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In the modern age, human digestive system is being affected adversely due to the imbalanced diet, and the level of acidity in the human body is rising higher than its normal degree.
After studing all these factors, observing the past method of medical treatment and making full use of the modern research, Qarshi R & D has prepared herbal based, Zanjbeen capsules. In minor complaints take one capsule with water in the morning and in the evening after meal. Ala aldin abu alhassan ali ibn abihazm alqarshi al, Bibliography e bittar ’a study of ibn alnafis’ bulletin of the institute of the history of medicine 29 (1955) pp 352 368 and pp 429447. Unani medicine wikipedia free encyclopedia, Yunani or unani medicine (urdu: ?? ?????? tibb yunani) is the term for persoarabic traditional medicine as practiced in mughal india and in muslim culture. Qarshi university (lhr) lahore profile courses fee, Qarshi university (lhr) lahore profile courses contact details admission announcements programs offered fee structure and legal status.
Sharbat Bazoori mixed with 125 ml of water or use according to the instructions of the physician.

An effective herbal remedy for sciaca, gout, rheumatic pain, relieving ankle and toe pain, and relieving acidity. Majoon Suranjan is useful for the treatment of sciatica pain (pain in buttock, back of thigh, calf and foot), gout (pain in small joints), rheumatism and phlegmatic diseases. It is for this reason that the acidity and the disorders caused by it are spreading rapidly. Zanjbeen capsules are Antiacidic, relieve the burning sensation of chest and stomach, cure migraine, remedy indigestion, prevent nausea, effective treatment for stomach disorder, remedy the condition of nausea and vomiting during journey, improve the digestive system, prevent the sourness of teeth and the production of raw phlegm due to acidity. In severity of disease take two capsules with water in the morning and in the evening after meal. Buy Herbal Medicine, Qarshi Tayyabi Hamdard,Sharbat Bazoori (Adviati) Qarshi - GoodHakeem ! It absorbs the acidic substance (uric acid) which is the basic cause of pain, and discharges it from the body.

Provides energy and strength and prevents discomforting problems like flu and stomach disorders.
Some of the complaints are the burning sensation in the chest and stomach, nausea which ultimately causes ulcer in the stomach and intestines, migraine, indigestion and the radiation of heat from hands, feet or eyes. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Qarshi Medicine interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Polipodium vulgare, Brunella valgaris and Lpomea turphethum for the treatment of psychosis, anxiety and amnesia.

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