due to the virus herpes simplex, antiviral medications will be prescribed. It is expected that after several days, the symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis will subside. For instance,  if someone who has pink eye rubs his eyes and then uses that hand on a computer mouse can infect someone who touches the mouse later. If you are a first time parent, then it is most likely that you will be more seriously concerned about your baby's eyes. While traveling, placing protective eyewear over your toddler's eyes should prove beneficial in reducing the chances of an eye infection. The conjunctiva also contains blood vessels which become inflamed due to the reaction of a virus or even because of an allergic reaction.
Building a backyard playhouse for your kids is the best options, […]Free Printable State Art - The Cottage Market40 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar31 DAYS! Yet, there are plenty of over the counter treatment for pink eye available to treat viral conjunctivitis. Remember to fully apply the prescribed dose of antibiotics recommended by the physician to prevent this type of pink eye infection to reoccur. Crust and pus must be taken off by washing your eyes with tepid salt water which likewise lessens conjunctivitis symptoms. So, this is the way, especially for kids, it is advised to stay at home till the infection is cured, before joining back to school. OTC medicines for conjunctivitis help in soothing symptoms.  Warm compresses can also help in remove crusty portion around the eye and sticky residue.
However, you need not be worried as it goes on its own after a few days if it is a viral infection.
Eye Discharge in Toddlers The color and intensity of eye discharge depends on the cause of eye infection. This inflammation of blood vessels makes the eye turn red and sore and causes the disease called conjunctivitis. When drying your watery eyes, wipe them with disposable tissue and throw them right away to reduce contamination. The other way in which Pink eye is spread is through bathroom wash clothes, towels,  eye makeup etc.

This is especially important as some types of conjunctivitis are contagious and with prompt treatment, you can prevent it from spreading.
Better yet, never share make up essentials and even eye drops with a family member or friend. In the case of an infant eye infection, however, a little bit more care is needed to be taken.
Some children are not much bothered by the infection whereas some may feel severe discomfort and try to rub their eyes over and again. Conjunctivitis is one of the most commonly occurring viral infections and is highly contagious. If it is a bacterial or viral infection, you will notice a yellow or green eye discharge in toddlers.
People who are allergic to dust or pollen are at a especially high risk of contracting conjunctivitis since even slightest particle of dust entering the eye can cause an abnormal reaction with the conjunctiva. Directly on my eyes: Alaway drops (BAD mistake!), Refresh, tea bags, and flushing with water. Signs of eye infection in toddlers are more or less similar to those in children and adults. Falling of dust particles or some other foreign material in the eyes also causes eye discharge. The common symptoms of toddler or infant eye infection are redness and pain in the eyes, irritation and discomfort, yellow or green discharge from the eyes, formation of crust around the eyes, and the eyelids get glued during sleep. However, this is not an infection, and simply washing the eyes will help in removing the foreign matter. I tried honey in my eyes last night at bedtime, and once again this afternoon, and although my symptoms are not completely gone, my eye IS NOT ITCHING!!! If someone in your neighborhood has an eye infection, you should not let your child come in contact with the infected person or child in order to prevent your child from the eye infection.
Blockage of the tear duct caused by some external or internal injury could also result in eye discharge. The eyes may get bloodshot or red due to other factors too like lack of sleep and stress but the pink eye caused by conjunctivitis remains reddish pink for days on end. In some cases, allergies towards certain foods or bathing products may also result in eye discharge in toddlers. If you observe that your child is frequently facing the problem of eye discharge, you must take steps in order to know why it is repeatedly occurring. If however, the conjunctivitis has started to affect the cornea of if it does not respond to treatment, then the doctor may order a laboratory test of the secretions of the eye. However, to determine whether it is a viral, bacterial or allergic infection, some tests may have to be done. Washing is also very beneficial in cleaning the crust formed caused by the toddler eye discharge. If the eye is secreting a yellow-green fluid, it indicates that it might be a bacterial infection and a culture test of that secretion will have to be done to identify the bacteria. After you have noticed the toddler eye infection symptoms, your next step is to find out what has caused the infection.
If the conjunctivitis is caused due to an allergy, a patch test will be done to determine the allergen which caused the conjunctivitis. In most cases, it is some irritant that has got into the eye, while in others, it could be a solid object that is lodged under the eyelid and is causing discomfort. In either case, washing the eye with clean, fresh water should provide some amount of relief. It may take up to 7-10 days during which the eye can be very painful and itchy but it is not recurring in nature. If you cannot locate the solid object that is causing the irritation, pull the eyelids slightly away from the eyes and check there. If this proves to be of no help, you should consult a doctor, who can pin point the cause of the infection.
Also, to prevent others from being infected from your virus, make sure you wash your hands as often as possible and avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers. It is the quickest to heal too.Bacterial – The characteristics of a bacterial conjunctivitis is that there is a discharge of yellow or greenish-yellow fluid from the eye which can cause eyelashes to stick together.
The eye also gets swollen in this type of infection.Allergic – Some people may get a pink eye due to allergy from dust, pollen, certain kinds of shampoos, perfumes etc. This is very beneficial for crusted eyes in toddlers and helps in reducing green or yellow eye discharge in toddlers as well as the grownups.
However, bacterial infection is usually more intense and things can get messy if it spreads to the cornea of the eye. The above stated home remedies are enough to take care of the pink eye even without visiting the doctor.
For severe cases some topical antibiotics may be prescribed if it is a bacterial infection. For viral and allergic reactions, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medications may be given as the doctor sees fit to speed up the healing process. To prevent it, a few drops of erythromycin are immediately put in the baby’s eyes so that he or she does not contract the conjunctivitis virus immediately after birth. If infection does occur, it should be treated immediately through oral as well as intravenous antibiotics as if it spreads to the cornea of the baby’s eye, it may even cause blindness. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Accept Read MorePrivacy & Cookies Policy Share this Article Friend's Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Comments Send Email Email sent!

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