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The Michelin Energy Saver is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. I have had these tyres about a year, I know these aren't winter tyres but these tend to slip in the cold mornings when i am pulling off from a T Junction (I haven't had this with previous tyres and I am not flooring it). Secondly I am shocked to see that the tread has gone quite far down, I previously had Budget tyres (Kumho i think) and they lasted way longer than these, I am sure that my tyres are in line and the tracking is fine.
So 2 things to point out and thirdly I do not notice any change in fuel usage, I am not expecting a dramatic difference but there has been no difference at all. I hope this has helped, I wanted to pass on my experience to help others as I have found this website helpful for other tyre reviews. 2015 Auto Express All Season Tyre Test2015 AutoBild All Season Tyre Test2015 French All Season Tyre Test2016 All Terrain and Off Road MT Tyre Test2016 GF All Season Tyre TestIs there a true all season tyre? Michelin, reference mondiale en matiere de pneu, place l’innovation technique au c?ur de son developpement.
Depuis plus d’un siecle les pneus Michelin sont au service de la securite, de la longevite et de la performance energetique. Pneu ete,Pneu hiver ou pneu 4 saisons les pneus Michelin sont performants dans toutes les situations !

Fort de son savoir-faire Michelin place la mobilite comme fondement du developpement humain et propose avec efficacite des produits d’equipement automobile.
Vous retrouverez ainsi tous les accessoires auto hiver comme les chaines neige Michelin, les produits d’entretien et de lavage, de gonflage et de pression, de securite, d’equipement interieur… Pour Michelin, l’innovation consiste avant tout a etre a l’ecoute des besoins du conducteur. Cette etiquette a pour objectif de faciliter la comparaison entre les pneus sur des criteres objectifs visant a reduire les nuisances environnementales et a prendre en compte une exigence de securite.
Faites-vous livrer vos Pneus gratuitement en 2-5 jours ouvres directement chez vous ou dans un de nos 4 000 garages partenaires disponible dans votre region ! I can't say anything about how much they will last because i own them 3 months and i have driven 3500 km with them but the are much much better than pirelli P3000(never buy them - buy something that worth less like fulda or barum and i think that it will be better than P3000). Driven the remarkable 91000km (56000miles) with these tyres, of which 20000km (12500miles)were in the Uk's hard tarmac. Ces trois exigences sont au centre de toutes les attentions des ingenieurs Michelin sur lesquelles aucune concession n’est faite pour la conception d'un nouveau pneu Michelin. Le pneu Michelin allie securite, adherence, tenue de route et confort de conduite pour tous les conducteurs. Le systeme d'avis et notation des pneus par les clients d'Allopneus disponible sur le site.

Les informations et conseils disponibles par telephone en appelant nos conseillers clients. However, they seem to be far too susceptible to tyre damage on not too perfect roads, which is now the average british road. I am not a hard driver but I always do the max speed limit allowed whether it be on the motorway or back roads. I'm very pleased with these tyres and may buy the same again if they wear out before I'm finished with the car! Not the best to drive at the limit but for an average driver like me are a respectable choice.

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