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The material on this page is educational and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. STD testing for herpes measures the amount of antibodies present in the blood for herpes simplex virus 1 and 2. STD testing for HIV can be done using a few different blood tests depending upon your needs and concerns.
I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St. You will have to have a C-section so you do not infect the baby in birth I have copied some info and also left the link to the site for you to go look at it and rea the rest of the info..
On the one hand, such concern is understandable, because herpes can have devastating consequences for a newborn.

The risk is usually in delivering the baby with an active outbreak, not conceving, or aquiring herpes while pregnant, but usually its fine if you already have it. But on the other hand, the risk is extremely low, experts agree especially for women with known, long-standing infections. If you are experiencing an outbreak, the doctor will insist (rightly so) on a C-section so the baby is safe.
He or she should already know you have herpes, so he or she will not be shocked by your question (not that a doc would be…the percentage of people with herpes is HIGH).
Health screening lab tests may or may not alert you and your doctor to serious medical conditions and are not intended to be a substitute for a physician's examination.
I had a herpes outbreak AND what seemed like a bad yeast infection immediately following the week I was ovulating.

If you do happen to have an outbreak, they will do a c-section, because herpes is spread through direct contact of an open lesion. If you do not have an outbreak at the time of delivery…you will still be able to deliver vaginally! What are the risks, if any and also does anyone know if having these health issues at the moment of conception will in any way hurt the developing baby?
Conclusive results is currently several fda-approved, gg-based blood test gynocologist appointment weeks.

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