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Symptoms of herpes usually develop within 2 to 20 days after contact with the virus, although it could take longer.
Usually the first attack causes visible sores with a myriad of other symptoms mentioned below, and commonly more intense than recurrent outbreaks.
Red Marine Algae have also been useful with weight loss and lowering cholesterol and fat in the blood. Before an actual outbreak, a day or so before, you may feel tingling, itching, burning, pain, or flu-like symptoms, This is called the prodromal stage.
People diagnosed with herpes can expect to have several, typically four or five, outbreaks within a year. In this Article, we discus about the Recurrent form of Herpes Simplex Infections by HSV1 and HSV2. After Primary infection, the Virus travels from the oral site of infection via the Periaxon sheath of the sensory nerve to the trigeminal ganglion and other cranial and cervical ganglia. The virus remains latent in the ganglion in a potentially viable state till reactivates by local or systemic predisposing factors (Trauma, sun exposure, common cold, fever, allergy, stress, menstruation, GIT disturbance and immunosuppression).
The virus can be isolated in the trigeminal ganglia of both people who suffer reactivation and those who doesn’t.

Lesions are either Recurrent Herpes Labialis (Cold Sore) or Recurrent intra – Oral Herpes.
The virus travels from the trigeminal ganglion down the maxillary or mandibular branches to reach the areas of skinsupplied by these nerves. Prodrome: burning or tingling sensation and soreness at the site of the developing of the vesicle.
Sun blocker (Zinc oxide) or Sun screen lotion or cream (Paraminobenzoic Acid) andAvoid Sun Exposure.
Red Marine Algae fight viruses, help maintain the alkalinity in your body and boost your immune system. The skin becomes red and sensitive, and soon afterward, one or more blisters or bumps appear. This cream is used every two hours while awake, and will help shortens the duration and severity of the lesion. Some people couldn't walk, were in bed for days, having excruciating pain radiating down their legs with weakness and flu-like symptoms. At this time, you are contagious and can shed the herpes virus, so do not have skin to skin contact with anyone.

If you are not already on a prophylactic for outbreaks, begin treatment to suppress your symptoms.
Whether a person has symptoms or not, the virus retreats into the nervous system and lays dormant. Please go to our Herpes Survey Page, and then view others' answers about herpes symptoms and more on the Survey Results Page. This means no kissing or oral sex if you have cold sores or if you have genital herpes, no intercourse or oral sex.
Asymptomatic shedding (shedding without symptoms) can still occur when no sores are present. Subsequent recurrences of the disease usually cause lesions but may not have the extreme pain and flu-like symptoms as the initial outbreak.

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