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The School of Medicine at Queena€™s University is a remarkable institution, with excellence spanning its mandates of education, healthcare, and research. One of our distinguishing strengths is that we are part of our Faculty of Health Sciences along with the School of Nursing and School of Rehabilitation Therapy.
Residents are eligible to receive a special discount on programming offered by the Office of Continuing and Professional Development. Queen's University at Kingston offers a fully accredited training program in anatomical pathology. The Postgraduate Medical Education Office is responsible for overseeing the educational and administrative aspects of all postgraduate residency programs at Queen's University.
The Residency Program develops academic and clinical psychiatrists with skills suited to contemporary best practice patterns based on evidence-based medicine. Our success is the culmination of the initiative and action of our students, faculty, and staff, and of the collaboration across schools, faculties, and our partnering institutions that are the hallmark of our academic health sciences centre. The collaborative culture fostered by this structure is a key contributor to the individual successes of the three Schools, to the collective success of the Faculty of Health Sciences, and to the promotion of the spirit of interprofessionalism in what we do.

While we celebrate the successes of our past and present, we recognize that it is necessary to envision and prepare for the future.
We have an open-door policy and residents are assured confidentiality by all members of the Postgraduate team. It provides training in an atmosphere of close working relationships amongst the residents and faculty.
As such, the three Schools have purposely decided to share a vision and set of values, while each school actively pursues its individual mission. We have strength in many areas at Queena€™s, but to maintain excellence as we move forward in a changing landscape, we will need to make some difficult choices regarding future investments and decide where we are going to prioritize our resources.
Two general hospitals and a provincial psychiatric hospital, situated in close proximity, form the institutional basis, which links the academic department at Queen's. These together with community outreach programs provide the residents with opportunity for the development of comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and management skills for the spectrum of psychiatric disorders. We aspire to be a medical school that does things differently; to be bold, but pragmatic in our research initiatives and to forge new ground in models of training.

Training and experience in various research fields may be obtained concurrently with the residency program. Thrombosis and hemostasis, cancer biology and cyto and molecular genetics are the areas of active research within the department (Research). I think it is clear to most of us involved in health care, particularly in this province, that the next few years will see significant changes.
Queen's Pathology has a well-developed outreach program that provides residents with community hospital experience.
No matter through which lens one examines our health care challengesa€”quality of care, management of chronic disease, spiralling costs, or access to servicesa€”the one thing of which we can be certain, is that we are in for some significant changes in the a€?way we do business.a€? We need to be prepared for this.

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